Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank You Bonnie

I am a bit late to the party but today is Bonnie Appreciation Day.

I am sure you have seen this on other blogs but I just wanted to add a thank you to the woman I consider the Godmother of our community. I am sure that many of you found an audience because she linked to you. Or stopped lurking and started commenting because she started Love Our Lurkers Day.

In my case, I was a typical lurker until almost four years ago, I started commenting because of her Love Our Lurkers Day. One thing led to another and PK convinced me to start a blog and Bonnie linked to it and I found an audience and have over 400 followers, have become friends with bloggers and met some of them and found my good girl. Bonnie helped change my life.

All I can say is thank you. I assume most of my readers know her but her blog address is bottomsmarts.blogspot.com

And you can read an interview she did on governingana.wordpress.com/2012/10/2

The only scary thing is that she says "There will have to be a day when I walk away from blogging. It's inevitable. But it won't be today or tomorrow.''

Say it ain't so, Bonnie. Hope you never walk away.

Thank You Bonnie.

Here's a link to the picture you've already seen on many blogs.



  1. FD,

    Thanks for sharing. This is the first I hear of Bonnie Appreciation Day and you know what? It seems very well deserved!


  2. Hi FD,

    That's a wonderful success story and I'm delighted to have played a small role.

    As for the future, I wasn't making any specific predictions beyond the general observation that all good things must end eventually. Until that day, I'll be around.


  3. Bonnie's recognition is well deserved!! In reading your post here, I'm wondering now how many bloggers are here because of PK.

  4. Wow, you eventually met your girl and it links back to Bonnie. That is a good reason for a Big thank you :)
    Happy Bonnie Appreciation Day everyone :)

  5. FD, lovely post and were so happy you are part of this community.


  6. I've added you to the Bonnie's Day page on my blog and put the link to this post. 46 blog posts and 12 messages!

    Godmother. What a perfect title. Queen and Godmother. :D

  7. I'm glad you began blogging, FD and hope both you and Bonnie stay around for a long time to come.