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Lisa's Training Chapter 10

This is the latest installment in my series about the training of Lisa, a hard-charging executive in the boardroom who was trained as a submissve and has been collared as a slave by her Master. Let me know if you enjoy the chapter and want the series to continue. The first nine chapters can be found in my archives.

Lisa's Training Chapter 10

Lisa couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Her Master and the stranger she had been ordered to expose her tits to were discussing her as if she weren't sitting at the restaurant table listening to them.

And they were discussing such intimate things that she was getting red faced and felt humiliated. But she knew she had to accept the situation because she had to submit to her Master. And the more humiliated she felt, the wetter she got. Her pussy would always betray her.

What she didn't know was that the stranger in the restaurant was one of Master's best friends, which is why he was being so candid. He talked to the stranger about what a natural submissive she was and how enjoyable it was to train her her to submit while bringing her submissive side to a new level. He kept pushing her to do more things for him and she would always obey. He also enjoyed bringing out her submissive side because she's an executive in her company who is used to being in charge on the job. She shows that strong women in the workplace can be submissive in the bedroom.

Still, she was having trouble with the concept of exposing herself to the limo driver and the driver and showing her unshaved pits to the waiter. But after initially protesting, she had agreed to obey even though she knew she would be punished for not agreeing immediately to do what she was told. She knew she was not allowed to protest or debate with her Master. Her job was to obey. And there were consequences if she didn't. She had been trained to obey immediately.

She also blushed as the Master told the stranger how much she liked to swallow his cum. It was a submissive act that she virtually craved. And how much she loved ass play. He noticed right away that it was more of a turn on for her when he played with her ass than with her tits.

Her Master told the stranger that she had spent the evening with a butt plug in her ass and that she loved the feeling of fullness it gave her. Best of all, she liked it when he took the plug out and she was freshly stretched and then he plunged her cock into her butt. And kept pulling it almost out and jamming it right back in her again. It almost always led to an explosive orgasm. She loved being fucked in the ass.

She also was turned on by the spankings he gave her except when he used the crop. She admitted she was afraid of him when he had the crop in his hand because the crop stung so much when it hit her butt and always left marks. And if it hit her thighs instead of her butt, she had to bite her lips to keep from crying out in pain. It was always much more painful for her when she was beaten on her thighs than on her butt. She knew she was expected to endure the beatings without making a lot of noise.

And she got so wet that he enjoyed pushing his fingers inside her cunt, coating them with her juices and then making her smell them and lick the juices off her fingers. He also tasted her juices himself at times because she was so tasty.

He then told the stranger that he could taste her right now since he was sitting next to her at the restaurant table and it would be easy to reach under the table and stick his fingers into her.

She was startled when she heard her Master say that. She couldn't believe he was going to let the stranger stick his fingers in her in a public place. Without thinking, she said, "Huh?'' But then her Master sent her a stern glance and she knew she had made a mistake. She had to submit to her Master's wishes. She knew instantly she had displeased him and she apologized. He simply said she knew there would be a punishment for that. She said, "Yes, Master.''

He then told her to spread her legs and she did. The next thing she knew, the stranger had his hand under the table, moved her thong aside and plunged a finger in her. And then a second one. But he didn't just pull them out. He massaged her insides and then found her G spot and caressed it gently. Her body couldn't help reacting from the stimulation. She wasn't happy that a stranger was allowed to put his fingers inside her, but she felt herself getting wetter and she was on the verge on panting, but she tried to control herself. Her Master just smiled because he knew she wanted an orgasm, but she wasn't going to get one. And even she didn't want to cum in a public place. But her body wanted it.

The stranger than took his fingers out of her and sniffed them as if he were sniffing a fine wine. Lisa watched and hoped nobody in the restaurant noticed what he was doing. She felt so humiliated as he licked his fingers and tasted her juices, but yet she was still so wet. The stranger told her Master that her juices were tasty. He smiled and said he should bottle them like a fine perfume.

