Monday, June 29, 2009


Now there's a title to get your attention.

The reason I'm writing about vibrators is that the New York Times did almost a half-page story on them Sunday. If you want to read the whole story, go to and type in vibrators. Anyway, they say they're as "common an appliance in American households as the coffee maker or toaster over.''

For those of you who don't want to read the whole story, here's some stats:
Of Boomer women 45 to 60, 46.3 per cent reported using a vibrator as some point in their lives. Of the 23 to 44 crowd, it's 59.5, and just 32.7 for the 18 to 22 year old types. Maybe these women aren't as liberated as us old dudes think they are.

For men, it's 45.2 percent ages 45-60, 51.5 percent for 23-44 and 15.5 for 18 to 22.

And even in bad economic times, vibrator sales were up 20 per cent last year. Well, if you have more free time...hey, you get the drift.

There's also something called Pure Romance, which sells sex toys to women in their living rooms to women aged 18 to 75.

Hey, they finally mentioned the over 60 crowd. As a member in good standing of that demographic, I don't want to be ignored.

Also, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that 39 per cent of middle aged women used a vibrator for masturbation (they didn't mention what other uses might be), compared to 53 per cent for the 23 to 44 group and 30 for the 18 to 22 age group. And the more educated you are, the more likely you are to use one. I must have missed that class! LOL.


  1. I LOVE VIBRATORS!!! Can you believe that I did not own one until 2 yrs ago? I can't believe I never had one sooner, but I'm greatful I discovered toys!!!

  2. I think my vibrator ranks up there as my second favorite plug in device - right after my computer!


  3. God, I'm glad I'm not alone - and I'm almost out of that under 60 category. Shame on them for not including the 60-100 range! Meow

  4. Hi FD, and welcome to blogland!

    These statistics are downright depressing.

    OK, for every couple out there who doesn't have a vibrator... I think you need to go out tonight and buy one. In fact, get two and some extra batteries while you're at it. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just your basic smooth plastic bullet is enough to get you started.

    And once you're started, well, you will understand soon enough.

    Guys, you needn't worry about this little contraption replacing you. No vibrator has ever bought dinner or given a spanking. No, quite the contrary. With this magic wand in your hand, you will be her superhero.

    I say "Make this a night to remember!"


  5. Welcome FD!! So happy you joined the darkside lol!! I love your first article and I don't have to pretend to cover my eyes!!

    I just bought a 'pocket rocket' last year - my only one and my friends swears it's why she's a vacuumer now more than ever. My sister believes her vibrator makes her a better mom! PK when you talked about your fav plug... I thought you'd mention another... ;) Another purchase I'm apt to make one of these daze!! So do you think the NYT will do a para or more on that topic?

    Welcome Again Florida Dom so happy I get to leap to another fun place!! Yeah!!

  6. I'm glad you all enjoyed the comments about vibrators. What struck me was the NY Times writing about them. That struck me how mainstream they've become.

    --Kitten, since you got one only two years ago, I hope you're making up for lost time.

    --PK, the fact your vibe ranks no. 2 shows how much you love your computer.

    --Meow, yes in our youth oriented culture, the over 60 crowd tends to get overlooked.

    --Bonnie, thanks for stopping by and, yes, you would have thought the percentages would be higher, but we tend to be a puritan country.

    --FunKayLynn,thanks for stopping by and glad you made the leap and got a pocket rocket. Now that I've done it, maybe PK can talk you into starting a blog.

  7. Of course, that is just those Admitting that they use one, of course.

    And, think the lower numbers for the younger women is because they are still going all hot and heavy with the young guys....