Friday, July 19, 2013

College relationships

The New York Times created quite a stir this week with a story on college women at Penn, who are career driven and too busy for relationships. So when they are in the mood for sex, they text a guy and go to his place for a hookup. They go to his place so they don't have to wash their sheets. I thought that was an interesting touch.

Anyway, this story created much hand writing about women acting this way. So in the link I've provided, a woman defends them by saying most college men are much too shallow for relationships anyway so why should the women waste their time with them. The link to the original Times story is in the first graf of the link.

It's obviously a complicated time to be in college, especially ambitious women at an Ivy League school.  Here's the link:



  1. It's really not a bad idea. Guys can really suck up your time and all too often women get sucked into a relationship and that can really harm your studies especially when things fall apart. So I'm all for girls putting their studies first. There is time enough for relationships once you get through school.

  2. There has been some research saying that women typically want guys older, more mature, and more intelligent. If they are having trouble finding those kinds of guys among their peers, well...

  3. I like the idea of going to his place so you don't have to wash the sheets. They're potential Dommes-in-the-making!