Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morn

I am a bit late in sharing this, but just wanted to talk about how much fun it was to share Christmas with the grandkids when they still believe in Santa at 7 and 8. And it was their first Christmas visiting in Florida. Usually we go up north. And since they were buried in snowstorms up there, it was a good time for a Florida Christmas. The weather was beautiful and we even played some tennis before we sat down to eat the turkey and trimmings and count our blessings.

And they were fascinated with seeing things like the house that has a gator in lights on their roof pulling Santa's sleigh. Only in Florida.

A few weeks back, one of my daughters sent me to a store on Sunday morn to get an Nintendo game on sale. And then I had to go back a week later because they lowered the price. Well, seeing the grandson jumping up and down with glee when he opened it made it all worth it. And the thing isn't much bigger than a deck of cards, but has more computing power than we had when we went to the moon. It even has web access and takes pictures (I thought it was just a thing toplay games on) although my granddaughter explained they are not allowed to go on the web. When we were raising our kids, we didn't have to worry about them being on the web. How times change.

Anyway, want to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Some years aren't memorable but let's hope this one is for you and yours.



  1. That sounds like a really special Christmas. I am so glad for you, and Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Sara: Yes it was special. Those years with the grandkids are young are priceless. And hope we both have a good New Year.


  3. Sorry FD I seem to have missed a couple of your posts.

    I am so happy you had fun with the kids over for Christmas. Special times.

    Love and hugs,

  4. That childish glee is the very best present of all, isn't it? You are a lucky man,FD.

  5. Lucky for me i got to share Christmas morning with an almost 3 year old grand daughter. When we put her stocking on the sofa for Santa, she explained to me the stockings have to hang! LOL..Christmas morning was such a joy! We are blessed. abby

  6. We spent the week after Christmas in Florida a few years ago. It was wonderful to go swimming and spend time at the beach in December.

    It sounds like your Grandkids had a great Christmas, and you as well! Your Grandson will very much enjoy the Nintendo.

    My two youngest kids believe in Santa still, and our oldest at 13 pretends he still does just for our benefit.


  7. I grew up in Florida... I suppose that's why having Christmas in the summer doesn't affect me as much as it probably should sometimes... especially this Christmas which was cloudy and cool because of rain. Felt sorta like a Florida winter day more than an Australian summer day. :-D

    Glad you had such a great time with your grandchildren! It must have been such a special Christmas for them being able to be down there with you.



  8. Oh yes, Christmas with the grandkids are ALWAYS the best. Those little innocent creatures are incredible.