Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Wet

I recently read about a woman saying she was concerned about getting too wet.

I had never heard about too wet being a problem. I thought the wetter the better, a sign the woman is really aroused. I thought being too dry was the problem.

So I thought I'd ask our experts out there if they ever feel they are too wet. Or do they have problems getting wet and are too dry?

And do they like to taste their own juices and what do they taste like? Sweet and salty are the two most common description I've heard. And do the men in their lives like tasting them too?

So anything you would like to share about being wet, dry or in between would be appreciated. I always like to get feedback.



  1. Some women do have the 'too wet' problem which reduces friction and therefore pleasure for both partners -- I've had that problem from time to time (hormone problems) which was cured with a towel.

    I don't mind my own taste -- nor do I crave it -- it's rather benign in flavor

    Given a choice between too wet or too dry -- I'll take too wet any day.

  2. Sometimes too wet can be an when i am at work or around friends and family and it does happen when Master sends nasty texts to me and i can't help visualizing the things he is saying..He can make me wet halfway to my knees..
    As for taste..its ok.. not strong flavored or anything. Master rubs some on my nipples before He sucks on them..So i guess He likes the taste.

  3. TOO wet? Oh no... beautifully, if constantly, wet. And at my age, that is nothing to take for granted, although I admit it is assisted by tiny hormone pills.

    The other day, I had the great pleasure of being told by my gynecologist that my tissues were healthy and moist. After which my owner picked me up and finger-fucked me as we drove through the streets of downtown Washington. He thrust his fingers in my mouth. My own mild taste was mixed with a hint of the lubricant my doctor had used for the exam.

    Sometimes, after making me suck his juice-coated fingers, he will eat my taste from my mouth. Other times, it is his own pre-cum he will suck off my tongue. My Master is omnivorous.

  4. I get too wet sometimes. (Hence the name...) I wrote about it at

    As for the taste, I love it!!!

  5. As I'm laying there edging and I have cum coating my thighs, running down my ass and soaking the bed I find it hard to get the sensations I need. I never complain about being wet, its just a fact of life now.

    I can remember a year or so ago before I was constantly wet it was much worse to try and do anything if I was overly dry. There is nothing like trying to dip your fingers into an unlubricated hole... turns out that doesn't work.

    As far as taste goes i have always loved my own goo. That sweet yet musky taste of my own juices is so yummy!

  6. I've been involved with a few who might meet the 'too wet' description... when being very active, it seemed to be easier to slip out... but I will take 'too wet' over 'too dry.' And even too dry can be resolved... :oD


  7. I'm with strivingforpeace on this one...getting too wet cuts down on the friction! It makes it more difficult for my Daddy/Master to enjoy the feeling of being inside me. And from my end, it gets a little too slippery to handle!

    And as far as savoring the flavor (hehe!), I'm pretty indifferent to my taste, but I LOVE it when Daddy makes me lick his fingers after he's had them inside me!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  8. Yup, that's me, I'm afraid. Not wet all the time, but the first sign of arousal has me soaked generally. It's a double edged sword! Taste is good... just wish I wouldn't give myself away so easily at the first suggestion of naughtiness (can be very embarrassing when seated in public!)


  9. Too wet is only ever bothersome to me if there is something (other than a penis or fingers!) inside that is supposed to stay there, eg internal electrode.

  10. like most who have responded i too would get very wet and i love it, i also love to taste myself from Masters mouth when we have oral sex as well as other parts of his anatomy..:)

  11. There have been a few times I have been extremely wet. No worries though. I have had few times of being dry and that was usually because of a fan/wind blown directly at my pussy while my leg are spread.
    I LOVE to taste my own juices off of a mans cock or fingers that has fucked me silly. I love the two mixed together. I don't personally do it while I am alone.
    My juices are pretty neutral, I think the smell is what is the turn-on.


