Friday, October 18, 2013

Holding her hand

A :LDR relationship can be difficult when you aren't there to be hands on.

But when my good girl was having a difficult time, she reached out to me to take her hand. She wrote what I thought was a very moving blog about it and I thought I'd share it with you.

I so like being there for her.



  1. awe...this girl knows how that can feel at times it is lovely for her knowing that you will be there for her in whatever way you can...hope she starts to feel better soon...smiles

  2. that is beautiful...i sometimes wonder if Doms realize the power They hold. i'm not referring to the power of Their desires, but the power to ground us by that simple 'vanilla' touch....i hope that even though there is distance between you two she is able to feel that touch and calm her soul so that she can start to feel better.

  3. Such lovely posts from both of you FD.

    I'm so sorry she is feeling alone right now and although you may not be able to be hands on, it's wonderful that she was able to reach out to you and that you are there for her in any way you can be.


  4. FD,

    Posts are very touching. So glad you are there for your good girl.


  5. I can relate to her feelings, as I have often had them when hubby is away on long business trips. These feelings can be particularly hard to deal with in an LDR. I am sure it's comforting to her that you cherish being there for her.


  6. You're a great man to be there for her. :) You both are lucky!