Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning

How was your Sunday morning?

Mine included pulling into the Target parking lot at 735 a.m. I was five minutes late. My daughter had told me to be there at 7:30 p.m. for an 8 a.m. opening. The phone rang as I was pulling in. She wanted to make sure I was sthere.

Of course, there were only two people at the door but my daughter takes this pre-holiday shopping seriously. My mission was to get two Nintendo games for the grandkids that were on sale that morning because they are coming down for Christmas. The flyer didn't arrive until I got the Sunday paper but she had already checked it out in advance online that they were going to be on sale.

So I read my Sunday NY Times to pass the time until the "crowd'' had grown to six. I got out of the car and became the seventh person. By the time the doors opened, there were 7 or 8 people behind me including one woman showing a lot of cleavage. Well, at least I was getting sometihng out of this. LOL.

The doors opened and it seemed tacky to run but were walking at a brisk pace. A woman right behind me was obviously very pregnant -- she said she had five weeks to go but joked it looked like she was delivering tomorrow -- was joking she couldn't keep up the pace. Anyway, I headed to the electronics department, pointed to the flyer and said I wanted two of these. I told the guy where they were locked up. I had checked it out the day before on my home from tennis. There was already a woman waiting there and she was telling him which thing to unlock that had the model on sale. As he opened it, I reached in and she said I was here first and took two so I took the next two. They didn't have many which makes the sale kind of a come on. I paid and called my daughter that the mission was accomplished. Well, at least it wasn't Black Friday. She gets up really early for that. I think a guy got trampled to death at a store a year or two ago.

The kicker to this story is that she saved $30 on each one and their combined salary for her and her husband just breaks six figures. I guess I should be pleased that she tends to be frugal. But all that effort so save $60? It is not as if they are at the poverty line. Don't know if I should take the credit or the blame she's like that. But then our other daughter is worse. I joke we sent her to an Ivy League school and she fell in with the wrong crowd that wants to save the world. She lived two years living in a Third World country sleeping in mosquito netting because there was no airconditioning and loved it. And now she works for the program recruiting others.

Anyway, that was my Sunday morning. Took advantage of a sale. At least I don't plan to be out on Black Friday. Are any our readers into Black Friday?



  1. Hey...$60 is $60!!! I suppose, as we move up the socio-economic ladder, we tend to become less frugal. Sounds like you raised her well. Even though they are not near the poverty line, the money saved can be put to better use. A nice lesson learned!

  2. I absolutely HATE black Friday. I don't even leave my house on that day! Well unless Master makes me ... lol!!! We have recovery that night so i might be out there this year at night but heck at least the crowds will be at home sleeping my the time we leave ... 5:30pm ... cause they were up at 2am ... lol
    WTG on $60 though!!!
    Humbly Master's,

  3. Love black Friday. Although, some other spanko friends will be in Orlando that day. So, I am chosing to spend time with them. A sale is a sale, $60 is a great savings.


  4. I'm with you, Dom... the opportunity cost of that $60 may not be worth it to me... however, for others...


  5. Shudders in complete revulsion...Black Friday shopping? Oh , Hell No. I tend to stay away from shopping centers in at the best of times.

    You could not pay me to go to a mall or shopping center during November and December. Thank God for the internet and federal express.

  6. I think you should at least pat yourself on the back for raising children who appreciate the value of a dollar... I know some who really do think it grows on trees.

    Black Friday is a NO for me. I can't do the crowd thing... I have also found the internet as a great way to shop, although the mall is fun just to do some people watching.. but not on Black Friday!

  7. You're a very nice father! No Black Friday for me. Actually no shopping until after January. I detest Christmas shopping and the hoards of people.

  8. I think $60 worth saving.

    I'm not sure if I'd like to shop on Black Friday or not. Are there a lot of bargains to be had?


  9. I will be in Hawaii for Black Friday. It will be best Black Friday ever.....sipping drinks on Waikiki beach.

  10. $60 is huge. My husband and I are in that same "salary bracket" as your daughter, and with 3 kids and a Noah's ark full of animals...$60 is HUGE!

    What an awesome Dad and Grandpa you are! I tend to not go out on Black Friday because it is too much of a hassle with the little ones in tow. But this year they are going to Grandma's while I venture out for the first time (under Daddy's wing of course) to check out what the hubub is all about. Wish me luck!

    Enjoy the kiddo's this Holiday!