Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eye candy

I was playing tennis last night and one of the women was looking at her phone one of the times we switched sides and said that Victoria's Secret runway show was on at 10 pm and she was going to have to push her husband's eyeballs back in his head.
Did any of you watch it and what did you think?
I watched some of it and thought it was more bizarre than sexy and finally changed the channels. Some of the models were wearing wings on their backs which I guess is a fashion statement these days but all I could think of was what was the point. I think these fashion designers get over the top sometimes.
Speaking of TV, they showed "It's a Wonderful Life'' recently, a sign the Christmas season is upon on. They used to show it dozens of times during the season because the copyright lapsed but somebody bought up the rights and now they ration the showings to make it more of an event.
Meanwhile, I can't believe Christmas will be upon us soon and I have so much to do, including Christmas cards.
Been going all these catalogs that arrive in the mail looking for some quirky gift ideas. The problem is most of us already have too much stuff.
Anyway, hope you aren't getting stressed out as the season approaches.



  1. Hi FD, I don't watch fashion shows at all, but from the snippets I do see I agree that designers go over the top and it seems most of what's on show would never be worn.

    I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by and that Christmas is nearly here! Thanks to being off work the shopping has been a bit easier though.


  2. I saw snippets of it, FD and agree...the outfits were over the top. Everyone makes such a big deal out of the runway shows but as far as I can see, the underfed, skinny as a rail models are wearing super uncomfortable garments that would be impossible for any normal sized woman to wear. Ok...stepping off my soap box and backing away from the keyboard. I do love It's a Wonderful Life and watch it as often as I can. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat