Monday, May 26, 2014

Vanilla time

Last night, we watched the final episode of this season of Mad Men on the couch with her having a heating bad on. Yes, her period arrived right on schedule. We knew it was likely to come and it arrived Sunday morning.
But we can't be about all spankings all the time. And it was still nice to spend time with her watching one of our favorite shows that had a smash finale. Don't know if you watch it but it is TV at its best.
Just spending time together can be so nice. And her next visit will be mid-July. Perfect timing.




  1. A true testament to the depth of any relationship is being happy just being together and not making the center of everything about sex. Good for you both and so nice that you a good visit and another right around the corner !

  2. You know it's really special when you just enjoy being together.

  3. Hi FD, this sounds lovely. It's great just enjoying spending time together and those vanilla moments. You are right, it can't always be about spanking.