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Lisa's Training Chapter 8

This is the eighth chapter of my Training Lisa series. Sorry for the long delay, but I hope it was worth the wait and you enjoy it. I'd appreciate you thoughts on it. And thanks to PK of elisnewbeginnings.blogspot.com for inserting the pictures.


Training Lisa Chapter 8

Lisa was pacing the floor as she kept looking at the clock. It was 6:55 p.m. and she only had to wait five more minutes,but the seconds seemed to last hours.

She felt like a teen-ager waiting for her first date and in a way she was. She was having her first real date with her Sir and she was going to find out what he looked like for the first time. She had submitted willingly to him from following his rules to being caned in the bondage room. He was the first person who had ever filled her submissive needs and she was thrilled to finally have those needs filled that she had fantasized about for years.

But she had never seen him. Either she had been blindfolded or when she wasn't, he was wearing a hood. He had told her that she had to pass his tests to show she was a real submissive before she could see him and she had done that. In reality, he was planning mind games with her. He wanted to know that she would obey without question, that this was real for her. That she wanted to be a submissive.

She had passed all those tests and now he told her he would take her out to dinner on a real date. He would be seen in public with her for the first time and she was thrilled at the prospect.

Of course, even on the date, she had to follow his demands. He had ordered her to buy a sleeveless dress with a plunging front that showed off her tits and was six inches above her knees. She had a great body and he wanted to show it off. And the only thing she would wear under the dress was a thong. No bra to keep his tits in a harness. H wanted her to show off her curves in public and the dress barely covered her nipples. It had to be tight on top so her tits wouldn't flop out of the dress.

When he told her it had to be sleeveless, she first protested and asked him to reconsider. If it were sleeveless, it would be obvious that she didn't shave under her arms because he didn't allow her to. It was a way for him to mark her. As soon as she protested, she realized she made a mistake. When he ordered her to do something, the only thing she was allowed to say was, "Yes, Sir.''

Once she realized her mistake, she quickly did say, "Yes, Sir.'' He quietly said, "You know you
have to be punished for that.'' Her heart sank. She knew better. She knew she had to follow the rules and she wanted to say that he could cut her some slack because she had been a good girl. Instead, he said the only thing she was allowed to say, "Yes, Sir.'' And they moved on. But she knew she deserved a punishment. It was one more thing she would have to endure.

Now the big day had arrived. After she showered and shaved her legs (she wasn't allowed to shave her pussy, he reserved that for himself and her pits were not allowed to be shaved), she admired her body in the mirror. This was not something she did very often, but she knew she looked good. Her tits were firm. Her stomach was flat from years of working out. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. She could still turn heads if she tried.

But she had to admit to herself that she didn't try very often. She tended not to emphasize her feminine side. She tended to wear business suits to the office that covered up her curves. She didn't want to be accused of using her feminine wiles to get ahead. She wanted to prove she was as tough and capable and as strong as any of the men. She knew it was unfair that this tended to get her labeled as a bitch. Those qualities were admired in a man. A woman who had them was labeled a bitch. But she was driven to success. If that was the price, she had to pay, so be it.

After checking out her nude body, it was time to get dressed. But before she put on her thong, she had another task. He wanted her to wear a butt plug on their first date. And not only a butt plug, she had to coat it in Ben Gay. She knew it would burn when she inserted it and she hated the idea. But she knew that was part of her submission. Even when they were in public, the plug and the burn would remind her she was a submissive. So she reluctantly did that task and then put on her thong to hold it in. She felt the burn right from the start, but she was surprised by her reaction. She could feel herself getting wet. Submitting to him and following his orders -- even when she didn't like them -- turned her on. She automatically started moving her hand to her pussy. She wanted to rub it and stick her fingers in it and then taste herself. But she stopped herself just in time. She knew that wasn't allowed without permission and would just lead to a punishment. And she was already owed one because of her protest about wearing the sleeveless dress.

As she put on the dress, she thought about what her colleagues at the office would say if they saw her like this. They never got a glimpse of her tits in her tailored suits. The dress made her look sexy and she knew it. Men would notice and they wouldn't be making eye contact with her. They would be trying to look down her dress. And she knew if she bent over a bit, she would give them an eye full. She had to admit she liked the idea of teasing men, of letting go. She was a submissive but it was still a treat to see men lust after her. She knew she was going to enjoy this evening.

She imagined the look on the valet's face at the restaurant as she got out of the car. She knew he would checking her out and she would give him something to see. Her dress would be hiked up and he would get a glimpse of her thong. She almost wished he hadn't told her to wear the thong so the valet could see her pussy. But he would have to settle for a look at her tits as she leaned over to get out of the car. She would imagine the valet telling his co-workers that she had given him something to see. She knew as they left the restaurant that they would be jockeying for position to open the door for her. She knew they would be talking about her the rest of the night.

