Thursday, November 16, 2017

More doggy tales

Sorry I haven't posted in much too long.Will be visiting my girl tomorrow for a 17-day stay over the Thanksgiving holiday. We should enjoy some good spankings and play time. Last time I visited she even asked for a pussy spanking in the middle of a play scene. I was happy to oblige.
And we will be having fun with her dog, Simone, who is now her alarm clock. She sleeps on a doggy bed at the foot of the bed and when she wakes up, she runs to her side of the bed for her to get up. When I first left after my last visit, she'd run to my side of the bed if my girl tried to ignore her until she figured out I wasn't there.
She loves attention and loves to play. She will bring her tug of war rope and other toys over to my girl when she wants to play and tends to whine when she doesn't think she is getting enough of attention.
And she loves to look outside, checking out the front door and then going back to the back door to check on what is going on. And she loves to lay on her back for belly rubs.
Unfortunately, she came down with some sort of rash on her belly and is getting antibotics and the vet gave her a cone to put around her head to stop her from licking it. She looked so sad wearing that so my girl got a cushion dougnut type thing and she actually seems to like it.
Meanwhile, she hasn't been at the doggy park for a few weeks to play with the other dogs that visit.
My girl took her to the beach but she didn't seem to take to that.
She has had very few aaccidents inside the house and now mostly goes outside. She also doesn't ike spending time in the kennel, especially once she was allowed to sleep at the foot of my girl's bed instead of spending the night in the kennel.
Hope all of our friends in the US will have a Happy Thanksgiving next week. We haven't decided if we will cook a turkey or go out.
I am playing a lot of tennis and will try to write more, especially for the lurkers since Love Our Lurkers day is this weekend.



  1. Hey happy to hear from you. Your girls pup sounds adorable. Wishing you two an awesome Thanksgiving holiday and visit.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you and hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


  2. Glad to see you popping in here! I'm glad you are getting to visit with your girl and her furry little one!

  3. Hi FD, so great to hear from you :) Hope you and your girl have a wonderful Thanksgiving and visit. Her pup does sound adorable :)


  4. Hi Fd, Hope you have a lovely trip, Happy thanksgiving too!
    love Jan, xx