Sunday, January 19, 2014

No airbrushing

Here's an article about a lingerie company that ran what it said were pictures of women wearing their lingerie that weren't airbrushed. The idea was supposedly not to make young women feel insecure if they see flawless airbrushed models. 

But I thought they were still very good looking women so I don't know if these pictures made any difference in how young women feel about themselves. Here's the link:

Your thoughts.



  1. I think they look better than most airbrushed models! To be honest, I strive for bodies they have vs the airbrushed look.

  2. While I can appreciate the ad campaign's efforts, I think they fell a little short. I've read that the average size of the American woman is a 14. These models do not represent the average woman. I feel that the average young woman will still feel inadequate.