Sunday, April 14, 2013

Erotic Fiction

If you check my blogroll, I recently linked to a woman named Lil Me who started up her blog again. She also wrote a work of fiction I thought you might like to read. Here's a link:

Also, here's a link to an interesting post she wrote about the kind of Dom she is looking for.



  1. I really understand her - my previous boyfriend was like that - he TRIED to control but he wasn't able to at all... He didn't want it. And because of that his controlling was useless.

    It's kind of problem in relationships - doing something because other half want it... When I'm talking to any of my previous boyfriends and ask how is he doing with our shared hobbies, usualy they're saying that it was over when our relationship was over... So... It's kind of stupid.

  2. Oh, i've just seen this- Thankyou Sir! This is so very kind of you and i appreciate it very much. :)

    nisza E: it's good to hear you say so: it's easy sometimes to feel that you are the only one with your specific problems. i find your words reassuring that in fact, i am not.
    Thankyou. x


    1. World is so big that we cannot be alone with our problems. It's rather impposible.

      So don't worry - you just need to run into people who think in similar way that you are :)

      There's nothing to thank for :)

  3. Thanks FD. Will pop over when I have a little more time.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Thanks for sharing, I recently checked out her blog and I really like it! :)