Her Master then invited the stranger to come with them to his place where he could give her a thorough inspection. Oh, she felt so embarrassed. This stranger was now going to get more access to her body to do who knows what. But she tried to keep smiling. She knew she couldn't protest even though she didn't like her Master sharing her. She wanted to belong just to him. But she had to make him happy. She had to follow his wishes.

He face felt flushed as the three of them headed towards the limo. The stranger got in first and sat in the middle of the back seat. Her Master then told her to drape herself over his lap. She knew what that meant. He was serious about the stranger giving her a spanking. She preferred that her Master spank her, but she knew she had no choice in the matter. She had to give Master what he wanted. To make things worse, she knew the limo driver would see her spanked, but she knew she had to accept it if she wanted to be his slave. Being his slave was an all or nothing matter. He had told her that once she accepted his collar, she had to obey or she would lose the collar. She couldn't bear that thought or even the thought of displeasing him.

The stranger slid her thong off of her and then told her to spread her legs and jammedthe thong inside her so it would be soaked with her juices. He then pulled the wet thong out of her and told her to open her mouth and pushed them inside her mouth. That would serve as a gag to keep her quiet during the spanking. The stranger had a surprise for her. Inside his suit jacket, he had a ruler. This was going to be a harsh spankin and it had all been planned in advance, but Lisa didn't know that. It would end only when her butt was red or they arrived at her Master's place. It depended on what happened first.

And he told her to keep his legs spread. He would be checking to see how wet the spanking made her. Lisa was a jumble of emotions. She was going to be spanked in front of a limo driver by a stranger. The only thing that could console her was the fact that she knew her Master wanted this and she was making him happy.

The stranger then lifted her dress and started to beat her bare ass. Twenty swats on one buttock and then 20 on the other one. And then back to the first. And he kept repeating it. Over and over and over again. He started slowly and she had no trouble absorbing that but then the blows became harder and faster. Only the thong in her mouth and the fact she was biting her lip kept her from crying out. This was different from a spanking by her Master. This was by a stranger. In front of another stranger, the limo driver who could watch from his rear view mirror. The blows kept raining down on her ass cheeks. She didn't know how much more more she could take. She always liked ass play, but she hadn't had one like this from her Master. The blows even jammed the butt plug deeper in her ass, which felt like it was on fire. It burned.

Just then the limo came to a stop. They were at her Master's place. The stranger started to gently rub her ass, but even touching it was painful.

She then heard her Master congratulate her for pleasing him. That suddenly made it all worth it. She knew she had pleased her Master. That's what counted. The stranger then pulled down her dress and helped her up as the limo driver opened the door. She was shaky as she got to her feet and then she heard her Master say to the stranger that he thought he would enjoy inspecting her. She had forgotten about the inspection he had mentioned.

How much more was she going to have to endure tonight to please her Master? She would soon find out. She knew that pleasing him was her reward for being a good girl and obeying him and submitting to him. She knew she would do what she was told to do. But she knew it wasn't going to be easy. She knew she was going to be pushed to her limits -- and possibly beyond.

The End


  1. Phew FD,

    This is the sort of training every woman should have!


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  3. Excellent story. Very very hot. I shall have to read the rest, when I've recovered.

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  5. Jayne and Tina: Sounds like you both would enjoy that kind of training.

    Perfectlips: Hope you enjoy the other chapters that are easy to find in my archives.

    PK: Even though you don't want to trade places with her, I'm glad you continue to enjoy reading the series.


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  14. Katie: The doing is always more fun than the reading.

    Ronnie, Cultivated and Vows: Thanks for the compliments and it's good to hear that you all want to read more. It motivates me to get back to my computer.

    TrueBlue: I think you're familiar with the crop.

    FunKayLynn: Glad to hear you liked the limo driver touch. I'm going to take the series into more public scenes. They're fun to write.

    nilla: Good to hear it pushed the submissive side of you.

    Michelle: I enjoyed the pun. Am trying to think of one that includes the word "wet.'' LOL.

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  17. Wow, I would trade places with Lisa in a heartbeat. Pleasing a Master in this way would allow me to test myself, to ensure that my submissive self was not only as true as I think it is, but would also prove to Master (something I long to do with every session) just how true my submission to him is.