Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

With all the bloggers from different time zones celebrating the start of the New Year at different time, I just wanted to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
For me, I am hoping it will be better than 2016. a year to forget for me.
In a bit over 10 hours, my good girl and I will be on the couch watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV as we snack on a shrimp platter and pigs in a blanket. We will also we toast each other with a wine toast and a sweet kiss.
And we're grilling steaks earlier in the afternoon to make it a We already started our day with coffee on the lanai as we looked over the pond and water fountain.
I also would not be surprised if she gets her first spanking of the new year before we go to bed. I can't play tennis with the broken thumb on my right hand but can still spank with my left hand.
Again, a toast to all the bloggers in our community.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday season

I didn't wish everybody a happy holiday season but when you hear my story, I hope you will understand.
Two weeks before Christmas, I took a nasty spill on an uneven brick walkway and went straight down. Broke my thumb, bruised my face and glasses and knees. They did a cat scan of my head and didn't see a problem but five days in, I suffered a dizzy spell. So I started to rest more and that didn't happen again but decided not to travel to visit the kids and grandkids and took it easy. Having a cast on my dominant hand was a bummer just trying to button shirt or tie shoes or write.
The only consolation was that with me being home, my good girl found flights and came last Friday and spent the weekend. Neighbors invited us over for Christmas dinner and she was worried she would slip up and call me Sir. To questions of how we met, she decided we would say we met on a writing blog. Vanilla types wouldn't understand our story. As it turned out, somebody asked and she said online and they didn't ask further questions.
Cuddling also isn't easy with a cast on my hand but I did manage spanking with my left hand.
To cap the weekend, one of my presents was a snowglobe since she connects them. Neither of us dreamed TSA wouldn't let her bring it on board so she had to go back and check her bag and barely made the flight. I get so tired of the TSA. You are more likely to get hit by lightning than be hit by a terrorist attack but enough of that rant. FDR said we have nothing to fear but fear itself but now we seem to fear everything. OK, for a second time, enough of that rant.
But I don't want this to sound like a pity party. I have many blessings and it was nice to spend the holiday with my good girl. And I see the doctor Wednesday for an update.
And my good girl will be back Friday for New Year's. That was planned all along.
And I hope Christmas was happy and healthy for all the bloggers. And that 2017 gets off to a better start than the end of 2016 even though Jan. 20 will be a depressing day.
And one of my blessings is to be part of this supportive community of likeminded folks.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eye candy

I was playing tennis last night and one of the women was looking at her phone one of the times we switched sides and said that Victoria's Secret runway show was on at 10 pm and she was going to have to push her husband's eyeballs back in his head.
Did any of you watch it and what did you think?
I watched some of it and thought it was more bizarre than sexy and finally changed the channels. Some of the models were wearing wings on their backs which I guess is a fashion statement these days but all I could think of was what was the point. I think these fashion designers get over the top sometimes.
Speaking of TV, they showed "It's a Wonderful Life'' recently, a sign the Christmas season is upon on. They used to show it dozens of times during the season because the copyright lapsed but somebody bought up the rights and now they ration the showings to make it more of an event.
Meanwhile, I can't believe Christmas will be upon us soon and I have so much to do, including Christmas cards.
Been going all these catalogs that arrive in the mail looking for some quirky gift ideas. The problem is most of us already have too much stuff.
Anyway, hope you aren't getting stressed out as the season approaches.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Turkey for two

