Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sex and the Super Bowl

It's common to hear wives bitch about their husbands ignoring them to watch sports on TV. Even heard the story of the wife trying to entice her husband by standing naked in front of the TV set during a game and his reaction is, "honey, you are blocking the screen.''

Anyway, I thought of that when I read about a dating site that claims men would rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl. And that women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex.

So I thought I'd ask for reaction. Since women post most of the comments, I will be curious what you have to say.

Also, the site says men prefer the Packers and women the Steelers. Can't figure that out.

Anyway, I often get thought provoking answers and will be curious to see what you have to say.

Fire away.



  1. I had to go back and reread your post!

    I'd MUCH rather have sex than watch the Super Bowl.
    It's not very likely even though DH couldn't care less for sports.
    Guess I'll be doing my normal Sunday night getting ready for the work week routine.. sigh

    These "polls" that say these crazy things are .. a little suspect IMHO.
    Just my two cents~~

  2. I love the Superbowl, mainly for the great commercials. Last years, seemed to have a lot of spanking, male dominated themes to them. I enjoy a, good game, the great food and friends. As for sex, maybe a pre-game workout of our own, or maybe victory sex for our team winning. :)

  3. cant we have sex while the super bowl is on? lol... Master wants a packers win so i NATURALLY am betting on a steelers win! lol

  4. I couldn't care less about football, but I do like the Super Bowl for the commercials. And Daddy really appreciates when I watch it with him, because he knows I don't like football. I think he's rooting for the Steelers. Oh yeah, and I'd rather be having sex than doing just about anything, lol; that's a weird poll you read! Not sure about Daddy... he'd pick sex most of the time, but during the Super Bowl? Not so sure!

  5. Last year the guy I watched the game with would not watch the game!!! And I really was watching.

    This year, the watching of the game would totally depend on who was there. Vanilla...I will watch the game; RockyRoad...Sex every time.

  6. On two occasions, the sadist came over to have his cock sucked while watching a sports game. I know for sure that I managed - fairly easily - to distract his attention first partially and then thoroughly from the screen.

    He didn't seem to mind...


  7. Sex. Definitely sex. Although the commercials are great.

  8. I like the Steelers. Never watch the Super Bowl. If the sex was just routine, then I'd rather read a book.

  9. I saw the hugest banner for the steelers on a home in suburban Melbourne Australia. I'm guessing that in that household it will be the superbowl and not sex that will be on the agenda.

    If my team were in a footy final I would be tuning in but as I get anxious I am certain there would be some sex for relaxation in the breaks.

  10. Can't I have sex while watching the super bowl? ;)

  11. I do love football but hands down, sex is absolutely first and foremost.


  12. i like football a lot but i love sex with Master more. give me the sex.

  13. SEX vs Football... SEX. I like football, but really, it's a no brainer.
    Packers vs. Steelers, Packers.
    However, a Man Packing a long hot Steeled one for me is sooooo much better!!!


  14. well, like so many other readers, i don't see the two as mutually exclusive. i love both activities. we were cheering for the packers-me bc let's face it, aaron rodgers is a hottie, and he bc as a cowboys' fan you can't ever be for the steelers, and they especially can't win in OUR house:)

  15. Well I am a huge football fan as Butterfly pointed out. But in this case I would prefer to have sex, doggy style so I can watch the game and she can catch the commercials :) I know that is not allowed!