She had to boss men around on the job. This was a welcome change because she could watch men check her out. Don't all women like that? Isn't that why it's so popular to show a lot of cleavage in public these days? Women want to know that men like to check them out.

She then stopped day dreaming and looked at the clock. It was only 6:56. All that day dreaming and only a minute had gone bye. She was so excited and she knew she was getting wetter. And she wanted to rub her pussy and it wasn't allowed. She was almost panting as she waited for the clock to get to seven.

And then came the knock on the door. He was right on time. And this time she didn't have to be on the floor kneeling when he arrived. She was able to open the door. And when she did, she almost went weak in her knees. His face topped her wildest expectations. He had a distinguished mature look about him. He looked like a man about town, a man comfortable in his own skin. He looked like a man who was used to being in charge and he was. And he had a bouquet of roses in his hand. Oh, she almost couldn't believe it. He was gentleman, too. He really was the man of her dreams.

As he handed her the roses, he gave her a big hug and a kiss as if they were a vanilla couple. She was just enthralled. And she was getting wetter. She knew her thong was soaked. She just hoped it didn't show on her dress.

After the kiss, he told her how good she looked. He knew how to give a compliment. And then he reached behind to touch her ass to make sure she hadn't forgot the plug and congratulated her again. She was almost breathless.

Then then he reached inside his coat pocket and handed her two blue Tiffany boxes. She couldn't believe the way he was treating her. She couldn't wait to open the first one. It was a beautiful necklace. It was obviously expensive. And the smaller box had a bracelet in it. She gave him a big hug and just melted in his arms.

He then told her the significance of the two items. Since she couldn't wear the dog collar she wears at home when she goes to work, the necklace would be a symbol of her submission although only the two of them would know what it meant. And it also would also symbolize that he wanted her to be more than his sub. He wanted to be her Master and she would be his slave. Are you ready to accept that status? "Oh, Yes Master,'' she said, beaming. She was ready to be his slave. She lowered her neck so he could put the necklace on her. She loved the feel of it on her neck and what it symbolized. He then show her the bracelet. On the inside, it was engraved Slave Lisa. And then he slipped it on her wrist. It was another symbol of her submission.

She was so excited that He was doing this for her. She was getting wetter. And when he asked if she was ready to thank him, she quickly said, "Yes, Master.'' He then told her to get on her knees with her hands behind her head. She knew what that meant and she was even more excited. He unzipped himself and took his cock out and she opened her mouth to receive him. She wished He would let her touch it with her hands. She loved the texture of it, the feel of it. It was so thick. She would have to settle for worshipping it with her mouth and He had taught her well how to do it. She rolled her tongue around it and sucked hard as he plunged it deeper into her mouth. She controlled the gag reflex as he pushed in and out. And then he wiped the precum on her face. She would have to touchup your makeup when they were done. And He warned her to swallow it all because He didn't want to dribble his cum on her dress. She knew she didn't want to disappoint him. And when he put it back in her mouth and it started throbbing, she was prepared and gulped down all of it without spilling. And as He softened she cleaned his cock by licking and sucking all the leftover cum off of it. She was close to cuming herself, but He told her to control herself And when he rubbed the top of her head, tousled her hair and told her "Nice job, Slave,'' she was thrilled.

But then he broke the moment by saying they had some unfinished business.

She was puzzled until He reminded her that she was due to be punished for questioning his order to wear a sleeveless dress. He then told her to go get the cane He kept at her place. She crawled over to get it in her bedroom and came back with it in her teeth. He said she wouldn't receive the main punishment now. He just wanted to give her a sneak preview so she'd have a sore ass to go with her burning ass as she sat in the restaurant.

He told her to bend over and pull up her dress to expose her bare cheeks in the thong. Tell me what you deserve, He told her. "I deserve to be punished, Master,'' she said. "Your Slave knows she was wrong,'' she said.

Just then she felt the first crack of the cane against her ass. She tried to avoid crying out. She knew He didn't like that and she didn't want to be gagged. He then added four more and admired the welts and the red lines. She gasped as he gave her time to gather herself and then added five more on the other cheek. He then rubbed the welts and red lines and admired His handy work. He would save the rest for when they returned because he didn't want her crying and ruining her mascara. She would be crying and howling when she got the rest of the punishment and then he would gag her.

What do you do now, he asked. "Thank you Master for punishing your Slave. Your Slave deserved it,'' she said. He was pleased. Her training was going well. Then he told her to touch up her makeup and make it fast and then they would leave for the restaurant. She didn't keep him waiting long. She was excited when he opened the door for her. And as they left, He told her that now that she was His Slave, she would have to be marked in the future.

"Yes, Master,'' she said.

She knew that was what she was supposed to say. No questions. Her job was to obey. But she couldn't help wondering when she would be marked and what the marks would be and where she would be marked.

But that was for another day. She was ready first to enjoy his first real date with her Master.

The End


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