Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How married couples find time for sex

Are you often too busy for sex? Here's a story on how five married couples find time for sex.
Your thoughts?


  1. Hi there, FD!

    Great, conversation-provoking link! Daddy and I went through a phase when we were having trouble fitting in time for us and to connect with each other on a D/s level. Frustrating, to say the least!

    One solution that we found - when it felt like we were having a disconnect - was that I would take a day and work from home (Daddy works from home every day, but I'm not so lucky!). I found that I was remarkably more productive....and he got the whole day to be with me however much he wanted.

    Win, win situation. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this article!

  2. Great to hear you found a way to have a win, win situation. Couple times is so important in a relationship.