Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back to normal

I am happy to report that I got the power back this afternoon so I am back to normal. What a relief that it wasn't worse. Fortunate that the hurricane didn't get closer to the coast. The winds were bad enough as they whipped through the trees And the pond that runs through the neighborhood didn't overflow. I did have one small tree near the street that went down but otherwise, just some brush in the yard. One of my neighbors had a falling tree that poked a hole in the roof but otherwise, the neighborhood didn't suffer too much damage.
Now I leave Monday to go up north to visit my mother, who's 98, and sister. Come back Friday and then have a wedding to attend Saturday. Going to be a busy week but will try blog more often than I have been lately.

Power outage

Just when I thought I was out of the woods and the worst was over, my power went out at 645 p.m. last night. JEA says 218000 customers without power as of 8 p.m. last night and number was rising. They say they suffered significant damage to its electrical system and no forecast when it will be restored. Good news is I am safe and suffered no property damage. Thanks to all of you who expressed concern. I will keep you updated as long as the battery in my computer lasts.
On other hand, couldn't watch TV when the biggest political story of the year was exploding. My girl kept me updated by phone on what was being said. Most of the time she was expressing outrage and yelling omg when GOP operatives tried to defend him.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane update

I want to thank all of you who sent your best wishes as I await the hurricane. Already getting steady rain but it is likely to be four hours before the hurricane arrives and then we will have a rough four or five hours. They are already telling everybody to stay off the roads and hunker down. The good news is that it is a little more to the east than they thought so it may not be quite as bad as feared. But it is still a category three and they're saying it is the worst storm here since 1898.
I will let you know what happens as I keep my fingers crossed. And thanks for your concern.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane watch

Gosh, I know it has been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've lost a lot of followers. I guess they've given up on me. No excuses really but a lot of things good and bad have been going on and have been using them as an excuse not to write.
The good things have been exchanging visits with my good girl and the baptism of my youngest granddaughter. Bad thing was I woke up one morning and could barely walk. Turns out I have arthritis in my lower back. Got cortisone shots and it is OK now but don't know if it will come back.
My doctor says these aren't the golden years. They're the rust years. And I am rusting.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is the hurricane. One of the first people I connected with me here who lives in UK just wrote to ask about it. So I replied to her and it gave me motivation to write. Obviously, I am in Florida from my handle and you all know the hurricane is hitting Florida.
How bad it is going to be is anybody's guess. My girl was going to visit tonight but had to cancel. They're calling it the storm of the century to hit here. Fortunately, I'm about 20 miles from the ocean so may not get the worst of it. I am hoping not much if any damage to my house. Only 15 years old and they upgraded the codes because of the damage of past hurricanes. The big worry is power going on. Have flashlights, water, canned food, radio. batteries, etc. And if power goes out, the next question is when it comes back on. Some friends are being optimistic and talking about a party Sunday with all the excess food if we escape the worst.
I am also scheduled to fly up north Monday to visit my sister and mother, who is 98.
If power goes out, I can only stay on computer until battery runs down so I may file a quick note on how it is going if I get a chance.
This is the first hurricane I lived through and a bit apprehensive. I am not in the evacuation zone but don't know how significant that is.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Also wish the best to any other bloggers on the east coast of Florida.

Friday, August 19, 2016


My good girl doesn't blog as often as I wish she did -- but then I don't either -- but when she does, she writes such a deft touch that they are a delight and fun to read. If you didn't read her latest blog on my blogroll, I thought I'd post a link here for you all to enjoy.
Yes, she is so good at finding gifts that I can put to good use. And, yes, I did listen to her when she said the spankings with the paddle with five holes could be harder but shorter. Yes, it is easy to agree that is a good idea when we are talking afterwards. But when I am delivering the blows and her butt is getting pink and she is squirming or even yelping, it is so hard to stop.
And I do find all kinds of reasons why it is time for a spanking, especially starting or ending the day but I must admit that sometimes I let things slide.
That gives me new incentive not to let things slide. I will be visiting tomorrow for the weekend and I think two a day -- if not three -- should be a minimum. I hope I can report I didn't let things slide.
But even when I let things slide, I don't think you will ever find her complaining about not getting enough spankings. And said mentioned 100 minimum. Maybe it is time to raise the minimum.
And the wheelie thing -- I think it is called the Wartenburg wheel -- was not a gift. That was my idea and yes, she hates it and I enjoy it. But there is one consolation. She knows it makes her Sir happy and she always wants to do that. Isn't that the point of being a good submissive? And SSO stands for serve, submit and obey and she does all three things very well.
And I think there is one thing she likes more than spankings -- hugs. And I will be giving her plenty of those.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American women having fewest babies ever

Here's a story that the economic is affecting the baby rate. American women are having babies at the lowest rate ever because of the economy. Having a baby is expensive. But the lower birth rate could hurt the economy. With all the controversy over immigration, we may need more immigrants.
Has the economy affected your decision on have a baby?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Millennials having less sex than their parents

Here's an interesting story on how millennials are having less sex than their parents and less than people since the 1920. They give various reasons for the decline. Here's one article.
Now here's a second story giving more reasons.
What are you thoughts?
Are you surprised they're having less sex. And if any millennials are ready this, would you like to comment.