Sunday, July 4, 2010

The G-Spot Controversy

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and thanks for all of those who left comments on my previous anniversary post. They were all appreciated and I am sorry it took me so long to respond.

In this post, I thought I'd discuss the so-called G-spot controversy which started when some British scientists suggested back in January it might be a myth. That prompted some French doctors to respond. They said not all G-spots are alike and the highly sensitive area bears little resemblance to the so-called magic button guaranteed to generate immediate pressure.

The French said it exists in 60 per cent of woman and one said it will be felt by a woman who knows it is there and takes steps to cultivate it.

"In discovering the sensitive parts of her own body, this sensitive zone (G-spot) will become more and more functional. But if she has never touched it and no one else has touched won't exist for her as a consequence,'' one said.

So I thought I'll pose the questions to the women in the audience. Have you found your G-spot? Do you touch it often? Does the male in your life touch it? Can you cum from touching it?

What are your thoughts on your G-spot? Or do you prefer just touching your clit and the G-spot doesn't do that much for you?

Your thoughts?



  1. I have not found mine on my own. But I am more of a clit girl when I am alone. Sometimes a nice gentleman will be kind enough to rub that area for me, along with other areas. I have never cum from just being touched there. Like anything else, it is a combination of so many things. It does feel pretty nice, though. But that's just me. :D

  2. Hi,

    first of all, thank you for visiting my blog :)

    I thought I had found my G-spot, but then I read something about it being a myth, and I got confused...
    the fact is I don't think too much about it because usually touching my clit is enough... so even if it doesn't really exist, it is ok :)

    aah... and sorry for my bad English, I've been trying to practice ;)


  3. Good question...i did not find mine on my own..Master was the one that introduced that feeling to me.( No one else ever tried to find it ).and at first i was like...what the hell is that?..what are you doing? was a little intense at first.Now i can relax and enjoy cumming like that.

  4. Much like His mountain girl, I first found G-spot simulation realllllllllly intense, and borderline painful. It was the strangest feeling - it felt so good that it hurt. I'm glad that I'd read about the G-spot before anyone ever went looking for mine, because when someone first found it I got that pressure that I've read that a lot of women feel, as if I had to go to the bathroom. But it was just a matter of adjusting to a completely new feeling. I haven't ever cum from G-spot stimulation alone, but I find it difficult to orgasm in general most of the time, so that probably doesn't mean too much. The times that I *have* orgasmed really, really hard have all involved (at least some) stimulation of my G-spot, though.

  5. I actually get more pleasure from g-spot stimulation than my clit. My clit is super sensitive and actually hurts to have it touched directly.

  6. I found mine years ago but just recently tapped into its wonderfulness.

    I have found that the more I stimulate my g-spot the more responsive it is. I've always been more aroused my penetration than clitoral stimulation but combining both can send me into the most intense orgasms. I never masturbate without both kinds of stimulation - ever. As for partners, some of them venture to touch it, others use my favourite toys, some don't go near it. I'm alright no matter what they do really.

  7. I was able to find my G-spot years ago. When alone I love to stimulate the clit and hit the G-spot. The orgasms are different but the combination provides for satification until the next time the real thing is available.

  8. I found my G-spot a few years ago. If I am on my own, I do just what sensualfreak mentioned above.
    The Dom in my life has been instrumental in getting really intense G-spot orgasms out of me over and over.
    They aren't the same( for me) as a clitoral orgasm but I love them!
    It seems to be a matter of relaxing to let them happen.
    However they come remember to keep a towel handy!!

  9. I really don't like my G-spot being stimulated. The pressure gives me that "have to go pee" feeling every time and is just unpleasant. Brandon has stimulated it a few times but each time is the same and doesn't seem to get more pleasurable with time at all. Stimulation of my clit is much much more pleasurable and preferable for me as well as just good old deep penetration. I have never personal touch my own G-spot and due to the unpleasantness that I feel when Brandon does I will probably never seek it out on my own.

  10. Mine is also really sensitive... but it feels amazing to have an orgasm just by touching it. The problem is... my own fingers are too short to reach it (I'm a small handed girl ;))... so, this is a pleasure I only enjoy when I have someone else with me, or, with the help of some toys (which is not the same thing, definitely).

  11. Slippery: You must like it when a nice gentleman rubs that area for you along with other areas. Especially since you said it does feel pretty nice.

    Juliet: Even though touching your clit is enough, I hope you keep searching and eventually find it. The more pleasure you discover the better. And don't apologize for your English. It is just fine. We Americans need to learn more languages.

    Mountain girl: Nice that Master found it and that you can relax now and enjoy cumming like that.

    True Blue: Interesting that it felt so good it hurt at first. And sorry to hear that you find it difficult to orgasm in general. Hope that changes over the years.

    turlya: Interesting that you get more pleasure from your G-spot than from your clit, which is so super sensitive that it hurts to have ti touched directly. Your experience shows that women have different responses.

    Aurore: How nice that you get both kinds of stimulation when you masturbate. that must add to the pleasure.

    sensualfreak: Must be a great sensation when you stimulate the clit and hit the G-spot. Enjoy until the real thing is available.

    nancy: How nice that the Dom in your life gets intense G-spot orgasms out of you over and over. And they must be something if you have to keep towel handy.

