Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Spankings

Except for your friends in Australia, I presume most of our readers are heading into the summer season, which brings up the subject of summer spankings and the marks they leave.

I thought it'd be interesting to discuss whether the spankings you get or give tend to leave marks and whether you have to be careful while spanking not to leave marks in exposed places so she can wear her bikini on the beach or short shorts without her marks being noticed. Or don't you get marked by his spankings? Or does he figure it's your probem to deal with your marks.

I know it'd be great if you could go to the beach with marks showing on your thighs and say to your friends, "Oh, I got a great spanking last night!!!'' But since we're not close to that utopia, I assume that most of you are proud when he marks you, but you don't want them to show when you're out in public.

Your thoughts!!!



  1. When I get my 'summer spankings', they are generally at a friends house at a poool party, so they get to see how much of my ass can be spanking, paddled, etc, and still not be 'noticed'. All in fun.

  2. Dave: Hope you enjoy your summer spankings. And how thoughtful that they make sure your marks aren't noticed. You mentioned "they.'' Are you spanked by more than one woman or do the rest just watch.


  3. Oh... this topic! :D
    When my Master and I were together I've asked Him, please, to not leave marks on my body that could be seen... because it was summer here! And He told me the bikini would cover the marks, but that if it didn't, I could surely spend 2 weeks without going to the swimming pool or the beach until they fade out! :)

  4. During the summer months we spend lots of time by the pool so I prefer most things covered up and unseen by innocent eyes.


  5. i wondered if anyone else thought of
    So far all of Masters marks are easily covered by a modest bathing suit ( one piece )But if not oh well i can always wear a cute pair of shorts and a t shirt..i would rather have a good hard spanking than go i giggle....

  6. Great question, FD! :) Regardless of the season, I'm an avid swimmer and spend time each week at the pool. I was nervous a couple of times because of the stripes I had on my thighs from the cane, but I hopped in the pool quickly and nobody was any the wiser! It's a great incentive to get physically active in the water...hide those marks! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  7. Living in Florida I spend a lot of time by the pool. One time I didn't realize I had a few strip marks on my lower thighs. A person actually asked me if someone took a strap to my legs, ummm... awkward moment. :)


  8. Just a little redness... there was one woman, though.. that unless there was some kind of bruising... didn't consider herself spanked.. YIKES!!!!


  9. As a melanoma survivor, I have to keep covered up, so mostly don't have to worry about revealing spanking marks at the beach. But on Wednesday I received a (for me) very severe punishment beating. Three days later, the welts are still red as black and blue blossoms in between them. And next Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment which will most definitely involve my bottom being revealed. I'm trying to come up with a appropriate remark that will dismiss concern while not inviting questions for my details. I'm considering perhaps "Oh, just some very enthusiastic sex play" or some such thing. Any suggestions?

  10. oatmeal girl: thats what i would say.."oh we got a little carried away the other night" or just look at them and say with a sweet smile "what can i say ..i like it a little rough" lol..c'mon what can they do? except maybe roll their eyes and snigger..i personally have quite a few Doctor appts. and Master is very careful not to leave any marks where someone may see..but i almost want them to...just for kicks i guess.

  11. Hi Florida!

    I'm not quite enough of a masochist to receive a spanking hard enough to get bruises. If I were to, though, I would see them as an accomplishment and wear them with pride. :D

  12. Master doesn't like to mark. He likes to feel that he has accomplished his work perfectly with a good warm up to enable my butt to take more.

  13. oatmeal girl,

    I had a doctors appointment after we discovered the bruising my hairbrush causes. She wanted to know what had caused it in case it was something she should follow up but was ok knowing it was part of consensual sexual play. I think they have seen everything during residency before graduating.

  14. I love when there are marks. I know that's sort of crazy but it seems to me to be an outward sign of what we are to each other, of my love for him, and of his for me.

    But I don't actually mark that often.

    Even though he knows I like it. Maybe I should ask him to mark me?

  15. My favorite instrument is the paddle and it does sometimes leave bruises. I don't expose that part of my body and she seldom does. She's not real showy about her figure as it's rather full to say the least. I like it like that.

    The only thing we have to watch out for is caning on the thighs when we wear shorts.

    But, one time when we were not careful, it did start an interesting conversation....

  16. I rarely have marks, and even more rarely go to the beach, so it isn't a concern. I am also careful not to allow the sun's harmful rays damage my skin, so don't go in for sunbathing. If I ever did have marks, only Ron would see them.


  17. like some commenters above, i have worried more about dr. appt. than anything else, and have also planned my responses should i be asked. i'd like to think i would be able to carry off, 'ask me no questions, i'll tell you no lies' with a knowing wink, but i'd probably just end up stammering and blushing. the only time i've actually been 'caught' though, was with my trainer, who during some stretches at the end of our workout saw cane welts on my upper thighs and with a raised eyebrow says, 'battle scars?' i just smiled at him and said, 'yeah, something like that'.

