Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger's Better Half

I'm sure most of you are aware of the escapades of Tiger Woods, but the idea of a famous athlete fooling around is old news.

What interests me was the reaction of his wife, who apparently chased his car down the driveway and bashed in the back window with a golf club. You go girl.

And the reports are that a substantial sum was posted in her personal bank account to keep her from walking. And they're redoing the pre-nup. She was to get $20 million if she stayed 10 years. Now the sum will be increased to more than $20 million and the number of years will be cut.

So my question is what would you do. Would you walk now? Would you hang around to collect the $20 plus million and then leave or would you forgive and try to make a go of it? My wife said she'd stick around to collect the $20 plus million.

Also, I have a hunch that being a stunning blonde the way Tiger's wife is may be a mixed blessing. I think most beautiful women tend to get judged only on their looks and I think that can get tiring.

Your thoughts?



  1. Well, if my husband 'cheated', if we'd a monogamous relationship and he was with someone else and didn't tell me I'd be pissed but if wouldn't be cause for any kind of violence! It would be cause for a discussion on 'what's wrong with our relationship' instead... But I'm very unlikely to be in a monogamous relationship so it's a bit of a moot point!

    I think you're completely right about stereotypically good looking women being constantly judged on their looks and growing tired of it. Twitter is a perfect example of that to me. Many of my twitter buddies don't have 'real' pictures of themselves on their accounts and yet there is attraction clearly expressed to them from others purely based on their intelligence, wit and verbal sexiness and when they do on very rare occasions post a 'real' picture of themselves the response is incredibly interesting.

    It happened last night where 5 of us normally in 'disguise' exposed our real faces, the response was overwhelming, at least I found it so. Some of my followers (hate the term!) were gushing in their verbal expressions of admiration about how beautiful they thought I was. Now, these were people in general who'd already expressed clear 'like' for me intellectually already but not in such abundance before. It is clear to me that looks to me, in certain interactions or levels of relationship, that looks do matter more than anything else.

    While the words of appreciation were a nice ego boost, 'beautiful', 'cute', 'hotter than hell', 'gorgeous', 'WOW', 'sexiest eye colour ever', 'sexy smile' etc, I'm left feeling a little hollow about it today.

    Interesting post, thanks :-)

  2. 20 million is a lot to walk away from. Though I think we'd be living separate lives from then on.

    Personally, I always thought I would recreate the scene in Waiting to Exhale where Angela Basset's character puts her husband's clothes in his car and sets it on fire.

  3. I think I'd stick around, at least until I was offered a really good book deal.

    Have you seen the latest picture of the happy couple that's circulating the interwebs? Tiger has a black eye, missing front tooth, stitches.


  4. It really bothers me that this is a news item because it is a story that involves everything I can't stand about North American culture: obsession over celebrities, public prying into personal relationships and, most of all, greed. I'd feel pretty damn cheap taking that $20 million. How do you think their child (or do they have more than one?) will feel when s/he grows up to hear that mommy stayed with dad just to cash in after he cheated on her?

    If my husband/significant other cheated on me and I was making the choice between leaving and staying long enough to get money out of him, I'd be leaving. Otherwise I'd look greedy and vindictive. If this was the first time, I'd probably try to work through things with him, but if it ever happened again, I'd be gone. Two strikes and you're out, no matter how rich and famous you might be.

  5. It's so far out of my realm that I can't imagine. But I keep wondering why this is news. In my little town, things happen like this all the time--the only thing different are the number of zeroes in their income level.

    I don't care how much of a public figure they are, I think they're entitled to some privacy.

  6. FD - I saw the cartoon of his wife chasing him down the drive with one of his golf clubs funny but why don't they just move on, this isn't news. We've had about a week of it on all the news channels this side of the pond and again something about him this morning.


  7. Sexy Warrior: No doubt that looks do matter but interesting that you were left feeling hollow.

    Aurore: Wonder if Tiger's wife saw that movie?

    Hermione: Yes, I've seen that picture with his face battered while she's standing next to him with a big smile holding a golf club.

    TrueBlue: Two strikes and you're out seems like a good policy. And Tiger is apparently way over two strikes.

    Mick and Ronnie: For celebrities, privacy seems to be a thing of the past. And, Ronnie, it shows what a worldwide celebrity Tiger is that it's big news on your side of the pond.


  8. Hi FD,

    Sorry to be late here. Personally I'd leave - I would want to start a relationship with someone who deserved me (after healing and finding counseling as to why I'd chosen a repeater/cheater). She owes it to her daughter to teach marriage boundaries. Tiger's son should learn how to value women and not be the sneaky bastard his father appears to be,when he grows up. I find doubling your money for 'what's behind curtain #2' is an insult of the highest nature. It reminds me of when I was approached by a kid who wanted to feel me up (breasts) at a young at and I said NO! So he brilliantly replies 'how about just one then?' Like really? There was this principle thing that got totally over-looked... So long story longest - No based on principle!

    Ronnie, my dear, my English Pot callin' the kettle.... - Nouveau Riche is our royalty - as long as it's sellin' we're retellin' -- terrifying huh?!

  9. FunKayLynn: Yes, you wouldn't think you'd want to bring up your kids in that atmosphere. And staying for the money can't be good for your self-esteem. And your story of the kid who wanted to settle for feeling up one once you said no must have left you almost speechless except to say no again.