Saturday, January 17, 2015

More rituals

Speaking of rituals, when she is here, we always shower together. It's another way we feel close. And my house has a separate shower stall that we both fit in very nicely. Sometimes, she feels the need to shower more often than I do. She did blog during her last visit (it's poured out on the blog roll) that while we were cuddling one morning, she said, Sir, we need to shower.'' I said, "Don't you like to smell my pheromones?'' She said she buried her face in the pillow and said no and figured we would shower immediately. I said I had a few things planned first. LOL. It seems like I always have a few things planned.
And after a shower, I put the string back around her body under her boobs. Wearing the string is another sign that she is mine and wants to be mine.  

It is now 26 days until her next visit. I am thinking about our ritual when she arrives. Her standing before me. Unbuttoning her blouse. My eyes feasting on her red bra. Then unfastening it and she presents her boobs to me for my pleasure to be licked and sucked and squeezed and rubbed. And sucking on her nipples. And then pulling her pants down and seeing those red panties. And pulling them down and seeing her hairy pussy, knowing she doesn't shave for me. And then spreading her legs and fingering her and seeing how wet she is and sucking her juices off my fingers and then feeding them to her.

That is just the beginning.

26 days. I will be counting them.



  1. Oh goodness FD...getting a bit warm in here. Wishing you and your good girl an awesome reconnection! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Thanks for the good wishes. I like making things warm.


  3. Hi FD, lol, I did read your Good Girl's post on the shower. I assume you did eventually make it to the shower :)

    I love your ritual when she visits, very hot! Glad you will be together again soon.


  4. Yes, we eventually made it to the shower. I am glad you think my ritual when she visits is hot. When she is away, I think about it all the time -- and what is next.


  5. I don't think I have your good girl on my blog list, I will have to do something about this asap!

    I love rituals, and hot showers. :D Hope the days go by quick! :)

    x brat

  6. Unfortunately, she is very busy these days and only finds time to blog on occasion. Yes, rituals and hot showers are nice. And we are now down to 24 days before I am once again unbuttoning her blouse, unfastening his bra and having her present her boobs to me.


    1. Ah, I very much understand that! Life can get so busy. Yay, 24 days!