Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Men Behaving Badly

Did you see the story of the Italian Prime Minister charged with paying an underage nightclub dancer for sex and then intervening with police when she was arrested for theft? It turns out in Italy, the age of consent is only 14 but you can't pay a person under 18 for sexual services. The prime minister and the woman denied they had sex even though he paid her 7000 euros or about $9540 after attending a party. Maybe she made good party favors.

And then we had the former Governor of New York who resigned after it was discovered he was visiting high end prostitutes.

On the other hand, Louisiana Senator David Vitter was re-elected even though he was identified as a client of a prostitution service.

You would think these powerful politicians wouldn't have to pay for sex. I guess some of them do. Are you surprised or not? Or is this just men being men?



  1. I'm not surprised, although I'm not sure why. I wonder if it isn't so much about the sex, but about a need to have a woman cater to his needs. A paid woman will do pretty much anything you ask, and act any way you want... a wife is less likely to do that. I wonder what their marriages are like, if they are married?

    I'm not sure I'd say it is men being men. I think it is deeply connected to their home life.

    I'm really curious about what you think, FD. And about what others think. Good questions!

  2. It does not surprise me FD. I once spent 100k in one year for those types of "treats."

    Be well,

  3. I think men pay for those types of services for different reasons... it can be anything from a desire for companionship to just a strong need for sex. I've heard of men paying a prostitute and then not even having sex... instead he just sat and talked to her. Sometimes people need to talk about things that they don't want to (or feel they can't) talk about with people who are close to them. And sometimes they just have needs that aren't being fulfilled anywhere else.

    And honestly... they're probably safer going to a high end prostitute than just picking up some chick at a bar or party.

  4. Berlusconi is a lecherous clown and an embarrassment to Italy. Thank God they're finally getting rid of him. Did you read about the "If not now, when!?" demo at the weekend.

    This morning's FT reports the Milan examining judge as having collected 'sufficient evidence from a "significant" number of prostitues'. I don't know about your other politicians but with Berlusconi there is a huge pile of corruption and fraud charges too.

  5. Doesn't surprise me at all FD.

    I heard that Silvio Berlusconi is up on charges for his use of prostitutes. I think he will eventually have to resign.


  6. Does not surprise me either. I think too much power corrupts...you can have anything you want. Makes me sad, but not surprised. abby

  7. Your question seems to address two different issues; 1) are we surprised that men cheat, obvious answer No, 2) and I think the main focus of your question, am I surprised that they pay for sex? Again, No.

    I think particularly for public figures, employing paid professionals is a lot safer, and a lot less trouble that entering into a relationship with a private person for several reasons. First, when they want sex, they want it now, they don't want to go through the effort of seducing and winning over someone. Next, professionals are probably better in an impromptu scenario. Next, with a professional, when it is over and done, it is over. There are no emotions or connection that lingers, no complications, just two consenting adults having sex, plain and simple and clean. I think when you total up all the pros and cons, going to a pro is a lot smarter than meddling and messing around in the lives of some "innocent."

    As far as "just men being men?", are we supposed to believe that because they are public politicians they walk a higher moral ground than you or I, well, certainly not higher than me and I find nothing surprising about it at all. There but for the grace of God . .