Sunday, October 31, 2010

Odds and Ends Again

I've done this before, posted some random thoughts without a theme and they seem to get a positive reaction so here we go again.

To start with, I want to thank all those who posted on LOL. And sorry if you posted on mine and I didn't on yours. My excuse is that I was traveling last week and again this weekend so I wasn't online as much as I'd like. But I appreciate all the positive comments, even the two noting I haven't updated the Lisa series lately. Please be patient. I have a story in my head and have to get it written out. And for the new readers who aren't familiar with the series, you can go back to the beginning of my archives.

There has been some talk lately on the blogs about a woman submitting to having her head shaved. Some women, even subs, were aghast at this idea. You know women and their hair. But another had the opposite reaction. She would do it but he wouldn't consider it and wants it long so it is a pain in the neck to keep it up. Anyway, I'm curious to hear the reaction of the readers to having your head shaved. As a dom, I wouldn't want it. I like a woman with good hair. Of course, I like cleavage even more. Hey, what can I say, am a guy.

Continuing the shaving theme, one blogger said she would beg it not be done if he wanted it because it wouldn't go over well in her professional life. But she said if he did it, she would be soaked. And then she made the interesting comment that she has deep, dark fantasies that he would never do. Like being walked naked on a leash in a park. She brought up the question of whether other women -- or sub men -- have these kind of fantasies that their doms know are best kept as fantasies and wouldn't do them. Any thoughts.

Want to wish you all a Happy Halloween. Did you go to parties? I will miss it because I am traveling. I think it is so cute when the little kids come to the door in their costumes and are all excited. But when teens show up, I am kind of turned off. I'm like, hey, this is for kids.

Traveling means going through security, which is one of my least favorite things. And on my last two trips, I had to go through the full body screen where you can't even have a piece of paper in your pocket, which means you have to put your boarding pass in your briefcase. And then when after you go through, you have to wait until they get a buzz from somebody in a room who checks you out. I wonder what women going through these devices think of this. Oh, and then you're supposed to take jells and creams out of your bags and I forgot to take my toothpaste out and it sailed right through. The only good thing about the TSA is that it is a politically acceptable government jobs program and we need more of those in this bad economy. And if there are any TSA employees reading this, don't take it personally. I know it's part of the job. I know 9/11 was a terrible tragedy but I wish we would react the same way to things that kill many more people. Like guns. We kill three times as many people in this country every year with guns as died with9/11 and we can't ban assault weapons. And if you have a gun in your house, you are much more likely to have somebody in the family get shot than an intruder. OK, enough of that rant.

Speaking of traveling, you know how there are always longer lines for the women's room. Do you know they actually developed a funnel type device so women could put it between their legs and go standing up. The problem that most women wouldn't consider it and the idea went nowhere.

In Kansas City last Sunday night, I was driving with a colleague looking for a gas station in an industrial park because you have to fill up your rental car. And there by the side of the 10 feet from the street was a deer. Fortunately, she didn't jump in front of the car. the guy at the hotel said they are seen more now because it is mating season. Don't know if that is true or not.

And check out Ronnie's blog, Heart and Soul. She has a good post about a company that ran an ad with a spanking theme and caused a stir. Hey, maybe one day spanking will become more mainstream. Wouldn't it be nice if women could say to their colleagues at work, gosh, I am overdue for a good spanking. I call it the last taboo in our society. I remember when Gloria Steinem first started publishing MS in the '70s and a woman wrote in and said she liked to be spanked by her husband. I think it was the first time I had ever read about spankings in a mainstream magazine.

I am typing this at a hotel computer in the lobby. If you travel, hotels have now started putting computers in their lobbies. They have filters and it is interesting what they block. I can get into mine and ones with vanilla titles. But even Bonnie's bottomsmarts was blocked as most of them with submission in the title. But not all of them. And some of them I could get into but I couldn't comment on. I know the hotels have to do this to prevent parents from complaining if their kids to go sites they think are inappropriate. But I find it interesting what they block and don't block.

