Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's why faking orgasms may not be good for your relationship

I thought this article was interesting on why faking orgasms may not be good for your relationship.
Do any bloggers fake them? Please share your thoughts.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Playing tennis in a stocking cap

I know I won't get much sympathy for those of you buried in snow up north but it is cold even here in Florida. Was in the 30s this morning and the car was frosted over. Last night,I left for tennis when the temperature was 50. By the time I got back home, it was 41. Wore a stocking cap and several layers of clothes. You might say why do we play in cold weather. Good question but the other guys want to play and if I back out, they don't have a foursome.

Are any of our bloggers snowed in up north and if so, how are you spending your time. I hear in the Buffalo area they have a driving ban. I guess hospital personnel are working 24/7 if they can't leave because the next shift of workers can't get there.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good news

I'm happy to report my good girl is feeling much better and is back to work today. She actually went in yesterday and her boss told her to go home. It's company policy to stay home for 24 hours after you have a fever. She was surprised they enforced it. Want to thank you all for sending your good wishes.

With her feeling better and with her arriving next Thursday for Thanksgiving, I could again tell her I'm lusting for her soft, curvy body. I can't keep my my hands off her. I love lots of foreplay, petting her, rubbing her, stroking her and just cuddling with her. And sucking and licking is good. too. Love to lick whipped creams off her nipples. I think she likes knowing I want her although she just and calls me frisky when I get going like that and usually laughs. She says she is trying to lose some weight and I am fine with that because it's healthy but I like telling her that I love every inch of her the way she is. She says she isn't curvy but I think she's very curvy and I love all her curves.

Of course, we will be doing other things during  her visit. Of course. She doesn't arrive until about 5:30 on Thanksgiving Day and we're going right to a restaurant for dinner. Friday is Black Friday so we're going to stay in and avoid all the hassles. We will also spend a good amount of time in bed on Friday although she said she has to get up to bake. She wants to make me a chocolate pie, which is a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, she has to leave Saturday so it will be a short visit but she will be back New Year's Eve.

I am counting the days.


Monday, November 17, 2014

My good girl is under the weather

One of the difficult parts of being in an LDR is not being there when she needs a good hug.

One of our rituals is that she calls every morning before she goes to work. When it was past her usual time, I realized my phone was off the hook and figured she had called and got a busy signal. I figured she was already driving to work. So I called her cell and left a message and texted her that I was sorry I missed her.

She called a half hour later to say she wasn't feeling well -- fever and scratchy throat -- and was staying home from work. I put her back to bed but it's frustrating not being there for her. I can only hope she recovers quickly.

She's due to visit Thanksgiving and I will be counting the days.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love Our Lurkers Day

Are you a lurker? Do you read comments and never comment. Well, this day is for you and all the other lurkers. It's Love Our Lurkers Day. We're asking the lurkers to stop by and say hello. Or give any feedback you want. I was once a lurker and was encouraged by this day to start commenting. One thing led to another and I started this blog. I have made great friends here and have met three other bloggers besides my Good Girl, the love of my life. So if you're a lurker, don't be shy. Stop by and say hello. We are a friendly community here. If you're reading the blogs, you're interesed in the lifestyle so join in. If you want you can just say hello. Or tell us something about yourself and how long you have been reading blogs and how long you have been interested in the lifestyle. You are always welcome.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014