Sunday, September 3, 2017

Doggy tales

Hope our U.S. bloggers are enjoying a good holiday weekend and that the folks in Houston are getting the help they need.
I will be visiting my good girl today and will be seeing her dog for the second time. She couldn't stand having her in the kennel all night and then all day when she was at work so she started letting her sleep in a doggy bed at the foot of her bed. It has gone well. She has had no accidents and if she wants to go out in the middle of the night she will come to the side of the bed and push her with her nose. But she often sleeps through the night and then gets up when the alarm rings. My girl can no longer hit snooze because she is looking for attention.
One she didn't have to spend the night in the kennel, she didn't want to be there in the day. She has had a few problems keeping her in the kennel while she was at work during the day. The dog figured out how to open it from the inside. And then she made a mess. When my girl tied the door shut she actually bent a steel latch. My girl was worried she might squeeze her head out and get it caught so they she had to get a bigger kennel and that is working. When my girl arrives home and lets her out of the kennel, she heads right to the door.
And when she wants to go outside after that, she goes to the door and pushes the leash with her nose.
Well, time to get packing.
Hope all is well where you are.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Study says women behind iron curtain had better sex
We think of people behind the iron curtain had drab lives but a New York Times story claims women had better sex. Sounds kind of counter intuitive but you can click on the story. Cliff notes version is government provided more benefits and women had less stress so they enjoyed sex more. No idea is this is true or whether you can even prove this but kind of interesting.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017


My good girl has decided to bring a second female into our relationship.
That is just a tease.
The female is a mixed pit bull that she recently obtained from a shelter.
She has wanted a dog for long time and immediately bonded with Samone. And she doesn't fit the stereotype of a part pit bull. She is docile and loves to lick your hand and roll over on her back so her belly can be rubbed. My good girl was taking her for a walk and she hid behind her when she saw a cat. My good girl said you  are not afraid of a cat.   
And if we kiss on the couch, she comes running over for some attention.
Living with a dog is all new to me. Never had a pet growing up and my younger daughter got a cat when she was seven.
 Samone is not house trained so she has to be kept in her kennel or crate overnight or when my good girl is at work because she won't soil her spot.
And when my good girl and I want some private time, we have to put her in the fenced in backyard or in the kennel, which is only three feet by about two feet but she doesn't complain or rarely barks.
She also only chews on her chew toys and not on the furniture.
We are still working on keeping her off the furniture and have a doggy day bed for her to relax on during the day instead of stretching out on the couch. I took her out this morning but she wasn't interested in chasing a ball. She seemed too interested in checking out a squirrel in a tree in neighbor's yard. So I decided to let her stay outside for a while. Next thing I knew she was sitting on a lawn chair. I opened the door and she jumped off. I closed it and she was quickly back on the chair so I let her inside. Next thing I knew she was on the couch. I told her down, which she mostly ignored and had to almost tug on her to get her off. She is now back relaxing on her day bed so maybe she got the message.
Still, I think my good girl lucked out in finding such a good dog.
Of course, there is a bit of adjustment when she says "I love you'' and I am not sure if she is talking to me or Samone.
I am visiting for 10 days for the first time in three months because my good girl had a brutal work schedule for a new project that is now over. And I am getting used to have a dog in the house.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Woman needs surgery to get butt plug removed

Here's a story on a 20-year-old woman in England who needed surgery to get a butt plug out after she pushed it in too deep.
Butt play can be fun but this is a cautionary tale about the need to be careful.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ashley Graham says she has a full bush

A sign of the times: Ashley Graham is asked about her pubic hair and says she has a full bush. Questions like that didn't used to be asked.
Do you ever discuss this with your girlfriends?


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Birthday spankings

I find it interesting that the lifestyle is becoming more mainstream.
Now they even have birthday cards about spanking. Or at least I found one and thought it was perfect for my good girl.
She already blogged about it on her poured out blog on my blogroll but if you missed it, here's a link:

As she said our birthdays are one day apart -- May 22 and 23. What a coincidence is that?
Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend them together because she is on a brutal work schedule with a new project. Fortunately, it will be over in June and we will have 10 days together over the July 4th holiday. She didn't get a birthday spanking, but I think we will make up for it then.
Hope all is well for all of us and hope you are having many fun spankings.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doctors puzzled why women groom pubic hair

It's popular for women to groom their pubic hair, but here's a story saying doctors don't think it is a good idea.
Here 's the link:
What do you think?