Friday, May 27, 2016

Stormy weather

My good girl is arriving tonight for a 10-day visit that will include belated birthday celebrations for both of us. Our birthdays are on consecutive days May 22-23 but 24 years apart although to us, age is just a number. And we're going out of town to a B and B for a couple of days next week.
But wouldn't you know it, with the stormy weather, his flight is already 90 minutes late, now due at 1230 a.m. and who knows if it will be later than that. We usually have some good play time when she arrives but she said she is likely to be a zombie by the time we get home at 130 a.m. or later. I had an elaborate scenario planned for tonight and even bought more rope at the hardware store for more bondage. May have to cut things short although I will probably give her a good spanking just to keep her awake. She may not be too wet even when I am rubbing her clit and slit to warm her up.
Anyway, I figure we will sleep late Saturday morning and our morning coffee on the lanai may be late morning. But as we relax, she will have the ben-wa balls inserted the way she does when she calls every night so she will feel like she's mine. I love her feeling like she is mine and is making me happy. Meanwhile, I will try to take a nap but she won't have that luxury at the airport.


Museum of Sex

Did you know there is a Museum of Sex in New York. I've actually been there. They've had some bondage gear. And grainy films of naked women that are over a century old. It seems that as soon as film was invented, filming naked women was popular.
Here's an article on the former curator of the museum. Maybe you will find it interesting.


Thursday, May 26, 2016


I became a grandpa for the fourth time Wednesday, just two days after my own birthday and three days after my good girl's birthday. My daughter had a very cute baby girl. This has been a week of birthdays for us.
For all of you who are grandparents know what a special treat it is to have another grandchild. I have two daughters and each has a boy and a girl. And it will be fun in a few years to go through the Santa Claus experience again.



Somebody posted a picture of a couple hugging and kissing and the caption was that a wide physical once said that the best medicine for humans is love. And when somebody asked what if it doesn't work, he said increase the dose.
Life is so much better when you love and are loved.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Body shaming

It's not news that Donald Trump tends to put down women, but here's a sad story about how he body shamed a former Miss Universe, calling her "Miss Piggy'' after she put on weight. And she talks about the psychological damage it did to her.
It's another example of some of the things that women face regarding their bodies.
Although, this made news because Trump was involved, many women face issues like this.

Monday, May 23, 2016

More evidence that America is going crazy

Here's a story about a two lesbian tourists who say they were harassed after kissing in a grocery store in Honolulu. They won an $80,000 settlement.
And I thought Honolulu catered to tourists.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


The D/s lifestyle that we celebrate in the blogs tends to be off the radar screen. I wish there was more research on the subject. I tend to think that D/s couples have a closeness that vanilla couples don't. I tend to think there is more communication and playtime tends to keep them closer.
What brought up this subject was a NY Times article written by a woman who says her marriage ended because of the silence in the relationship. they not only didn't fight. They didn't communicate.
Here's the article:
Will be curious to hear your reaction.