Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can you tell a woman she's good looking?

Have you been following the flap about the President saying the California attorney general is the best looking one in the country?

So what do you think? Is that appropriate? Do you like to be told you're good looking or do you feel women are judged too much on their looks?

Your thoughts?



  1. ...any woman that says she *doesn't* like to be told she is good-looking is lying!- of course it is nice to be told, but it does rather depend on the context in which it is being said:
    "Phwoar! you're/she's a bit of alrite!" or "you/she can [insert any phrase of your preference] me anytime" carries little weight with anyone..
    whereas a sincere, "i find you/her truly beautiful" does.


  2. There was nothing wrong with what he said. I've heard many women say how good looking the president is. I hate that we have become a society where everyone is looking for something to be offended about.

  3. If it is said in an honest way.. then of course it is wonderful to be told you are beautiful. And I don't see anything wrong in a woman saying a man is handsome either.
    I think everyone likes to hear they are good looking!

  4. I agree with the others. I think everyone likes to hear that they are good looking. It does depend on the context and manner within which it is said as LM said.


  5. Like the others said, I think everyone likes to be complimented. It dkes depend on the way it is said though, because it can make the difference between derogatory or sweet.

  6. When you think about his comment along with Michelle comment about being a single mother, you do have to wonder...

    I saw nothing wrong with what he said but was very offended by her words. That was no slip of the tongue.

  7. Yes and Yes! I think every woman on the planet wants to hear that she is beautiful and trust me we can never hear it enough! However, yes too much attention is paid to women's looks especially in our country. A large part of this is due to the media which plays on our simple genetic disposition. We like what we like in the opposite sex (or same sex for some) because its in our genes to like it. Mostly what we are attracted to and find beautiful is for the benefit of choosing a healthy mate. (I'm a psychology student so pardon my ramble) What's more, women scrutinize other women's looks and this is also a genetic disposition. There is a lot of competition in mate selection. With all of that being said, our American society has gone so far overboard in this that I don't think there is a woman alive including super models who actually feels a hundred percent about her appearance. Where as, men are more free to look less than perfect. It's a lot of pressure for women and girls. What's more if we place this much value on looks what happens as we age or to those who don't measure up? Okay I'll stop now. Sorry if this is a bit long. I don't really like to ramble but I could probably go on all day on this subject.

  8. I think the offensive part is that she's a professional in a career that's dominated by men and when she achieves her greatest success, what does she hear? How good-looking she is. Not the right context for that to feel good. It supports the idea that how we look is the most note-worthy thing about us. And from the President of the United States, who we might want to compliment us on our skill or dedication or commitment or integrity or any number of other things. Instead, now the whole country is looking at us - to see how good-looking we are. I think she had reason to be offended, and I'm glad he apologized.

    1. I agree with inlovingsubmission on this - and well said!

  9. well - if you're talking bout attorneys general -- then it's sexist to say so - as if we put them all in sashes and heels and paraded them around

    it objectifies them when they are in a professional role

    it's demeaning (I didn't hear about this in the news -- but based on what you've written)



  10. I didn't hear his comment but from what you've said I think maybe he misjudged and shouldn't have said it.


  11. I dont see anything wrong with telling a woman she looks good.

  12. I love to be told I'm beautiful. Really what woman doesnt? But I do think there is a time and place for it.