Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do you like your nipples?

A few weeks ago,one of our newew bloggers, strivingforpeace on wrote that she didn't like her nipples. She said they were "too big and too brown'' and that she always wanted "those cute little tiny delicate nipples.''

She also said they're hard all the time so she has to wear padded bras or they show through all the time.

I found this interesting. I didn't know women judged their nipples and if they did, I thought bigger was better. So I posted a comment asking her if any of the men in her life had complained about them and she said she had gotten some criticism (I can't imagine a guy complaining about nipples) although fortunately the current dom in her life loves them.

Anyway, she recently posted a picture of one of them and I thought it was lovely.

So I thought we could have a discussion to find out what women think of their nipples. Do they like them, have problems with them or rarely give them any thought? And do you like them showing through your clothes or not?

I'd be interested in your thoughts if you want to share them.



  1. Mine have changed since breastfeeding two children for almost a year each. They are somewhat larger and darker than before. I did prefer the smaller, lighter way they used to be. Although, I thought they were cuter before, they are MUCH more sensitive since having children and breastfeeding. I'll take bigger and more sensitive any day.

    My husband likes them, and says he likes the way they 'stick out' more (they are hard more often) since having kids, and loves how much more sensitive they are.

  2. I am looking forward to the answers to this question and enjoyed reading domesticdaisy's comments. I'd love to wrap my lips and tongue around a thick set of nipples like she describes.

  3. Daisy: Thanks for sharing on how your nipples stick out more and are more sensitive since you had children and breastfed. I didn't think about asking women if childbirth and breastfeeding had an effect on their nipples. And I can imagine your husband likes them, too. I would presume they've made your foreplay more fun.

    Ron: Thanks for stopping by and I think most men would agree with you.


  4. FD,

    You are killing me!! I'm happy I'll leave it at that. I will tell you that if there's a chance for us women to judge ourselves about anything... we'll do it - it's who we are. While I totally get new blogger's problem regarding being a human temperature gauge! But I can say that I'm happier now with myself than I've ever been!

  5. My nipples are quite long. They've always poked through bras and clothes, but I'm a child of the 60's and 70's so that never bothered me. Other than that, I really never thought to like or dislike them. Recently, though, I've come to realize that men like them *very* much, so my appreciation of them as increased!

  6. I agree with FunKayLynn - when it comes to a woman's body image, I'm not sure if there is anything that does not get judged.

    I've never had a problem with the appearance of mine. Everyone that I have been with has complained about the lack of sensitivity, though. I get absolutely no pleasure out of any sort of stimulation. That's my complaint.

  7. i have always disliked my nipples for being too big and sticking out too much, but all my boyfriends have loved that about them and my Sir does too. It does make it easier for them to be tied and teased though, but sometimes Sir has to be inventive about how to attach clamps as putting some designs on straight doesn't work as my nipples are too long for them. After having a baby my nipples have remained the dark chocolate colour which i actually like and seems to turn Sir on even more. Ummm i'm rambling now so i'll stop. Thanks for making me think!


  8. FD - Thank you so much for posting your question -- It was great to hear other people's perspectives. -- Although I don't think I'm going to join the "I love my nipples club" -- I think I will be less self-conscious of them in the future.

    And your post drove my site up to 53 unique visitors yesterday.

    So until then -- I'm going to work on my mantra -- (over and over again) -- "I love my big brown nipples", "I love my big brown nipples"


  9. OMG I need to comment on this but I am SO tired I have to leave it.

    I used to hate my nipples..they are HUGE...but now I love them, I will go into the reasons why in another comment. Sorry...absolutely buggered.


  10. I love my nipples. My husband loves my nipples. Lately, I've had a thing with rubbing on them, I use to not...don't know what THAT'S all about. ;) I don't mind them showing through my clothes around my house except for when my kid's friends come over and I always wear a bra outside the house. My nipples are pretty prominent on my HNT this week. :D (

  11. Linked to your site from PeacefullySubmissive's blog. Felt the need to chime in a bit here.

    For me, it has always been a hate/hate relationship with my boobs. Currently, I wear 44H bras (and I swear the cups are not big enough). My tits are more than large.