    Alice: Sorry to hear it's not pleasant for you but shows that different women have different reactions.

    Anon: What a shame that your hand is too small to reach it. But I hope that when you're with somewhat else, you make sure he stimulates it.

    Thanks for all who took time to comment on a holiday and I hope more of you will when the holiday is over.


  12. FD sir,
    i haven't found my G-spot, or i guess not atleast! Mostly clitorial stimulation does it for me. However finger penetration does have more appeal than just clit stim.
    not exactly sure about it!

  13. FD,
    If I have one I have not found it nor have I been looking. I am one of those lucky women who can cum very easy, so I haven't had the need to go searching. I do have extraordinary orgasms with a vib on my clit and a penis ramming me......WOW
    I wouldn't mind finding it, but I would need help like the others.
    I also masturbate by clitoral stimulation mostly. But when it comes to having a (male) partner I want penetration no matter what.

  14. I just posted about this having encountered what I think and hope is my g-spot with a new toy...the peeing feeling was intense and I'm curious to see if I can have g-spot orgasm, or if I'll just pee all over myself. :)

  15. Found it on my own -- but Mr. C is the master of it -- and he's found this other delicious spot as well.

    I'm like turiya -- clitoral stimulation is often too much --

    If the Brits want THEIR G-spots to be imaginary -- that's up to them -- mines REAL


  16. first...LOL @ sfp!!! if the brits...giggles.

    i hit my g-spot once, only once by total accident and it the middle of a very satisfying masturbation session....phenominal! POW! i came instantly.

    haven't found it since...but still searching and that's half the fun, yes?

  17. it's seems like all the comments have disappeared! oh God some problem with blogger! i hate when things like this happen....
    anyway i haven't found my G spot, i come on clit stim alone, although i think there is an extra something when i put my finger in,,, not sure what it is exactly! :) so still searching,,,,

  18. Ive become very desensitized in my pussy area - could it have been from all the time using 'bob' & likeing the 'thrill' I got touching my 'G spot' or because Im going through the last throes of the dreaded 'menopause syndrome'!!! I no longer can work myself into an 'orgasam' nor do I want a man to do me! Im not 'gay' & the idea of 2 women kissing and/or 2 men disgusts me! Maybe Im just tired of being made a 'fool' 2 men whom told me they were divorced, I now find out 4 years later both are MARRIED!!!

  19. we are not aware of a specific spot inside me. we've hit areas that are very much 'keep doing what you're doing' spots, but it's not the same area each time.

    i have a tipped uterus so i've always wondered if that might be one of the reasons it doesn't seem to be where "they" say it ought to be (the one or two times there was an attempt made to discover it). the ob that told me of my tipped uterus indicated that it's not an uncommon maybe that's the other 40% or so the frenchies said didn't have a cultivated g-spot. *shrug* totally unscientific randomness there. ;)

    my masturbation is of the clitoral variety as i too am small-handed. i don't like for my clit to be directly stimulated either--i prefer the toy to be off to the side, between the outer and inner lips rather than on the hood or the clit itself. i go pretty crazy with clitoral vibrations (as described) and his fingers enticing the entry of my vagina and/or flitting inside. it makes me wet just thinking about it, to be bluntly honest.

  20. I think I have one because my husband found it with his dick. The eleven dicks before his couldn't. But there is some magical zone that makes me explode and only he can hit it. So I think I have one. Never found it exploring because I'm too deep. And when I'm alone, masturbation is just a release, so the vibrator to the clit works just fine. And I'm impatient as hell. So "exploring" doesn't appeal to me. When I need to come, I'll kill anything that stands in my way. Sometimes I don't even want foreplay, because all I want is Mr. Carlyle's fat tool inside me. Like right now. Wish he was home!

  21. Haha, i'm a virgin even and i have found it, but not by myself. Someone found it for me, He was fairly experienced. It was one of the best orgasms i have ever felt...i didn't even know it existed till then ! Lol.

    i can't find it myself though ...sadly. i've tried and tried with many toys even. So yeah it is kind of hard to find.
    Good post!

    - tigger

  22. Alujna: Don't give up. You might find it yet.

    PV: Enjoy the fact you can cum very easily,

    Bella: The new toy apparently hit the spot.

    sfp: good to hear yours is real.

    nilla: yes, searching is half the fun.

    Christina: Sorry to hear you've become desensitized. Hope you get it back.

    Going Cerebral: Nothing wrong with the clitoral variety. Enjoy.

    Michelle: I guess the 12th time was the charm. And nice to hear his fat tool is so satisfying for you.

    tigger: Welcome to my blog and good to hear someone found it for you but keep trying. You're young and have time.

    Thanks for all the comments.


  23. I'm a bit late to this post but I will add my experience. I haven't touched my g-spot as I never feel the urge to finger myself but I have been told by some of those that have slid fingers inside me that my g-spot is just like a button and very easy for them to find.

  24. that's interesting doll. i'll be sure to share that with my husband. maybe we'll go on another discovery mission. LOL.