Sunday, September 12, 2010

Describing Orgasms

One woman recently wrote that when she has an orgasm, her back arches, her eyes close, her toes curl and her pussy clenches.

Anyway, that got me thinking. It would interesting to see how women would describe their orgasms.

I hope you will share your thoughts.



  1. Interesting....
    I believe that mine are different based on the stimuli ie.....oral sex, penetration, anal sex, vibrator.

    It starts way deep inside, almost like my clit is 5 ft long. I can feel as it starts making its way down to my clit, I hold my breath (sometimes) and it just takes over. My clit starts pulsating, my pussy clenches up, my body starts to convulse and twitch.

    This may be TMI but orgasms from anal sex are different for me and just as good!!!


  2. Interesting question.

    I also have different kinds of orgasms depending on the stimulation. They always have an intense build, but what varies is what happens after the build.

    Some orgasms peak, and then I get intensely sensitive and can't stand further stimulation. Others build, until I feel my vaginal walls contracting and my clit throbbing, and then I experience a feeling of everything and nothing all at once.

    I have a tendency to close my eyes when I orgasm, and the really powerful ones at first I see nothing but black, but then there are a million colors I can explore within them. Those are the orgasms that start to end, but then I can be pushed in to another, and another. Each one more powerful than the last, and yet it feeling almost torturous to be pushed in to another one when I've already had a few.

    I also experience a building of emotions, and then an intense and raw release and vulnerability afterwards. I find that sometimes my own inhibitions lengthen how long it takes me to fully orgasm - my G spot is easily stimulated and we've had more than one mess when we forget to put a towel down. Those really are the best orgasms of all though. ;-)


  3. I come differently depending on what I am doing and state of mind.

    I can make myself cum sometime in under 2 mins with a vibe but it is worthless, It is a ohysical reaction, still plasant but nothing earth shattering. When I cum from interaction, both mental and physical stimulation thats when the earth starts to move.

    Clit - my whole body convulses, its like every nerve is set alight.

    Gspot - its almost animalistic, watching myself back on film I almost growl as I cum its so primeval. Deeply satisfying also. When being fistd when this occurs, my lover has said i almost crush his hand.

    Anal - it is so hard to explain, it is more an enrichment of other orgasms, i love it if I can achieve this and another at the same time, its just dynamite.

    I bet this will be a rare comment..


    I have twice cum from this alone and a few times in conjunction with other stimulation. Best way to describe it is you know when you were bursting for a wee and when you have been you get such an uplifting sense of releif and reward, add that to anal stimultaion and oral attention on your clit... I cried, lay there shaking, it was like an out of body experience it was so beautiful but unbareably intense. My love held me for hours after.

  4. When I am cuming from the makings of a breath shortens, I get super hot and start to sweat, my pussy swells, and right when it is about to happen... my body starts to shake. It begins with my legs and works its way up.

    God I love that

  5. different kinds of o's depending on the stimulation...

    When He is going after my clit...on and on and on...i build up to it and then explode...and relax and the next one is so much sooner, and he will continue to fondle/torment my clit until i'm almost going one after the other with no break...a cascade orgasm.

    from penetration, it's a deeper event, clenching and pulling from deep up inside of me, while simultaneous ripples move out from my pussy lips, envelope my's a bit like dropping a rock in a pond...the rock moved to the bottom, and the top ripples spread out...

    Those are sooooo good. nearly make me insensate.

    And anal orgasms are the BEST!! I tend to squirt more from them, and very intensely cum, so hard that if i'm standing my legs collapse. I almost black out from the pleasure.

    good question. i never knew there were so many different kinds...i used to think i was weird!

    then again, i may be, but my orgasms are normal!!

  6. PV: That wasn't TMI. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Emilie: That must be quite an experience when each one is more powerful than the last.

    Heels: Yhanks for sharing the different ways you cum.

    Reina: I can imagine you love it.

    Nilla: You are not weird and your orgasms are normal.


  8. I know my toes curl back and forth and my pussy or ass or both throb and clench over and over.

  9. Ohhhh! I like this question!

    I wait for orgasms to wash over me like waves. When I'm alone, I know I'm cumming because of strong contractions in my cunt - and how I want to scream but can resist. But, I agree - it's purely physical and somewhat empty. Boring.

    When I'm with Master, I feel a whole contracting in my torso. Either I fold in toward him or arch my back. It varies.

    It's a whole body experience. My body tenses. Sometimes I think my brain is going to pop with the complete tension I feel all over. Then, this incredible, intense pleasure where Master is pumping in and out of my Pussy. It feels amazingly intense - better than before or after I orgasm. And my clit - he's usually rubbing against it with his body and the best way I can describe it is it feels like I could just open up and let him rub it forever. Intense pleasure.

    By the time I have had several orgasms like this, I'm covered in sweat and ready to rest. But rest isn't usually in the cards for me!

    Anal orgasms are very intense for me, as well. Almost painful. But very strong. Can't keep my eyes from rolling back in my head. Lots of loud screaming. Hard full-body cums.

    Thanks for asking, Dom!

  10. great question. i have been asked this many times. it's many things and varies depending on the intensity. there is definately a shortness of breath, cramping, clenching of the vaginal muscles, a weakness, tingling that happens in my belly. i have also been known to have a sorta out of body experience when i squirt.