And, last but not least, now that fall is here and women are wearing sweaters, you don't see as much cleavage when you are traveling. Hey, as I said earlier, I am a guy. I often think cleavage is sexier than topless. And if you read all the way down to the bottom, I hope you enjoyed my somewhat aimless meanderings. And hope you are having a nice weekend. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I think it is just around the corner. As you get older, time seems to speed up.



  1. FD,

    Enjoy your posts with "random topics." On the head shaving subject; To me, it is all about humiliation, and the sub's reaction to that type of treatment. I can see a fem sub getting "soaked" over it, just as I could understand my sissy getting "hard" over being made to have a feminine hairdo! To go down that road, you have to be cognizant of many things and possible consequences. You can get away with some publicly humiliating scenes, while others are best left as fantasy.

    I've used a funnel before, but not in a public restroom :) I think you know what I mean!

    Would be nice if spanking, DD, D/s, Female Led Relationships would become more mainstream. Would also be nice if a submissive male could say to his colleagues "I am way overdue for a good fucking" and they knew exactly what he meant!!!

  2. Suzabbe: Yes, we can only hope that someday all the variations of this lifestyle would become more mainstream. So the male sub could say, gee, I would like to touch but she has me belted and she has the key.

    And I think you're right about the humiliation asoect and the sub's reaction. Some want to be humiliated but as you said, some public fantasies are best left to fantasy.


  3. And Suzanne, sorry I mistyped your name. I need better proofreading skills.


  4. I love your Odds and Ends Posts FD.

    Would be great if spanking became more mainstream.

    On our recent trip we had to take our gels and creams in see-through plastic bags and I got stopped, they told me my plastic bag was far too large. I thought they were going to take it off me but no they let me though with it.

    Thanks for the mention FD.

    Take care.

  5. I guess this isn't clicking for me because I'm not into dom/sub. But, I will say that having my head shaved would be TERRIBLE for me professionally. I understand the concept, but I have a hard time thinking that some of these women can walk into a professional workplace with shaved heads. Maybe they have wigs?

  6. Head shaving. I think one can't really be sure how you would respond to the demand to do it until faced with it. It would be a pretty big deal to most women.

  7. Always love the randomness here...

    Christmas shopping? Lordy... no.. I am a last minute shopper.

  8. Hair shaving, would hate it all the way. But if I do get to the point where I trust someone that much, then yeah (but would still hate
    Airline travel, I travel about 4 times a year and I've been doing this since But rules weren't as rigid then.
    I'm always the quickest out of the line, 'cause I don't store any liquid, creams, gels or any such stuff in my hand bag. Lol only clothes. Although if I get stranded without my luggage it should be a fine sight!
    You know I don't think the women's line would be any shorter if we used funnels, a) our clothes come in the way most of the time. b) it takes more time because a lot of women have periods.

  9. Originally I was horrified by the prospect of headshaving but following conversations with women who have done it it is no longer so scary. There is a sense of freedom that comes with the loss of the weight of hair. Who you are is revealed to all, emotions play freely across the face and cannot be hidden behind a fringe. .

    Think back to your post on gray hair and how it ages, choosing to be bald may keep one younger (as men do when they shave their heads to hide the male pattern baldness).

    Still I think I would be very ugly without hair.....might terrify small children more than Halloween horrors.

  10. I am soo lucky that my husband likes to wrap his fist in my hair and uses it for a multitude of things mostly to direct my mouth to where he wants it. LOL I would have to say I would definitely have severe separation anxiety and mourn my loss for some time. especially since only just recently I found the perfect length.

  11. Daddy likes to have hair to grab onto, but if He asked, I would do so. But, I am honestly glad He likes me having hair! lol. But in the end, whatever Daddy asks of me, I do, because I know He knows best.

    I wish I had cleavage! :)

    I really *do* need to start Christmas shopping,now that you mention it!

    I enjoyed this post, random is sometimes the best!

    Stay safe in your travels.

    Warmest wishes,
    baby girl cricket

  12. Watch those hotel computers... you never know who is watching.