Saturday, February 13, 2010


I was buying a Valentine card at Walgreen's today and the woman at the counter was needling me and the guy in front of me for being last minute shoppers and asking if we were planning to get flowers.

I told her I was on the way to a flower shop. I often tell my guy friends that you can never go wrong with flowers. So I asked her what she was doing and she said she was being taken to the opera.

So I thought I'd ask our readers if you got flowers for Valentine's Day and if you like getting flowers and if you're doing anything special for the day like going out for dinner or a romantic getaway. I think that most women like flowers and wonder if the man in your life ever surprises you with flowers when it's not a special occasion just to show you he thinks you're special. Or are there any women out there who are not into flowers?

Your thoughts?



  1. It's interesting how the woman answered your question, automatically assuming you meant what was being done for her. Perhaps you should have asked her what she was doing *for* the valentine in her life. It should work both ways, I think.

    And I love flowers, any time.

  2. I LOVE FLOWERS!!! And I love my husband HOH, but on that note, he is not a romantic, never has been never will be. He is an awesome partner, lover, husband but leave the romance to me. So flowers well they don't happen often and when they do its a VERY special occasion. I did get 25 red roses for our 25th wedding anniversary.

    I have tried for years to convince him that "just because" gifts are the most special of all but all I have ever received are tools that he got at work. Not very romantic, but hey, they are practical.

    So yes to the flowers. Love em. But no to the getting them just because. As for Valentines day, we were married on February 5th and have always chosen one or the other to celebrate, just too close to do both. This year we celebrated our anniversary so V day is out. However the closeness and love we that is growing day by day as we discover TTWD is the greatest gift of all.

  3. Janeway: Good point that we assume the male is going to get something for his Valentine rather than the other way around. I guess that is the way our society is.

    Janet: Sorry he isn't more romantic with just because gifts especially since you love flowers, but some guys are like that and it sounds like he's wonderful in every other way. And he's meeting your needs in the TTWD lifestyle so you have a lot to be thankful for.

    The thing about flowers is that they're so easy to get. Not like you're picking out an item of clothing when you have to worry about size and whether she'll like it. Some guys don't realize flowers are high reward for not much effort.

    Of course, I try to pick out a fancy bouquet. I know it's the thought that is supposed to count, but it seems to count more with a nice bouquet. LOL.


  4. It's not so much that I don't like flowers. I love them, but I'm allergic to them. I also think that I'm too practical for my own good and well... unless I need to decorate the table with something... flowers to me are so impractical.

    Asha and I bought an Othello game while we were out shopping together. Not the ideal Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift, but it's a game we both enjoy and something we can do together for years to come... in the years when the flowers would have been long dead and forgotten.


  5. My husband and I are waiting to celebrate Valentines day till Tuesday. We will also be *hopefully* finding out the sex of our baby that day so it will be a double celebration. I don't know what he has planned though.

    As for flowers, I do like flowers, but when it comes to showing me that I'm special or how much he loves me, I prefer something that we can do together. I want to make memories or buy something that will last. I enjoy going out to dinner someplace special or to a great movie or something like that. Those are special to me and shows me that he thinks I deserve to be treated specail.

  6. On another thought, about it going both ways...

    I think that the reason it is focused on the guy giving or doing special things for his girl is that girls tend to show their love more often in little things that they do, or say. Guys are more reserved in that area. Another point is that guys tend to need respect and then love, and girls tend to need love and respect comes out of that for them. We need more obvious and blatant examples of our partners love for us, where as guys usually need more support and respect and that is how they know we love them. Valentines day happens to be all about love. Perhaps there should also be a day all about respect for one another too.

  7. I love flowers; looking at them makes me smile. He could just pick dandelions or wild sunflowers on the way home and I'd be overjoyed. For me, your observation that they are high return with little effort is right on target. I think that Daddy often forgets that about me though. Probably because I'm so practical about money in most ways, and flowers are pretty impractical. Still, I have gotten them "just because" before! :)

  8. Spirted: You are obviously the practical type but it sounds like a good idea to get a game that you can play together for years.

    Alice: You have some good insights. Making memories is a great idea. And enjoy the double celebration when you find out the sex of your baby. And a day for respect certainly has its merits.

    Butterfly: It's good that he sometimes gets them for you "just because." Sometimes it is good to be impractical.


