Friday, March 26, 2010

Staying Healthy

Since a lot of women appear to read this blog, I thought I'd pass something along I saw in the paper today. Researchers in Spain say one in three cases of breast cancer are preventable. It says one woman in eight gets the disease.

The researchers say that 25 to 30 per cent of breast cancer cases could be avoided if women were thinner and exercised more.

The researchers add that women shouldn't blame themselves for the disease because gender, age and family history (the three major risk factors) can't be controlled.

"It is incredibly difficult to isolate specific factors. Therefore women should in no way feel they're responsible for developing breast cancer,'' said one women researcher.

But another said they can't ignore the links between lifestyle and breast cancer. "If we know there are healthier choices, we can't not recommend them just because people might misinterpret the advice and feel guilty. If we are going to prevent breast cancer, then this message needs to get out, particularly to younger women.''

One key is not getting overweight in the first place because they're not sure if women who lose weight can lower their risk to the level of a woman who was never overweight.

They also said that drinking more than two drinks of alcohol a day can boost the risk by four or 10 per cent.

I know many women struggle with their weight so I don't want to go there, (and I need to lose at least 15 to 20 pounds myself so I'm in no position to lecture on the subject), but most people can at least do more walking.

Anyway, I got the message out. Do with it what you want.



  1. FD, Some facts of life are just annoying! Too late for me on not becoming overweight in the first place, but I do work on it. Too bad another study just said that a glass of wine or two a day were goo for your health! I guess we assess our risks and take our chances. Thanks for the heads-up! Meow

  2. Thanks for posting this, FD!

    I read the same study/article and it really gave me pause. Along with watching the documentary "Food, Inc." the other night, my Master and I have taken a very focused interest in what goes into our bodies and how we treat our bodies (and here I thought D/s was all about how He treated my body!) ;)

    Although somewhat daunting, it's empowering to know that some of our choices can have an impact on our overall well-being.

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  3. FD, yep, facts are facts. I have been fighting some extra pounds for a long time, but I do fight, and I do exercise. I like my denial as much as the next gal, but in this case, the risk is too high.

  4. Unfortunately my family came with thyroid issues, which tends to lead to weight issues... sometimes you just can't win *sigh*

    Although... at least with a thyroid issue losing weight can be easier if you've always been skinny and athletic... and have a good diet to begin with. Just a matter of being more active.


  5. You did a good thing in posting this. Imagine if it helped just one person? What a good thing that would be.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know that there was a link between weight and risk of breast cancer. That provides some extra incentive to maintain my weight, although that usually isn't too hard in the summer months. Maybe you should post a reminder in November or so! lol

  7. Breast cancer is a worry to all us women (though men can get breast cancer as well).

    The risk increases as you get older and especially after the menapause or if a close relatives has had breast cancer.

    I urge all women to check themselves regulary and not miss any screening appointments.

    Yes of course try and keep in a healthy weight range.

    Thanks for posting this FD.


  8. Meow: I have read a glass or two of red wine can be good for you. The problem is stopping at one or two.

    BabyGirl: Food Inc. was a tremendous documentary. I recommend it to everyone. Kind of scary, though, to hear that about our food supply.

    Sara: Yes, exercising is a good idea. And if you watch Food, Inc., one problem in fighting pounds is that so much of the processed food they sell at the supermarket isn't healthy for us even though it tastes good.

    Spirited: Yes, being more active is always a plus.

    Sin: Yes, if just one person was helped, taht would be a positive thing.

    Trueblue: Yes, it is easier to keep the weight off in the summer although in Florida, summer lasts a lone time.

    Ronnie: Very good advice.

    Thanks for all the good comments and I'll be playing tennis twice today in my quest to stay active.


  9. I had two friends as skinny as me diagnosed at the same time with breast cancer. One of them recently died after a six year battle. My mother who is fat survived it. I don't think it is as simple as keeping fit or not eating cream more like the luck of the drawer.

  10. I have a bit of a personal tie to this right now, so I could write you an essay on lifestyle choices but I'd bore you to death, haha. I'd just like to add that consumption of phytochemicals (eat lots of fruits and vegetables) can go a long way to prevent many forms of cancer. It doesn't hurt to try and mitigate the genetic influence a bit.

    Perhaps I will write about this.