We+ had a great Thanksgiving together and my good girl showed her kitchen magic by making a stuffing recipe from her mother that includes cornbread.
The turkey was also delicious although the company gave their employees turkeys and it was bit too big for two. We had leftovers Friday and Saturday and lunch Sunday before I left. She packed up leftovers for me to take home.
Of course, we had also had a side of spankings and I also used the Wartenburg wheel, which she hates. But I couldn't use one of my favorite toys in which cuffs hang up from the top of a door so I can string her arms above her head as I put pins on her. She has a sore shoulder so we had to skip that. Real life sometimes interferes with play time.
Her pussy was just fine and I so love playing with it with her nice soft wet lips. Love licking and fingering her pussy. And she had some nice cums although she twice had a crimp in her leg after a cum. Never had that often before. Have any bloggers ever had that happen?
It was a wonderful weekend, but still difficult to leave.
It's like the longer the visit lasts, the tougher it is to say goodbye. But she will be visiting in mid-December and then again for New Year's Eve.
Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving as we did.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all the bloggers and readers and lurkers a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
I am fortunate that I will be visiting my good girl and she will be cooking a turkey for us. I can certainly look forward to her hugs at this time.
And, again, thanks for all the bloggers and lurkers who commented on my last two blogs about my loss. It will be my first Thanksgiving now that both of my parents have departed.
I so look forward to spending the holiday with my good girl. It is the third Thanksgiving day in a row that we've been together and it makes the holiday even more special. The last two years she spent it here and now I will be at her place. Will be flying out today on the busiest travel day of the year. Don't expect any empty seats on the plane.
Hope you also have a special time on the holiday.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Saying goodbye

It was a very emotional, draining experience to attend my mother's funeral and I want to thank all the bloggers who sent their best wishes.
I met many people I hadn't seen in years and it was so nice to hear so many of them saying so many good things about my mother.  She was a nurse and a half dozen of her former colleagues showed up wearing the caps and capes they wore back in the day.
She was very involved in her church and one of the priests at her service talked about how they decided to put together a book on all the religious denominations in the community. When only half of them replied to their letters, she called the ones that didn't reply. If they didn't the answer the  phone, she visited their places of worship to get the history of their congregation. When she was asked what brought her to their place of worship, she said you don't answer your mail. My mother always told it like it was.
Her church has a brunch after all the funeral services and one of the priests invited everybody to come and he then said you'd better show up. He smiled and said that's not me talking, that's her talking.
She lived in her own house until her mid 90s when she had to give up driving and move in with my sister about three and a one-half years ago.
She started planning the funeral a long time ago and even picked out her coffin back in 1998 with the last supper tableau on the front. They no longer had the same coffin but they had a similar one. I think she lived longer than she expected. She sometimes said in recent years, why hasn't God called for me. Has he forgotten about me? I think she was ready to leave us after a long and fruitful life at 98 although it would have been a milestone if she had reached 100. Sometimes I think death is tougher on those of us left behind than for the deceased who have probably gone to a better place.
And she was a quilter who made hundreds of pot holders for people to pick up at the funeral to help them remember her. And she even made things for breast cancer victims to wear under their arms.
At the cemetery, the first snowstorm of the year was falling. Kind of made it a poignant scene for someone who spent her life in snowy Michigan. She was buried next to my father next to my dad, who died in 1990.
And now my family and I are left with many memories. 
And now to change the subject, I missed Love Our Lurkers day. And for the lurkers who are reading this, I hope you will sign on and join our community. I was once a lurker myself until I was convinced by LOL to join in. That eventually led to me meeting some of the bloggers and then starting this blog. Welcome to all of you lurkers. This is a very welcoming community.  


Thursday, November 17, 2016


This is not an easy post to write. My mother passed away early Tuesday at age 98.
She did live a long, productive, long life but it is still difficult to know your parents are both gone. My dad died in 1990 and I still think of things I want to tell him if he were here.
I will be leaving for Michigan in a few hours for the viewing on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. It will be an emotional time.
In my last post in early October -- I have to do a better job of blogging -- I talked about visiting her and my sister. It turns out that day she went to the hospital suffering from pneumonia. At least I got a chance to visit her in the hospital for a few days in what amounted to say goodbye. Although she did return home for a while, she spent her last days getting good care at a hospice facility.   
For those bloggers who have lost both their parents, you understand how I am feeling these days.
I am left with a lot of wonderful memories that I will always cherish.