    You would think I would have large nipples to go along with them, right? *snort* I wish! I got stuck with teeny tiny little nipples - the "delicate" kind that the original poster wished for - but on me they look unbelievably out of place. To make matters worse, I have HUGE areolas - I measured them once on a dare and discovered the width is just shy of five inches. FIVE INCHES??? Ugh!

    It got to the point where I spent years celibate, rather than risk falling in love with someone who would find my body - and breasts - unattractive.

    A woman is obsessed with her boobs just as a man is obsessed with penis size.

  12. I do like my nipples. I think they are dark and beautiful and usually hard. Actually I think they are the thing about my body about which I am the most satisfied.

  13. OMG - I LOVE my breasts. Master Christoper does, too. I breastfed, and he's the ONLY man I've ever been with who realized that my boobs sag like they do because of that. The rest just assumed I'd gotten old and the girls had "fallen down on the job" - then complained about them not being perky enough. Master LOVES my boobs, lol - if he wasn't so oral in other directions, I think he'd be a boob man. Though he does love to play with them! ALOT!

  14. I never thought much about them until I read the blog by peacefully submissive. Mine lost a lot of their sensitivity when I breast fed my first baby, but they are still sensitive "enough" when Lash pays attention to them! Meow

  15. I've got great nipple. They're my mother's nipples. At 89 hers still could cut glass. My sister is jealous that they're mine, now, but I got there first and took what I wanted.

    The sadist loves my nipples. So do most other men. They're not gigantic but they are decidedly hard and protruding. It used to drive me crazy that they showed through whatever I was wearing. But as janeway says, I'm a child (ok, a college kid) of the 60s, and I've decided the hell with it. I'm a woman. We have nipples. I've not going to obscure them with band-aids. Live with it.

    My nipples invite torture. The sadist twists and pinches them hard. He demands that my eyes meet his, and the union between torturer and willing victim is the most intimate thing I have ever experienced.

    Thanks, Mom!

    PS - there's a nice tit picture on my blog, but it doesn't do my nipples justice. Maybe I should try to take a new one of their fully erect glory.

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  17. Hi. I think I have weird nipples. The circles are ok, but the nipples themselves are kinda small for my size. I guess that's ok, but I don't like it because they seem to sink into my breasts so much they look like innie belly buttons! I have to admit though, I like them when they pop out. I think they are cute then cause they aren't too big. I don't have problems with them poking through clothes unless I'm really cold or well... An ex of mine once said - Hey I turned the Grand Canyon into Mount Everest! So you get the
    They also are very sensitive. Perhaps more so with my HOH because I am so tuned into him and turned on by him. He can make me cum just by tweeking them, usually pretty hard. I love it! I never breastfed, so not sure what that says about sensitivity.

  18. FunKayLynn: Yes women tend to judge themselves too much. And good to hear that you're happier with yourself than you've ever been.

    Janeway: You must be pleased that men like them.

    Laur: Sorry to hear you don't get any pleasure out of having them stimulated.

    Libby: Interesting that you didn't like them being too big and sticking out but your boyfriends and your Sir do like them that way. And feel free to ramble any time. I alwways enjoy feedback.

    sfp: I'm glad to hear I drove some traffic your way since you have an interesting blog. And I hope you can learn to love them the way Mr. C does.

    Rosie: If you want to come back to explain why you first hated them and now love them, I'm sure we'd all enjoy your explanation.

    V: Good to hear you love them and that you now enjoy rubbing them.

    patricialynnlady: Sorry to hear you were celibate for years because you were self conscious about them. Hope you're making up for lost time.

    Sin: Good to hear that you like them.

    Lady Heather: It's great that both you and your Master love them.

    Lash: If they're sensitive enough when Lash pays attention to them, let's hope he keeps paying attention to them.

    Oatmeal girl: I'm sure you readers would be impressed if you posted a picture of them in their erect glory.

    Jaded Jewel: I can imagine you love it that you can cum just from his tweaking them.

  19. I happen to love my nipples, and I've never had a complaint about them ;-)

  20. i've always been embarassed of my large areolas - i used to look through girly mags to find ladies with areolas as large as mine to make me feel "normal" but could hardly find any comparison. i have asked many men about them but they have all said that they find them appealing.

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