Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Letters

This is the time of year we write and get Christmas letters. You know they are sometimes lampooned for being all about how Suzie won the Nobel Peace Prize and not about how she got fired from her job. Or something like that.

Anyway, I thought I'd ask your opinion of Christmas letters. Do you write them? Do you like getting them? Do you get a lot of them?



  1. I don't write them, and I only get one, from a woman I love dearly who has been battling cancer for several years now and has an extensive network of family, only a few of whom I know. But I love hearing from her, so I can't complain. I do send Xmas cards by snail mail, but with just a brief message.

    How about you?


  2. I'm surprised you only get one. I get several and enjoy them and write one but sometimes regret I don't stay in touch with friends more often during the year.


  3. i dont get any letters- i used to get 1 in the past, but she has stopped doing it. i only send Christmas cards- i send them out to work related people and to family and friends with just a short message inside usually. i get quite a few cards, but not like in the past.
    Merry Christmas to You and Yours!~

  4. I used to receive a letter from one person but now we are no longer in the same family. I did like to read the updates especially when were thousands of miles away.
    I have never done one and this year's would be to sad to do one. I suspect one day I will do one.


  5. I have never written or received any as an adult.
    As a child my mom used to make sure that I would write one to both my grandmothers.
    My birthday is a week after Christmas day, and to this day, my mother still writes me a birthday letter.

  6. Hisflower: And Merry Christmas to you and yours and I wonder if people aren't sending out as many cards as they used to.

    PV: Sorry to hear you are sad. And, yes, nice to get updates from friends far away.

    Raven Red: How nice that she still writes you a birthday letter.


  7. I don't write Christmas letters, but I do send out cards. We receive two letters every year, one from my Aunt and Uncle, and another from my cousin and her husband. I enjoy reading them, but I have to be in the right mood to sit down and really take the time because they're always really long. I think as Ollie gets older and we have more children we'll probably start sending out letters.

  8. Florida Dom,

    I don't send out a Christmas letter, but I do send out a holiday photo card each year so I can make sure all our relatives see just how adorable our kids are and how much they have grown.:) Most of the cards I receive from people with kids are photo cards as well. I love this because it's fun to get to watch kids grow up from distant relatives and friends. I'm always happy to get a Christmas letter too.


  9. i don't send a letter, just a couple hundred cards:) every year i say it's the last year to send all those cards bc it's not very green and i suspect the majority are thrown away, though i do keep picture cards of friends and family and file them away each year. maybe next year i will finally make the switch to ecards. but i love getting cards in the mail and i display them all proudly on the inside of the friends' door. i do usually receive a couple newsy letters, and while i enjoy them, i have to admit that one in particular provides much fodder for my husband's amusement. i guess it's hard to strike a balance between being proud and being self-congratulatory. and like someone mentioned above, who wants to send out a letter full of bad or sad news? i wish i had the energy to send out a personal letter to loved ones far away, but even as i type this i'm thinking i need to hurry up and finish bc i have a million things to do! merry merry!!! hope you're still finding time for tennis. i'm not:(

  10. I send short and simple holiday greeting cards and that is all....

  11. We sent a photo of us posing with Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland, but normally don't send cards. As for those stupid braggy letters, I HATE them. I love the people who send them, but hate having all that crap shoved down my throat. (say how you really feel, Michelle). Those letters always make me feel inadequate. Like I didn't travel to Thailand or graduate with a PhD. I barely made my mortgage and made my deadlines. However, when you have kids, I do appreciate hearing about their lives. As long as they don't tell us the kids discovered a cure for cancer on their summer vacations, I'm cool with a short report. But some of that braggy crap is over-the-top. I have a friend who gets a letter that reads like the society column. Her friend even highlights the famous people she hung out with. Dinner with GEORGE LUCAS at the TOP OF THE MARK was the highlight of our August partying. Ugh.

    Oh, by the way, have a happy holiday, FD!!!

    hugs and love,

  12. I don't write them. I don't send cards. I look cheerful during the holidays with a Bah-Humbug attitude underneath! LOL

    I do get them! A few each year. I think they are funny. Something to laugh and quip about!

    Gotta have a sense of humor about it. I just think it's funny that people send me letters like that - it's like someone walking up to you at a party and telling you all about their lives. But you never asked!

    You needed at least one scroogy answer, right FD?!


  13. A short note with a card works for me.