Sunday, January 9, 2011

This and That

Am I the only person who hasn't taken down the Christmas tree? In fact, I should be doing it right now, but it is more fun to write a blog post. There is just something depressing about taking down the tree and packing up the lights and ornaments. A sign that another holiday season has come and gone and now we're in the reality of January and February, two of the more depressing months of the year. I have to get serious about putting the tree on my to do list.
Another depressing thing about the end of the holiday season is that the grocery stores stop selling egg nog. In fact, they were on sale last week with the sign "while supplies last.'' So I bought five half-gallons and froze them. I can stretch out the egg nog for another month or so. Gosh, I just love egg nog although I hate to think of the calories, especially since I am supposed to lose 15 pounds. And do you notice when they sell something as low fat, it doesn't taste as good as when it has the fat? Of course, I always love when they say low fat ice cream. How ridiculous is that?
Do any of our readers know the story of the Rex Ryan foot fetish videos? For the non-sports fans in the audience or our friends across both ponds, he is an American football coach so he has a high profile job. And he and his wife started making foot fetish videoes a few years ago in which they showed her face. Well, somebody recognized her and the videos were posted online and it was kind of embarrassing for him, who said it was a personal matter. Except that I can't figure out why they showed her face, I find it interesting that after over 20 years of marriage, they were making sexy videos. No "not tonight dear, I have a headache,'' line for them. Instead, it's do you have the camera set up? I am not into feet myself, but I find it interesting that people into feet are said to have a fetish. If you are obsessed with cleavage the way I am, that is considered normal. Go figure. Also, don't notice too many spankos into feet. I suppose there are blogs devoted to feet but I haven't tracked them down.
Speaking of cleavage, I was in the drugstore the other day and the young cashier had her top unbottoned a bit and I noticed a silver ball in her chest between her cleavage with another one about an inch lower. I was dying to ask her about it, but I had never seen her before and didn't bring it up. Now I've seen pierced nipples and navels, but not in the cleavage. Interesting. And so I started to check her out more closely and she had a one-half inch ribbon around her neck. I wondered, is she kinky? When she asked me if I wanted a bag for my card, I normally would have said don't bother but I wanted her to move to get another look at the silver balls. Isn't it nice we have blogs to talk about things like this, which I would never do in real life.
Speaking of greeting cards, I was getting one for my son-in-law and there were very few compared with the tons of cards for sons? Dont' people send cards to their son-in-laws?
And this is about gender, not politics because I don't want to get into politics, but have you noticed that new House Speaker John Boehner cries all the time. Yet he replaces a woman, Nancy Pelosi. Had she cried, she would have been considered weak. Instead, she had a tough reputation which is valued in a man, but she was often called the b word. Women rarely have an equal playing field.
And now that the holiday season is over, are you getting back in your routine and getting more spankings than when you were so busy during the holidays?
Ok, those are a few random thoughts for today, which I happen to find interesting. Hope you did too.



  1. I just took my tree down today and I feel better already.

  2. I still have Hannukah decorations, which don't take up as much space as a tree. I should take them down but I actually really like them.

    Eggnog. Love it. Don't drink it, because I'd rather eat my calories then drink them.

    And the cleavage piercings. I have a friend in her late teens who has one. But I think there's only one sliver ball. I asked her if it came out the back (she was gracious enough to laugh) but I think it really goes into a little holder under her skin. Guys can't take their eyes off it.

  3. Dear FD

    Happy New Year!

    re the tree:

    We wouldn't even think of taking the tree down until the three wise men had turned up (Epiphany = 6th Jan). There are twelve days of Christmas. After the twelfth night, the tree can come down.

    re the pierced cleavage:

    I'd like to know about that too. I always assumed a pierced tongue was to enhance oral sex. Following that line of thought I assume that a pierced cleavage might be for tit-fucking (pardon my French). But I have no empirical data to go on in either case.

    A woman I work with has a pierced tongue and a pierced cleavage (the two silver balls version), and the thoughts those piercings put in my head make our meetings rather challenging.


  4. FD,
    All my decoration are still up because we just had Christmas with my son yesterday. Now I guess I'll get them down by next weekend. But you're right not nearly as much fun as putting them up.

    Not into sports myself but I did catch the story about Rex Ryan. I was really pissed at the story. Who in the world cares if a man thinks his wife's feel are beautiful and sexy!! It's not like he's ripping the shoes off young girls to see them. I think it's a lot like spanking - unless someone is trying to spank you against your will then but out!! Live and let live, I like my butt spanked, he thinks his wife's feet are sexy. I say good for them and I hope they keep making videos if that's what they enjoy!!


  5. Well, I boxed up Xmas on December 29th earliest ever.

    I really miss EggNog...but what I miss most at the store is Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist :-)

    Yes...the spank is back :-) I enjoy your blog!

  6. Hello FD
    I still have my tree up.........just cant bear the thought of taking it down either...just like the sparkly bits .....maybe I will hang the lights somewhere else.

  7. 5 gallons of egg nog :)

    I took our tree down 2nd Jan and your right it's no fun taking them down.

    Hope all's well.


  8. I miss eggnog as well.. and it never dawned on me to freeze it! Good move on your part.

    One year our tree stayed up until MARCH... and it looked pitiful.. but I couldn't take it down.

    This year.. it is packed and down!

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  10. The Christmas tree was taken down last weekend, however, I do still have decorations up around the house.

    I always enjoy trying to figure out if someone is kinky in public.

    Valley Girl

  11. well i feel honored that you, who has over 200 followers, and is such a great writer, actually reads my blog! :)
    totally agree withthe christmas decorations. with all this snow, it warms it up a bit. i wish everyone kept lights up all winter. I still have my stuuf up... but its because IM LAZY! LOL!!

    and are you SURE that the silver balls were pierced??? not part of her bra?

    that was very entertaining.

  12. I am guilty! My tree is still up! I think it makes the winter go by a bit faster...but I must put it away already.
    My husband showed me theRex Ryan video on YouTube, and I thought it was adorable! Poor guy for being is his wife after all. They are probably getting more action then couples half their age!
    Yes...spankings have increased! :-)

  13. I love the idea of cleavage piercing. I agree with "PL" it must make the ride fabulous... Once you get to know her better you can ask why she chose that piercing, maybe.

    The tree went down this weekend, and I miss it because the echo is back to full pitch. I think I will have to invest in more house plants to off set. I can't hang curtains anywhere else and not be put off by the clutter....

    Let the spanking resume.. quietly!


  14. I never got my tree up. To balance that out, I'm leaving my lights up through February.