Monday, March 16, 2015

Review of movie "Submissiion of Emma Marx''

This is the review of a soft core porn movie shown on cable TV (Showtime) that is a positive portrayal of BDSM.
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 As the reviewer says, it opens with a 20 minute vanilla sex not involving the two main characters -- you can fast forward through that scene -- that is apparently a sop to people who aren't into the lifestyle. But it shows how the Emma character -- apparently in real life she is into the lifestyle so maybe that helps her portrayal -- wants to be controlled. On their first date, she says she'll pass of serving him so he says why did you come here. She said because of sheer curiosity. He says fair enough but you are wearing the thigh high stockings I told you to wear. He pulls up her dress and she is. They kiss and he says I want you to undress. She is the narrator and says, "It was out of character for me but for whatever reason I wanted to obey.'' After she is down to the thigh high stockings, he tells her he wants her to touch herself and she does. Then they have their first sex scene and negotiates the terms of their relationship. She says she wants a job in his company for a $75,000 salary, which doesn't seem to fit things.


Anyway, he says she will then be his in the office from 8 to 5 and there is a spanking scene in his office, seven spanks with a paddle which is kind of mild although it apparently leaves a bruise. There are more scenes and then her roommate's boyfriend sees rope burns on her wrists and she hears him say she is a closet freak and she has doubts that she expresses to her Dom and he tells her to leave. She misses the lifestyle and returns to his place and says in the narration that she loves him and felt safe in the power of letting go. He takes her back, ties her to the bed blindfolded, uses ice and candle wax and a rather gentle flogging.     
It ends with her saying some people think of romance as flowers on special occasions or champagne and strawberries in the wee hours of the night. She says for her, romance is the inner peace I get when I completely surrender my control to the person I love. She says everybody has their own version of normal and I have finally come to accept that this is mine. The beauty of finding someone who shares my same perversions and created a different kind of normal.

I think flowers and strawberries and champagne can be a part of the lifestyle -- I love giving my good girl flowers -- but I liked the message that this is normal.

The movie got almost no attention compared to 50 Shades, which I haven't seen, and is considered soft porn although it was tame enough to shown on cable TV but I liked them portraying the lifestyle as normal.

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  1. I haven't watched it yet, but I did put it on my want to give it a shot list. Now, I'm even more curious and think I will curl up tonight and give it a try. This was a great review,thank you! :)

    Respect and well wishes,

  2. Let us know what you think of the movie.