Monday, January 14, 2013

Jodie Foster's Speech

Did you see Jodie Foster's speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night? Here's a link:

It's hardly news that she's gay but she's always been a very private person and some members of the gay community had hoped she would support the community more in the past by being more public. But it was a very heartfelt speech. And hard to believe she's been acting for 47 years and a star since Taxi Driver when she was 13. And she looks more 35 than 50.



  1. Hi FD,

    Really is hard to believe she's been around so long, and so good too. I get annoyed when people are criticized for not being an activist for causes that deal with intensely personal matters. I can understand the need for people to speak out at times, but privacy should also be respected.


  2. I didnt see it but read about it in the newspaper, ultimately just because she is in the profession she is in does not mean she is not entitled to privacy.

    Yes doesnt she look good, its hard to believe she is the age she is!


  3. I quickly tired of Ellen Degeneres feeling that she needed to announce that she was gay every time she had a public forum.

    I think she should be allowed to live her Life and her Sexuality as she best sees fit.

    I've always enjoyed her work.