  12. Sometimes I worry that I get too wet, but no one's ever said anything negative about it. Not yet at least. :)

  13. I don't want to be a spokesperson for the group of responders to this post, but I think we're "all wet."....I know, bad joke. Seriously, I would say that most of us who follow these sex blogs are rather erotic and sensual types...getting wet might not be as much a problem as many other women. My problem is staying dry...I think about sex too much!


  14. Wow...never heard of that either! The wetter the better! LOL. I do like my own taste, and like to kiss a man if he has my taste on his lips/mouth. Also like to go down on him after he's been inside of me. I love the mingled tastes. But yes...lightly salty, kinda sweet...on occasion a bit of tartness...but not too much. :)

    The taste is tied to the PH balance in our bodies. Too acidic a PH produces a strong tart taste. More alkaline is better for overall health, & I can tell my taste is lighter, sweeter, and slightly salty.

    I notice that if I'm dehydrated (too much alcohol, not enough liquids), dryness can be a problem, but other than that, arousal takes care of any issues.

  15. One of the sexiest things a man has ever whispered to me is that when I get too wet, he'll pull out and wipe my juices on my thighs to dry off. Never too wet.

    As far as taste, I enjoy my unique flavor, which I imagine as somewhat of a fingerprint: tangy and rich with a sassy bite.

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  17. Yes it is possible to be too wet and can lead to uncomfortable friction and chaffing (which seems to be paradoxical). Those times I think going commando is the answer as the continuous breeze can dry things out.

    I am told I taste sweet but I don't perceive it that way but that could be because of changes in taste caused by the oils on fingers.

    Goddess Aphrodite....In the case of the vagina alkaline is not better. It leads to a change in the vaginal bacteria and will encourage bacterial vaginosis which is smelly but tastes very sweet indeed.

  18. I dont have a problem with being to dry. Thank goodness!!

    As far as the taste... I taste like sweet sweat. YUM

  19. i tend more towards dry. i don't like my taste, and i don't like the baking soda flavor of cum either. though it didn't bother me as much prior to being forced to bj a dirty dick (an ex).

  20. add me to the extremely wet catagory. Once i went on a short "mini meet" with Sir. We necked a bit in his car, and his hand drifted down under my long skirt, then up my thigh. My thigh was wet. Then more feeling up, he discovered that i was drenched. As his fingers sploshed around my pussy, the sound was ....embarrassing. Squelching and nearly crackling. He asked me if i had 'caramels" that i was unwrapping (it did kind of sound like that.) That made me more embarrassed, and more wet.

    It's been a standing joke ever since..."how are my caramels?" he'll ask....

    and i'll instantly get drenched.

    (and like oatmeal my age, getting wet is a wonderful thing...and i don't take hormones)

  21. sfp: Yes, a towel works.

    mountaingirl: If he rubs some on your nipples and sucks them, he must like the taste.

    oatmeal girl: Sounds like your Master loves to taste.

    Slippery: Good to hear you love your taste.

    CW: sweet and musky sounds yummy.

    Red: Yes, too wet sounds better than too dry.

    BabyGirl: Sounds like licking his fingers after he's been inside of you is a treat.

    J: Sounds like you get soaked rather easily.

    shape shifter: Yes, you want the things that are supposed to stay there to stay there.

    lu peata: Sounds like you enjoy getting wet.

    PV: The two mixed together sound good.

    Heather: If no one is complaining, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Suzanne: Interesting theory that bloggers are erotic and sensual types.

    Goddess: Mingled tastes sound good.

    barely pink: tangy and rich with a sassy bite sounds good.

    Minerva: So Viagra works for you at 25. Interesting.

    doll: Oh, the breeze drying things out sounds like a nice sensastion.

    reina(RT): Nice that you describe your taste with the word YUM.

    Going Cerebal: Sorry to hear about the forced bj on a dirty dick.

    Nila: Loved the caramels line.

    Thanks for all of your interesting comments.