Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dressed for a Spanking

The idea for this post started with a March 13 post by Hermione (hermionesheart.blogspot.com) called Bedtime in which she put up a picture from hawtness.com of a woman dressed in full pajamas with a back drop opened that exposed her butt.

Hermione speculated that they'd be good for a spanking and I posted that wouldn't most spankos prefer to be undressed for a spanking. She replied that it's sometimes most exciting to be fully clothed except for the target area.

Then another blogger emailed me to suggest I post the question so I will. How do you prefer your spankings? Just your butt exposed. Exposed from the waist down or fully exposed? And how does the guy in your life like you dressed or undressed for a spanking?

So there's the question. I would appreciate your thoughts on the topic. I guess I should include the possibility of being fully clothed for a spanking although I would think that would be the least favorite option.

Your thoughts?



  1. I actually prefer to be naked (and Asha certainly does too lol) mainly because I overheat easily and well... things really do get warmed up rather quickly. :)


  2. I prefer to be clothed, with only the target bared.

  3. I am almost always completely naked, and my Master is quite often completely or partially dressed. I think the disparity accentuates his power and my vulnerability. Very effective.

    In the end (ouch) I of course have no choice in the matter. I obey, submit, and accept. (I also scream and cry become ridiculously wet. Such are the dichotomies.)

  4. My choice is for the sub to be wearing a long, old but sexy satin evening dress over French knickers. Inching the silk slowly up her legs to expose the folds of her knickers between strokes of the cane and, just occasionally, ripping open the fragile garment, is the ultimate in eroticism for both of us. Very occasionally, the dress is torn too.

  5. He usually starts on my clothing, then progresses down to the nitty gritty, skirt up, panties pulled down or pants and then panties pulled down. Breast exposure is something we both also enjoy, about 1/2 way into a spanking. Sexy negligees are "almost naked" but I've never had one naked. I would love the experience. I love the disparity of the semi-exposure. Definitely enjoy it more when he is fully clothed, like oatmeal girl, if he is dressed, the power and masculinity can be very very enhancing to the experience.

  6. To me, things seem to really focus on the spanking itself when i am partially dressed, and especially when He is dressed. It seems to take the emphasis away from sex, and makes it feel more like discipline instead of foreplay.

    Interestingly though, the more emphasis there is on the spanking, and the less like foreplay it feels - the more like foreplay it becomes!

  7. We like it both ways. Sometimes fully dressed and sometimes fully undressed. It just depends on the mood that we are in.

  8. I like the ad hoc nature of being caught in real life being terribly naughty. I would like to tell you that it seldom happens but I honestly think that being near him makes me naughty.

    So if I must be spanked I like it to be when I am mostly clothed. That way he also gets to do the horrid taking down of the knickers and lifting of the skirt, not in that order. :)

    I think this may be because I get spanked for doing something, I don't just get spanked. Except when he is extra meany and then I tend to still be dressed anyway because ... that's just how I hang around.

    Good question.

  9. I get spanked in all manners of dress. It all depends on what Sir feels like. I dont mind so long as he does not inspect my pussy before he spanks me.

    Sir is 90 per cent of the time dressed.

    occasioally in the morning before i leave for work he will get up and cane me so i will be dressed in smart clothes and he will be naked.

    Believe me, he is still fucking scary

    It has been said tha

  10. I prefer naked waist down as does Master, something about the spontenuity of such manor.

  11. Almost all of my spankings are with me either totally naked or with only a penis restraint in place.

    One woman dared me to wear control-top pantyhose and pulled them up and around until every area was tight.

    Then, she set me over her lap and used a plastic shower brush for starters and then a wooden hairbrush. It STUNG to high heaven and my ass was nice and pink.

    Then, after removing the hosiery, she finished with me over her lap totally naked for a bare hand spanking.

  12. Personally I much prefer to be spanked clothed, then to have my pants taken down but does depend on what type of spanking I'm getting and what P has decided.


  13. I like Hubby to pull my pants down to about mid-thigh and spank me. I like him to be fully clothed. As we progress and sometimes, I like to be naked and him to be fully clothed. But mostly I just like to be spanked or have him use the riding crop on me while he's playing with me. Okay, now I'm horny. How come every time I answer one of your questions, I get horny?

  14. hello, my name is nilla, and i'm a spankaholic...*grins*

    oh, yes, i'm verrrrry new at this, but Sir always has me dress as "sexy slut" before we meet. I'm "inspected", and the spankings occur...when He wants.

    He is usually partly dressed (i think...i'm always blindfolded). He will spank a bit during inspection, but the full spank is in my chemise, or corset. He'll lift the hem if it's covering the ass, but i think he'll prefer the new corset, as it leaves the ass bare (as does the matching panties with the "pearl" g string going between the cheeks...can't *wait* for Him to see this outfit!


  15. I like clothed (well, mostly clothed), because I find the humiliation of having my bottom bared incredibly hot. And like Poppy said, I like being caught having done something naughty that immediately requires a spanking.

  16. Spirited: Good to hear things get warmed up quickly.

    Maryann: With just the target area exposed, that makes a good contrast with the rest of you.

    Oakmeal girl: Interesting that you scream and cry and yet are ridiculously wet. Shows you like it despite the crying.

    Peter: Sounds like a good scene,

    Blissfulelysia: Maybe it's time to try one naked.

    domesticdaisy: Interesting that the less like foreplay it feels, the more it's like foreplay for you.

    Lynn Lane: Sounds like fun to go back and forth.

    Poppy: Sounds like you enjoy being naughty.

    Katie: I bet you like him being scary even if you don't like him inspecting your pussy before he starts.

    Viemoira: If you both prefer you to be naked from the waist down, it sounds like that it the way to go for you two.

    Dave: Sounds like a good scene.

    ronnie: Sounds like what P decides is what happens.

    Michelle: If answering my questions make you horny, maybe he'll want you to stop by more often.

    nilla: Do you like being blindfolded for a spanking?

    Sky: Do you do things hoping you will be caught?

    And thanks for all the responses. It's interesting to see the different ways spankings are done.


  17. Yes, i really love being blindfolded. Don't know when, don't know exactly where, don't know what next...it heightens the entire experience for me.

    I think it makes me feel even more submissive, that i am there to be His plaything. I can't prepare...just "be"...

    true Zen!