Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Five reasons why sex is better at 50 than 25

Do the 50somethings agree with this?


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  2. The best sex for me started when i turned 50....for those reasons and a few more....
    hugs abby

  3. I'm not that close to 50, but our sex life has never been better. My wife has really been open to exploring sexuality, I think because she is more secure in herself and our relationship, and our kids are not as needed. And yay for birth control ~ don't regret getting snipped in the slightest. Here's to 50, should be even better :-)

  4. 50 plus is a hot, hot. hot age. My sensuality and sexuality have grown in major and wonderful ways. This is the age of exploration, not so much to prove and everything to gain. There are still men out there that need that young tight body, but the rest are so incredibly happy to have us naked and in their bed.

  5. I totally agree. I'm just shy of the big 5-0 and my husband is more than halfway through the decade. I think we would both agree that the sex is better now than when we were in our 20s. Also, now that we are empty nesters, we can do and try things we couldn't do when the kids were home.