Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The pull out method

Here's an interesting story about women talking about the pull-out method. Have you ever tried it?

Will be interested in your thoughts.



  1. Interesting how there are such mixed reviews on it. I think it's fine to use if people are trying to get pregnant anyway, but other than that, I think it can be pretty risky. Doesn't mean I haven't used it before, but I was nervous after I did!

  2. Using Natural Family Planning has worked for us. But this is just to risky.

  3. All I have to say is this is how my second child was conceived, so obviously its not a great option if you absolutely don't want to get pregnant :). Having said that my husband and I knew that pregnancy was possible but we would of started trying for another child at some point anyway so we weren't too worried. We both hate condoms and I was breastfeeding so did not want to take the pill so it was a natural choice, and one that worked for almost two years for us.

  4. It only takes a drop of semen to get pregnant so its certainly not a fool proof way. I will say though at times when I employed it, it worked for me.

  5. I think it's just too risky if you absolutely don't want to get pregnant.

  6. Too risky. I do not want anymore children, the bossman doesnt either (he has none himself), i think as has been said its ok if one isnt too concerned if pregnancy does happen...but otherwise no.


  7. I'm with Dragon, we use NFP but pulling out just seems like we would be playing with fire. That and if Sir is going to cum, I want it all either in my pussy or my mouth.

  8. It's too risky. I work as a Perth Escort and it is a bad idea to get pregnant with your clients unintentionally.

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