  18. I have not been spanked to the point some others have here. I would like to think that I didn't need marks to accomplish the feeling or punishment I deserved.


  19. I love marks from spankings. I'm pretty open about my life with my vanilla friends (without being overly detailed). At this point they no longer ask, LOL. If its a stranger I can always come up with an excuse on the fly. I'd much rather have the marks and have to explain then not have them. :)

  20. funny you should post this, FD...i am meeting with Sir in a few days...and his spankings leave marks, which i also adore. Most marks are hidden because i always wear long skirts, but i wear tank tops with thin straps in warm weather..some of our activities leave inadvertent bruises on my arms. Still working this out in my head...

    I am also the family klutz, so it is not a rare event for me to have bruises on my arms or legs. I figure i can explain away most bruises...and thank goodness i have a light denim shirt!

    Great, and timely, question!


  21. I found your blog through another one (Noddy Blue). This is my first time here. I really like it.

  22. Hey FD, sorry, late stopping by.

    Marks from a spanking are far and few between, I do like to see some every now and then. On the odd times I've had them during summer they would not have been noticeable under a swimsuit.

    I did have a few marks from a caning one summer and I was worried they would show as we were going away with friends but it was fine, only a small bruise was left showing.


  23. Hi FD,

    I love to see marks left on my ass. But I do not want others to notice. I am not sure if I would have the nerve to explain.


  24. I will tell you that my Beast spanks me properly but never leaves a mark! I adore it--especially since I wouldn't be able to explain them to my husband...

  25. What a great topic, FD!!! I loved reading all the comments!! Right now I don't really have to worry about marks, as I'm unattached. I don't bruise easily AT ALL, which is awesome. Then again, I've never been caned, lol. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Things have been crazy. Can I please add your link to my blog?

  26. masterandsub: I have a hunch that if he wants to leave marks, he will.

    Kitten: I can understand you wanting to be covered up when you spend so much time at the pool.

    mountaingirl: Yes, a good hard spanking tops swimming every time. LOL.

    BG: Good way to hide the marks in the water.

    Vows: I wonder how you handled it when a person asked if someone had taken a strap to your legs? And was the person who asked a friend?

    RedShoes: Sounds like she has a high tolerance for pain.

    oatmeal girl: I can understand that as a melanoma survivor, you have to be covered up. But medical professionals have seen everything so I think the enthusiastic sex play was a god answer if you went with it.

    mountain girl: If your Master ever does leave them befpre a a doctor's appointment, I doubt if it will get much reaction. As I've said, they've sene everything.

    Harlot: Good to hear from you again and hope you're doing well. And if you ever get marks, wearing them with pride is a good idea.

    doll: Sounds like your Master has a good technique. Yes, doll, as I said, they've seen everything. As long as they know it's not abuse and just consensual sex play, they will have no reaction.

    sin: If you love marks, I hope you've told him that, and, yes, you should ask him to mark you.

    Bumticker: Glad you like her full figure and hope you tell her that a lot so she doesn't have body issues the way many women do. And I can imagine that was an interesting conversation.

    Hermoine: Good to watch your exposure to the sun. I even use sunscreen playing tennis.

    naughty: Your trainer has probably seen everything, too, but I like his battle scars comment.

    PV: As long as you get the feeling or punishment you deserve, all is good.

    Storey: I can agree it's better to have the marks and explain them than not have the marks.

    nilla: I like the family klutz excuse and hope you share on your site how your meeting goes and
    what kind of marks he leaves on you.

    Keith: Thanks, I'm glad you like the blog. Good to get a male to comment.

    Ronnie: They probably didn't notice a small bruise.

    reina(TR): Remember, you don't have to explain if it ever came up. You can just say it's a long story.

    Waking: Good that he doesn't leave a mark.

    Celine: Yes, Celine, I'd be happy to see you link as I mentioned on your blog. If you do get a caning, will be ingterested in your reaction.

    Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate your interest and please keep coming back. It's fun to interact with other bloggers.


  27. It seemed the only time I could get my ex's ass to mark was in the summertime I think it had something to do with the humidity.

    The only time people would see them were are the BDSM camp we attended, pity she couldn't mark more during the year.

  28. My submissive and I are waiting for your next post, dear FD!

    Maître K.

  29. Sir: This BDSM camp you suggested sounds interesting. Come back and share it with us.

    amasterandhissub: You will be happy to know I just posted another topic. I hope you like it and comment on it.

    Sorry I was a bit tardy but spent a lot of time this week chatting with some interesting friends who are fun to talk to.


  30. My hubby spanks with a belt and switch so I often have welts for a day or so then red marks. Part of my punishment is to wear clothes that cover the marks.

  31. I get strapped on my bottom and upper thighs. Usually not visible. If we are on Vacation at the beach or I need to wear a bathing suit in public he will strap my bottom high enough it won't show and the instead of thighs he will strap my breasts. (a nice change! I like vacations! :) He really knows how to use a strap! He can snap that thing down on you so it stings like hell! I cry from the first lick!