Saturday, January 29, 2011

Corner Time

The lovely PK in her blog recently had an interesting post about Corner Time. And since I always like to steal good ideas and haven't done a post on Corner Time, I thought I'd bring up the topic.

So is Corner Time a part of your relationship?
If it isn't, do you wish it were?
If it is, do you like it or not?
Is Corner Time punishment or a time to reflect?

I hope you will join in and give us your thoughts on Corner Time. It doesn't have to about my questions. Just any observations you want to make.



  1. One of my favorite subjects. I'm not currently in a relationship, but when I am, I feel corner time is essential.
    I crave it, but don't necessarily "like it", if that makes sense. Knowing that I'm there, controlled, in the corner, and he's there, keeping an eye on me, is extremely powerful.

  2. We just started using corner time. We've only used it as punishment, and so far I think it is effective. It allows me to reflect on what put me in that corner and gets me in a more submissive mindframe. So I'd say I like it, sort of.... I think it makes my hubby's punishment more effective, so for that reason I like it, I hate it too because it means I did something to deserve it.


  3. We gave it a try and it didn't really work. Most likely it was due to my medical issues. Whether I was standing, sitting or kneeling I was in pain and not a good kind of pain, so all I could think about was the pain... so I really didn't get anything out of it. My mind also tends to wander and I daydream more than anything even when I try to meditate, so if Asha wants me to reflect on something he'll generally get me to write about it. This way I'm able to keep my brain on topic.

  4. I actually did a post about corner time - I hate (dislike does not adequately describe my feelings) being confined to a space where I cannot move - in my mind it is definitely one of the worst punishments ever.

    But, I do have to grudgingly admit, that it does serve its purpose - especially if taking into account, that I do have a temper, and that time is needed for me to make the shift between reacting only with emotions to comprehending and understanding why I have upset him through my actions.

  5. Master occasionally uses corner time...i do not like it, when it is used it is as punishment. After every spanking, i am expected to stay "in position" until Master gives me permission to move.

  6. I've never been given corner time although one dominant did stand me in a corner once to keep me from watching what he was doing.
    I didn't particularly like or dislike being there.

    Sir doesn't punish me..that sounds odd but so far it is true.
    He wouldn't be likely to use corner time as a punishment, if I were to need punishment.

  7. When I get a spanking, some like to send me to the corner while I am still totally naked and my hiney is very pink. I hate it at times, but sometimes it can be arousing. One friend likes to put me into a chastity device, as well. But, control is the key and for the most part it can be fun.

  8. Corner time has become an important, but not overused, behavioral tool in my relationship. I find that corner time effectively administers punishment while at the same time providing my sub the time to reflect on her wrongdoings. Corner time also carries with it the stigma of it being a rather "juvenile" form of punishment, adding to the subs humiliation :-)

  9. Thinking: Corner time is when a sub is sent to a corner and must stand there facing the corner until the sub is released.


  10. FD,
    I'm so glad you used this topic. I find corner time very interesting.

    We don't use it but its vivid in my imagination. I think it would seem 'artificial' to Nick. But never say never.


  11. I've spent plenty of time in the corner for meditation and focus, as well as punishment. It's generally pretty effective for both purposes.


  12. Never tried it and don't think it would work for us and I'm not sure what I would get out of it but hey, as PK says 'never say never'


  13. My Mistress has used corner time on occasion as a punishment and to have me reflect on what I did to displease Her.

    I dont like it because my focus is Her displeasure and anticipating if She is going to punish me further.

    I like it because at least its not the cage :)


  14. FD....In belated answer to your question for discussion....I hate cornertime..............although its more like "face the wall time", and its used usually for me to think about something I should have done, or as a punishment for being rude,
    There are no distractions and so for me it is effective, making me focus and think about what I have been told to. Usually it is for a shortish time(5-15 mins) but i have on occasion been there for several hours...not my favourite place.
    HS xx