Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black and blue on Black Friday

My good girl and I were talking about Black Friday and how we would probably stay in and play and avoid the Black Friday madness.
And she said something to the effect that I have a different definitiion on Black Friday.
And it just popped into my head and I said, "Black and blue on Black Friday.''
Well, her boobs might be somewhat black and blue because I like to mark them and they bruise easily.
But while she has a great butt for spanking, it doesn't bruise easily and I usually stop when it gets pink and she is starting to feel the pain.
Still, I love the line Black and blue on Black Friday. I think I will bring it out every Black Friday.
And want to wush you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
Let us know how many friends and relatives you will be with on Thanksgiving, Be interesting to see who has the biggest gathering. And I know sometimes a houseful of relatives can lead to some awkward moments. Hope all goes well.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Controlling her

My lovely good girl blogged about her most recent visit a couple of weeks back. If you want to read it, you can go to poured out on my blog roll or click on this link:
Anyway, she is a very clever writer in the way she describes our time together. AS PK wisely noted in her comment, she really didn't seem to mind my devious ways even though she may protest too much.
She said I pulled  a bait and switch when I said we would have a "little'' playtime because she wasn't arriving until after midnight. If she had appeared to be tired, I would have only done a little playing but she seemed eager for more. And eventually, she was bouncing off the bed with a noisy cum and soaking the pillow her butt was on with her squirting. I forgot to put a towel on the pillow. Didn't think she would be squirting since it was so late.
And I plead guilty to "lightly" touching her afterwards as she flopped on the bed because she was so sore. Don't know if that makes me a sadist or not although she made it obvious what her opinion is.
But I must admit am controlling. I love our rituals and the things she does for me.
When she arrives, we always head to the bedroom for her arrival ritual. I take off her top, unfasten her bra and then have her cup her boobs and present them to me for my licking and sucking. And then I unfasten her pants and pull them down and she stands before me in red panties. They are always red because I send her a panty list each month and always pick red for the day she arrives. Then she spreads her legs with her hands on her hand and I put my hands between her legs and she is usually very wet. I just love how wet and juicy she usually is. And then we begin our playtime which sometimes includes a spankings of her butt and having her hands cuffed behind her and putting her boobs on the counter to spank them with my riding crop. If I manage to mark them with bruises all the better. And I also like stringing her up with her arms above her head and putting pins on her.
And after we are both drained, there is a lot of aftercare and cuddling before we nap or sleep. Naked, of course. She doesn't wear many clothes in the hosue and never panties. Usually just a wrap that doesn't have buttons to shut it.
I often tell her she is mine and she does SSO (serve, submit and obey) and she gives me what I want and pleases me.
She wears a string tied around her chest under her boobs as a sign she is mine. And doesn't shave her pussy and we even have a pee ritual after she asks permission. And I used to have her shave her armpits but she wasn't comfortable with that and asked to stop a while back. Well, when she arrived the last time, I found out she had stopped shaving them. It made me all warm and fuzzy to know she did that for me because she knows I like that as a sort of mark on her.
We also do vanilla stuff, too, like having morning coffee on the lanai while we watch and listen to the fountain and see if any ducks are in the pond in the back of the house.
She will be arriving again Thanksgiving afternoon and we will go out to dinner.What happens when we get home depends on if her app is right on the bad time of the month arriving. She may be pending quality time with her heating pad.
Regardless, we will still enjoy the visit and give thanks for all our blessings and the time that we get to spend together although it is never enough. And I know she wants my control.
Life doesn't get any better than that.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love Our Lurkers

I know I am a day late for LOL day, but better late than never. I just want to encourage all the lurkers out there to join our community and leave comments.

I've been blogging since 2009 so it's almost hard to remember when I was a lurker and was convinced by Bonnie's LOL day to stop lurking and start commenting. And then I eventually went on to starting my own blog.

For you lurkers out there, I think you will find this a very welcoming community. We are tolerant of all lifestyles that involve consulting adults.

And I can say it changed my life, leading me to meet other bloggers and eventually find my good girl.
Welcome and I hope you will say hello. And don't be shy and consider starting your own blog.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Myths about female orgasms

Here's a story about how intercourse isn't not exactly the best way for women to enjoy orgasms.  They need clitoris stimulation. Now exactly news but I thought I'd pass it on.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

When and why did women start shaving their armpits?

I am a movie buff and enjoy watching old movies. Watched a Greta Garbo silent film the other day TCM called the "Temptress.'' It is considered a classic -- like Garbo -- although it seems a bit strange to watch silent films in this day and age. Anyway, she is sleeveless is one scene and had shaved armpits. This was 1926 and got me wondering whether just movie stars shaved in those days or it was the norm. Well, on the Internet, you can find the answer to virtually everything. It turns out that sleeveless dresses came into fashion in 1915 and the fashion magazines promoted the idea of shaving while wearing them. It turns out that women didn't start shaving their legs until the 1940s when movie stars like Betty Grable started showing off their legs.
All this may interest only me but I find it interesting how fashion trends got started. I also find it interesting that in the 1960s when some women started not wearing bras -- they didn't burn them by the way, they threw them in an ashcan -- but they didn't make an issue of having to shave for fashion sake although I think most women like not having hairy armpits and legs even though it may be something of a pain in the neck to actually do the shaving.
Oh, and apparently Muslim women have shaved for hundreds of years -- it was a custom for brides to shave off their body hair for their wedding night -- although since they tend not to show must skin, I don't quite get the point.
Again, it's interesting the info you can find on various fashion issues.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Salmon sex

Here's an interesting article -- or at least I thought so -- about salmon sex. It's not news that the males die after having sex but the interesting thing was that the female salmon go for the biggest and best fish and that after having sex with one, go on to the next male. I guess they are salmon sluts. And the males also scope out the best females. I guess it's nature.