Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane watch

Gosh, I know it has been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've lost a lot of followers. I guess they've given up on me. No excuses really but a lot of things good and bad have been going on and have been using them as an excuse not to write.
The good things have been exchanging visits with my good girl and the baptism of my youngest granddaughter. Bad thing was I woke up one morning and could barely walk. Turns out I have arthritis in my lower back. Got cortisone shots and it is OK now but don't know if it will come back.
My doctor says these aren't the golden years. They're the rust years. And I am rusting.
Anyway, the reason I am writing is the hurricane. One of the first people I connected with me here who lives in UK just wrote to ask about it. So I replied to her and it gave me motivation to write. Obviously, I am in Florida from my handle and you all know the hurricane is hitting Florida.
How bad it is going to be is anybody's guess. My girl was going to visit tonight but had to cancel. They're calling it the storm of the century to hit here. Fortunately, I'm about 20 miles from the ocean so may not get the worst of it. I am hoping not much if any damage to my house. Only 15 years old and they upgraded the codes because of the damage of past hurricanes. The big worry is power going on. Have flashlights, water, canned food, radio. batteries, etc. And if power goes out, the next question is when it comes back on. Some friends are being optimistic and talking about a party Sunday with all the excess food if we escape the worst.
I am also scheduled to fly up north Monday to visit my sister and mother, who is 98.
If power goes out, I can only stay on computer until battery runs down so I may file a quick note on how it is going if I get a chance.
This is the first hurricane I lived through and a bit apprehensive. I am not in the evacuation zone but don't know how significant that is.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Also wish the best to any other bloggers on the east coast of Florida.


  1. Sending prayers and protective energy your way, FD...please post when you can even if it's just one line to let us know you're okay. Stay safe and keep your head down!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Good luck to you! Hope you avoid the storm damages!

  3. I'm sorry thing messed up your girl's visit and I'm very sorry about the back problems. I hope the shot helps for a long time. This storm might effect my weekend too, but nothing like what could hit Florida. Please stay safe and try to let us know.

  4. Hi FD, sorry to hear about your back and hope the shots help.

    My fingers are crossed that you are unaffected and that you are able to fly on Monday. Please try and update us. Stay safe.


  5. Sorry about your back problem. Shots help and hope they do for along time. Thinking of you FD.


  6. Will be thinking about you and hope all will be okay.
    love Jan, xx

  7. Thanks to all for your concern.


  8. I will be keeping you in my prayers