Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Birthday spankings

I find it interesting that the lifestyle is becoming more mainstream.
Now they even have birthday cards about spanking. Or at least I found one and thought it was perfect for my good girl.
She already blogged about it on her poured out blog on my blogroll but if you missed it, here's a link:

As she said our birthdays are one day apart -- May 22 and 23. What a coincidence is that?
Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend them together because she is on a brutal work schedule with a new project. Fortunately, it will be over in June and we will have 10 days together over the July 4th holiday. She didn't get a birthday spanking, but I think we will make up for it then.
Hope all is well for all of us and hope you are having many fun spankings.


  1. Hi FD, I did see the post from your girl and loved the card, perfect :)

    Happy belated Birthday to you both. Sorry you weren't able to celebrate together on the days but glad you have some time together coming up to look forward to.


  2. Hi FD,

    I love that card. Happy belated Birthday to you both. July will be here before you know it.