Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Travel Tales

I had one of those trips that every frequent traveler is familiar with. A one stop flight that is cancelled after the first stop because of a computer problem on the plane. Planes are so booked now because of the cutbacks that I took virtually the whole day waiting and getting rerouted to a different city before getting to my final destination. I got home about 10 hours after I originally was scheduled to.

But the reason I am writing this is to advise you that if this ever happens to you, be sure to ask for the headquarters number and call and complain. All they gave me at the airport was a $20 voucher for food. But calling them, I got a $200 voucher for a future flight. Of course, they aren't going to volunteer this. You have to call and complain. Hope it doesn't happen to you but just wanted to let you know it is available if you call and complain. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The most madddening part is that I only had my company computer or I could have written this chapter of Lisa that is rattling around in my head when I had so much time on my hands. LOL.



  1. FD,
    The teacher in me has to say - did you not have a pen? Could you not have found a small notebook in one of the shops? I have to write longhand sometimes. Trust me it works. You have to write a bit in code but it can work and then it's a snap to type it up when you get back to your computer. You sound like one of my students, I give them the problem 5+3x4 and they tell me 'we can't do this, we don't have a calculator.'

    That's me saying - get to writing!


    PS. I'll pass the flying tip on to LJ.

  2. Thanks for the flying tip. And if you take a USB key you can save directly onto that, even on the company computer. Cause I don't think as well with a pen in my hand anymore. Sorry PK.

  3. I'm with PK: pencil and paper is the best - very secure too.

  4. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound!

  5. I don't travel much.. but that is nice to know.

    and get on with the Lisa story..soon.

  6. I was thinking along the same lines as PK, why didn't you write it down :)

    I think we should all complain more than we do especially us Brits.

    Look forward to reading your next Lisa chapter.


  7. Nice tip about calling headquarters and complaining however we submissives tend to be a tad passive.

    I choose my battles. If I was in the same situation and felt like the battle was worth raising my own blood pressure over, they'd have given me that vouture and then some!

    Let me tell you about the Sears manager whom I told, "You should think carefully whether or not you are willing to fight me over a lousy five dollar gift certificate because I promise you if you stand your ground on this, you'll be in tears when I am done with you." She chose to fight me on it. What a scene. LOL I didn't get the gift certificate I was owed but the store had a big scene and the manager stormed off in tears.

    I am SO not like that usually. She just caught me on the right day.

  8. PK: A pen? People still write with pens? LOL. I also agree it is maddening that young people use calculators for simple math.

    Sin: The USB is a good idea.

    Perfect: Yes, paper and pencil are secure. Have to be careful on company computers.

    TrueBlue: Yes, I was safe. Actually, I'd rather them cancel the flight than have them risk something when there a computer problem.

    Jen: Yes, I will get on with the Lisa story.

    Sheen: Thanks.

    Ronnie: Hope the next chapter lives up to your expectations.

    Married Sub: You certainly weren't passive in that situation.

    And thanks for all the comments.