  9. My onnir bringz me flowerz wen I leest expekt it. He always has. Flowers are a symbol of luv 4 us.

  10. I'm not a fan of flowers because I can never keep them alive and/or my cats eat them. Edible arrangements, though, are a wonderful gift! You (and anyone else that may read this) should look into them for a unique idea sometime. :)

  11. We don't really bother with St. Valentine's Day --- a card, or today, a text --- we do more for aniiversaries.

    I thought the whole point of Valentine's gifts was that they were from a secret admirer. When "young free and single" I did some fairly ambitious Valentine's Day gifts (oil paintings and the like).


  12. love flowers from time to time. but would rather have something for my flower/shrubb gardens. that way i get to see and smell it every year. we give each other cards and a little something sweet.

  13. Happy Valentine's Day FD :) I always enjoy roses, a little taste of chocolate, and a nice dinner...


  14. I love flowers.. anytime.
    I cried at the first flowers my husband sent me at my office, years ago. It was such an unexpected and wonderful gesture.
    Sadly he is not likely to send them anymore.. although I do think he knows my feeling!

  15. When it comes to flowers I could take or leave them. I used to get them early in our relationship, I don't anymore. I can't say that I mind much. I usually get chocolate for Valentine's Day, but my husband will bring home chess pies occasionally through out the year to surprise me and those are better than flowers!

  16. I specifically told my hubby that I wanted a paddle instead of flowers. Flowers are OK but I tend to sneeze for days, and of course they die and that is depressing. I'd rather have chocolate or jewelry, but this year it is the paddle. It came on Sat. (2/13/10) just in the nick of time (?) but it has only had a test.
    Flowers or a spanking? Definitely the spanking! Any Day!
    I'm enjoying your blog.

  17. Daddy doesn't buy flowers very often, mostly because He hates to buy gifts that die. He has on occassion brought me flowers however, He used to bring me flowers to the hospital where i worked and it made all the other nurses jealous, lol. i love flowers, but do understand His thoughts on this, and He is very good about buying me little things now and then, just because. For Valentine's Day we went to a nice hotel, sat in the hot tub, went out to a nice dinner, and ... you can fill in the blanks as you desire. It was a wonderful evening.

  18. Personally--I'm not a flower girl. I prefer a hand written card or some nice time together. Since I did not have a significant other this year I received random boxes of chocolates from guys that I know. It was very sweet, but not exactly the same, you know? Anyways, I would never shun someone for giving them to me....but honestly, I think they are a waste of good spent money and the poor flowers! They just sit there and wither away! lol

  19. Yes I my dear hubby gives me flowers for no reason in particular two or three times a year. I got flowers on the 13th for our wedding anniversary which was the 11th. We tend to not do Valentines day cos of the commerialism. I adore flowers.

  20. Cindi: How nice that he brings you flowers when you least expect it.

    Laur: I've had edible arrangements and they're quite good.

    perfectlips: Gosh, oil paintings. Pretty impressive.

    Jam: I can understand you'd rather have flowers for the graden.

    Kitten: Roses, chocolate and dinner -- sounds good.

    Nancy: Sorry to hear he doesn't send them anymore.

    Ally: I'm not familiar with chess pies.

    Elysia: Wow, a paddle for a gift. Sounds way better than flowers. Hope you enjoy the spankings. And thanks for the kind words about the blog.

    Cinderelli: Yes, I can fill in the blanks. Sounds like a great day.

    Manchen: I can understand your feelings about flowers and hope you have a sigificant other by next Valentine's.

    Dinora: How nice that hubby gives you flowers for no reason. Shows he is thoughtful.

    And thanks for all the comments.


  21. I'm not super fond of flowers but Master often gets them "just because" which I prefer much more than on an "obligation" like vday. We did nothing special this year due to working on my house to sell.

  22. Well... I love flowers and rarely get them!! However, I got some awesome bondage rope for valentines day and I thought that was a pretty cool gift. Sir's way of saying he wants to dive deeper into bondage with me! However, I could debate that its not JUST a gift for me LOL. I would have liked something vanilla and romantic too.

  23. I'm actually not a flowery person. A lot of my friends have criticized me, but the way I see it, I'm getting a present that will die within a week. I'm a big fan of wooden or wax dipped roses, but not so much the real ones. Unless it's potted! Potted flowers are great =]


  24. Viemoira: Just because gifts are always a treat.

    Sprinkles: Yes, a bondage rope was a fun gift, but I can understand you'd also like something vanilla and romantic.

    Kelsi: Your friends shouldn't criticize you. What works for you is just fine and there's nothing wrong with potted flowers.