Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Should Prostitution Be Legal

Here's an article discussing whether prostitution should be legal. What do you think?

Here's the link:




  1. Sorry, Legalisation? I am completely stupified that this discussion even exists outside of Islamic countries.
    Prostitution in the old sense hardly exists in The Netherlands. It was never really forbidden, but it practically disappeared the moment that lawmakers started to regulate the profession with normal labour conditions, licenses, health regulation, taxes and you name it. Of course there are always some people who prefer to criminalize everything, so once or twice a year there are a few women "liberated" from places where they were exploited. These are usually African refugees who don't speak the language, but that is about it. The pitiful remnants of prostitution do things like cybersex.

    1. Prostitution is a huge thing in the Netherlands still, I've been going there for 2 years in a row and the Red Light District still going strong. If it has disappeared I really couldn't tell.

    2. You're referring to the highly regulated red light district in Amsterdam? Yes, there are still some prostitutes there, mostly for passing tourists. You cannot imagine the number of rules applicable to them.You should have seen it 30 years ago.

  2. Yes. I could go on all day long but suffice to say that we should be protecting those who choose this as a profession, protecting them in all senses. Whether 'conservative people' want to like it or not, this IS a profession and it is not going to go away by ignoring it, or by prosecuting those who work in this profession. Make it legal, make it safe. It's too early for more words on this, and I think it might get lengthy anyway. Yes, I think it should be legal and regulated.

  3. Yes absolutley for the reasons already given by the other comments, make it legal so it can be regulated and safer.


  4. I am surprised that it isn't legal in the US. Think of all the tax revenue!

  5. Didn't read the link, but why not. Just like marijuana should be legal.

  6. Of course it should be legal. I can't imagine any good argument for not legalizing it.. but we don't exactly live in the most liberal country. As was said above.. think of those tax dollars!

  7. Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada however solicitation is and therein lies a conundrum. Personally I do not think it should be illegal anywhere; however I do have age stipulations and believe no one under the age of 19 should be able to participate in such a job. Just my two cents. ~a

  8. Yes, I think it should be legalized. Age restrictions would be a fine idea, along with STD prevention regulations.

  9. The comments here sound like you're talking about a brothel where men come and pay for a prostitute, and like any business, you'd need a business license, and follow labor laws, etc.

    When I think of prostitution being legalized, I think of that meaning it would be legal for an individual to take money for sex. That shouldn't be regulated by the government, other than theoretically you're supposed to report it on your taxes, just like theoretically you're supposed to report it if your neighbor pays you to mow their lawn.

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