Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking Back on Your Wedding

The Washington Post recently posed the question of whether couples who had a big wedding would just take a check if they had to do it all over again instead of spending on the wedding.

The discussion then morphed into talk by couples about various aspects of their weddings. Some still thought it was perfect all these years later regardless of whether it was big or small. They particularly liked the idea they got to see friends and relatives who don't usually get together. Others wished it had been smaller. Others wished it had been bigger. Others said they wish they had done it for themselves instead of bowing to pressure of parents.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting discussion so I thought I'd pose the question to our married readers. Would you change anything about your wedding looking back or was it a dream day you will never forget?

Your thoughts.



  1. Our wedding was fine - just what my mother wanted. LOL! I don't say that in a mean way, I didn't really care if I had a big wedding or a small one. I wasn't that interested in the party I was thinking about the marriage. I guess it was about an average size wedding for the time and I enjoyed it and as you mentioned I really enjoyed seeing everyone. So much so that after the wedding we went back to my mom's house to continue visiting with friends and family and headed out on the honeymoon the next day.

    So my wedding was just fine but the marriage has been wonderful!!!


  2. the only thing i would change about my wedding would have been to have more flowers... lots and lots more, decorating every otherwise, it was perfect...<3

  3. Hi FD
    Our wedding was perfect, we were married at 6:30 am, at our favorite beach, and as we said our vows,the sun chose that moment to bless us,our families and friends with its glorious radiance and warmth.It could not have been any more perfect.
    Lil Sam

  4. We went off and did our own thing as we are free spirits. We had quite a few friends and family there but nobody dictated how our day would go or who would be there.

    All in all, I wouldnt change a thing about that day.


  5. I would have WRITTEN a check to have it our own way. It was too big and stressful and in hindsight I wouldn't have put up with it.

  6. I loved our wedding despite various mishaps, including the organist no-showing and having to walk down the aisle to a Cantor chanting acapella!

  7. Our wedding was unconventioanlly wonderful. I really don't think I'd change a thing and our friends still bring it up as a great memory ( admittedly it's only 21/2 years later so don't know how long this will happen for. It was big and special but because we did things differently it was well under the average price. Thanks for making me smile thinking about it :)

  8. our wedding over 20 years ago was great and what could we could afford. I don't think I would change anything however it was just a day. The more than 7800 that have followed I would not change for the world.

  9. FD, We had a pretty small wedding but I would rather have eloped because of all the stress beforehand. Finishing school, trying to please family, no money. I guess I just can't imagine spending a lot on a wedding, after all it's the marriage that counts! Meow

  10. I thought I'd come and join the discussion and say hi at the same time. I think when you get married it's such a happy day that all the details don't matter. I know people get a lot of enjoyment out of the planning, and everyone is different, but I wish I'd spent less on my wedding. I would have enjoyed it just as much - it was the fact I was marrying my husband, not all of the trimmings, that made me happy.

    I *promise* I thought this even before I was getting divorced ;)


  11. 21 years ago, our wedding was great. BUT...there are a few things I would change and as I approach our 25, I may just plan another and make it my way.


  12. PK: Good to hear the wedding was fine, but it is more important that the marriage has been wonderful. To have a wonderful marriage is a key to a happy life.

    Hisflower: Yes, flowers are always nice. I always tell my male friends you can never go wrong with flowers.

    LilSam: A beach wedding is a treasure, especially when the sun adds its glorious radiance and warmth.

    Jayne: Sounds like doing your own thing made it work well.

    Mick: Sorry to hear it was too big and stressful.

    Sara: Mishaps are often part of weddings but the important thing is that you loved it.

    D'ss: Good to hear I made you smile about it. Sounds like you have wonderful memories.

    Sir J: How nice that the next 7800 days have been have gone so well.

    Meow: Yes, it's the marriage that counts and sorry you had to deal with the stress.

    J: Yes, if it's a happy day, the details don't matter. Hope you're dealing well with the divorce.

    grace: Congrats on nearing your 25th anniversary.

    Anon: OK.

    Thanks for all the comments and if you've just found the post, feel free to add your comments.


  13. We had a HUGE wedding and I loved every second of it :) It was chaotic and stressful but everyone we loved was there celebrating with us. I have such happy memories that it pushes aside all the stress and makes the money worth it. I wouldn't have chosen to do it any other way :)

  14. M and A: Sounds like you had a wonderful wedding and you cherish the memories.


  15. My wedding day was completely perfect - an outdoor Pagan ceremony with only us, the priestess, my two adult daughters and my son-in-law there. I would not change a single thing :)