Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

D/s on Saturday Night Live

Did you watch SNL last night?. They had a sketch that showed how mainstream D/s is becoming. It was about a shoemaker and two elves, a guy and girl, who wanted to be punished for not doing their work. The guy gets on his hands and knees and says I want to tempt you to give me the spanking I deserve. He gives him a few hand spanks. And then the girl says I guess you want to go to the restroom on us. And the guy says he'll unfold a plastic sheet to protect the floor or collect it if you want to use it for something later. The shoemaker then says he won't do that but says you don't know how much I want to dominate you right now. I so want to call you the nastiest of names I can think of. The elves say, "Do it.'' I want to take my pants off and parade around around in front of you in my underwear. One elf says great idea. I want to make you call me Daddy and force you to wash the kitchen floor with sponges on your bottom. It ends with him saying he can't do those things because he's married and the wife barges in says you have to chose between me and the elves. The shoemaker then asks the audience. Do you think I should take faithful to my wife, then test this number. If you think I should sexually dominate the elves, text this number. It ends with him saying be back later with the results.
I think the skit is showing that this lifestyle is becoming more accepted I can't imagine SNL talking about sexually dominating elves back in the day..
I am sure you can find the clip on the web if you want to watch it.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dress too provacative for a high school prom

I didn't realize they were still kicking young girls out of proms for what the dress police think is appropriate. Here's one that has high slits showing her leg but covered on top. What do you think? Was it appropriate?
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Sexless marriages

Here's a depressing article about sexless marriages, saying one in five haven't had sex in a month, 12 per cent in the last three months and six per cent in the last year.

I hope none of you are in one of these marriages. I like to think the D/s lifestyle fosters a closeness
Your thoughts.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prostitutes protest in Amersterdam

This is the kind of story you don't see every day. Prostitutes took to the street to protest the closing of some of the windows they used to attract customers.
Any readers from Amersterdam?
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Suzanne Somers says vibrating Thighmaster makes sex better

Have you ever used a vibrating Thighmaster? Suzanne Somers says it makes sex better because it is good for Kegel exercises.
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