Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How did the date go?

I saw something called an embarrassing party video about men and women discussing a date. Can't figure out how to download it so I will describe it. Was pretty funny.
First one woman talks about her date.
She says the guy came over, ate in a couple of minutes, then dropped his pants and was finished (shows them standing up against the sink with him humping her and shows her frustrated) and it was over quickly before she got her top off. then she says he passed out on the bed.
now the other girl says her date was amazing. The guy picked her up in a taxi, went for a romantic dinner, wandered around the city, got to his place, lit some candles. An hour of best foreplay ever, an hour of wild sex and then he held her and they talked all night. she said it was paradise.
now the two guys give their versions to each other..
Now the first guy said there was food everywhere at her place and it was so good so he filled up and he fucked and fell asleep on her bed and got home to watch the game.
the other guy says the night was a disaster. Electricity was out because he forgot to pay the bill so he has to take her out, so went in a taxi, got an expensive dinner, couldn't afford a taxi home so they had to walk back. they got home and he fumbled for candles.
then he was so tired he couldn't get it up for like and hour and it took an hour for him to get off.
He said I swear to god I was so pissed. then just laid there together all night. it was awful.

Another example of how men and women are Venus and Mars.



  1. ROFL Thanks for sharing, is really funny how differently the men and women each saw their dates. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat