Sunday, May 20, 2018

Can you believe this?

I was at the grocery store today and a burly guy had a T shirt saying something like, "When I put my meat in your mouth, you want to swallow.''

And he was with a nice looking woman and they had a kid with them. I was dying to say to her: Dlio you like that T shirt but I didn't. I did once see a woman in a car dealership wearing a steel collar and I asked her if she was submissive and she said yes.

What would you think if the guy in your life wore a T shirt like that in public? Would you think it would be appropriate or not?



  1. Hi FD, hope you are okay. No,that is definitely not appropriate, it's awful.
    Love Jan,xx

  2. Hi FD, I definitely wouldn't be happy either. Not very tasteful...unless it had a pic of a burger or steak or something as well lol


  3. that's really sad, that his wife or gf tolerates it and that his child is internalizing that as normal.