Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do men love breasts?

Like most men, I am into breasts. All sizes and shapes. Love to look at them, caress them, fondle them and squeeze them and even spank them and put pins on them. I love breast play. And sometimes I wonder why. What it is about them that attract me to them. And I've just decided that is the way most men are wired. Just as the people in the D/s lifestyle are wired to like it. Or at least I think they are.

Anyway, here is a link to an article on why men like breasts. The authors contend it has something to do with breast feeding. I don't know I agree with that because not all babies are breastfed. Anyway, I will be interested in your thoughts on the subject. And since my readers tend to be women, I am curious what you think about men's fixation with your breasts. What is your reaction when they don't make eye contact and stare at them. And do you like the man in your life playing with them.

So here's the link and there's a slide show at the bottom about having mind-blowing sex. It says, among other things, that women should settle and should make their needs known to their partner.


  1. I like breasts! What isn't to love? Why? That is just like asking why I like chocolate. I just do. And no, I wasn't breast fed.

  2. I'm with you. I like them. And like your answer that it is just like liking chocolate, which I also like. Yes, I just do.


  3. I like having my breasts played with (apart from a certain time of the month lol) in a loving way but also bound, flogged, needles...anything but the cane which is odd considering the cane is my favourite just not on breasts.

    They are bossmans favourite part of my body as well to torture, i cant see any connection to breastfeeding, some men like tits others may like asses!

    I am insecure about men staring at my breasts because i am large chested and sometimes i find it annoying when they are having a conversation with me but their eyes on my chest.


  4. I had to laugh at the title...Why do men like breasts? They just do!!!

  5. I have absolutely no idea. I've never understood the attraction.

  6. It's not just men. I think breasts are pretty neat too.

    If men can't make eye contact they are just being rude. Or have a social problem. Glance, and look away, that is the rule.

    My Master loves them too. I say "I love you, Master" and half the time he says "I love your tits".