Thursday, April 7, 2011


In my last post about nipples, the majority of women who made comments gave a thumbs down to the idea of showing nipples through clothing. So what do you feel about cleavage? Do you like to show cleavage? Do you mind if other women do? And how much cleavage is appropriate? Did you see the clip of Eva Longoria on the David Letterman show where she had plunging cleavage and then a button popped? Made for good TV. Wikipedia says, "Many women use cleavage to enhance their sexual attractiveness. Some people (my insert, they are generally called men) derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman's cleavage, some derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage and some wowen wear low cut clothing for the pleasure of their partner.'' Anyway, so what are your thoughts on cleavage? FD


  1. I love to show off my cleavage, its makes you feel very powerful (not very sub like, lol). Its fun to watch mens eyes wander, while you are trying to hold a conversation. The same goes for red lipstick, you can actually see men looking at your lips while you are talking, probably imagining what they could use them for.

  2. As a 38 DDD it is almost impossible not to show cleavage. I can't wear a turtleneck all year. But as one so bountifully blessed I do have to be very careful about the line between classy and slutty. I am not claiming I acheive classic, more bohemian soccer mom, but I prefer to keep my slutty more under wraps, saved for select individuals. Unfortunatley it is easier for big breasted women to appear slutty than our smaller sisters. What makes her look chic, make me look trashy.

    In my youth I tried desperately to hide my cleavage. I did not have the self confidence to insist that men see the "me" behind the breasts. Now? If they can't see "me" oh well, their loss. I consider my cleavage one of my best physical features.

  3. Somehow cleavage is much more acceptable, both, it appears from a societal and from a personal point of view.
    The term decolletage even seems to give it acceptability, even though this term means more than just cleavage.
    Saying all that, I do like to show cleavage, it makes me feel good, providing its at an appropriate time and place. I t makes me feel sexy and womanly. And sbf is right, men find it hard to take their eyes off it, which sometimes appeals to my owner, so it ends up as a "win win" situation. He gets to show bit s of me off in public without having to expose me.

  4. Just to add my own observations, I think men who stare at boobs and red lips are to be avoided. I like to look into the eyes. The eyes can be powerful tools. I wrote about this in a poem once:


    there are two ways
    to start a fire
    one is with matches
    and a pile of dry wood
    the other between eyes

    like that shot of tequila
    which burned my throat
    before I saw you--
    melted the ring right
    off your finger

    never made love
    like that before
    without even touching
    and there will be

    there will be your ghost
    I will carry it
    not as a matter of
    choice it’s just the way
    ghosts behave

    but only until
    the next fire starts

  5. I rarely show cleavage, and if I do it is very little, like just a hint. I feel uncomfortable showing cleavage, and I prefer that men don't stare at my breasts as I pass by or talk to them. So, not a big fan of cleavage, except privately (at home) for my husband.

  6. When I lived in Oregon, didn't show a lot of cleavage. Upon moving to Florida, my whole wardrobe changed. During these hot, humid summer days, the less clothing the better.

  7. I rarely show cleavage. In this sunny country it leads to a leathery decolletage all too soon. So from time to time a tantalizing glimpse of curvaceous white flesh may be seen if the clothes are well cut but moistly they are hidden.

  8. Almost ditto what littlemonkey said. With DDDs it is almost impossible not to show cleavage -- unless one wears turtlenecks year round. I don't purposely show cleavage, but it just happens.

  9. I love cleavage! I keep trying to get My slut to show more, she is 46DDD, but she is a shy Catholic girl. I'll keep working at it though. I don't want her to have them hanging out, but show some cleavage and make other men drool while I walk with her.

  10. Cleavage can be a lot of fun to play with. LOL I just re-read that! I mean, dressing up to show it, and playing with your outfit to accentuate it is what's fun! Although I'm sure the first statement was right too! hehe I definitely agree that there is a line between slutty and classy, and a lot of women don't seem to know what that line is. (not saying that every once in awhile it's not fun to step over that line just a bit)

  11. I only show cleavage when I wear a bathing suit and that's only when I'm in Hawaii, which is as rare as Unicorn Sightings. Or when I'm on a cruise and have to wear fancy dress, but I am a TOMBOY. I dress and look like a lesbian. Thankfully, my husband likes lesbians. I hate having guys talk to my tits. I hate being treated like a sex object. I have a lot of guy friends and I'd rather be treated like one of the guys. But not when I'm alone with my husband. The only place I'm seductive and sexy and wanton is when I'm in bed with Hubby. Then I'm a slut. But I've never been comfortable with dudes staring at my chest. When I was in my twenties, I wore skimpy nothingness and I guess I liked the attention. For about four years. Then I reverted to my tomboy self. While I get tired of being mistaken for a nineteen-year-old boy, I still don't like guys staring at my tits. I find it demeaning. But most of my girlfriends show cleavage and I don't make judgments about them. I'm just uncomfortable with my guy friends staring at me in sexual ways.

  12. I think just the right amount of cleavage is a powerful thing. Sexy, understated, but obviously there.

  13. Same for me too. DDD natural boobs, it is almost impossible to not show anything. In fact I work in the medical field and we all know what scrubs look like. V neck. Well I once got in trouble for showing to much in my scrubs? Umm. Yeah like I am doing it on purpose. I am not that type of employee.

    I do like to show cleavage on my own time though. When my husband and I go out with other couples (we are swingers) it is nice to be able to show them a preview of what they are getting. I have no problem admitting that I use it to my advantage.

  14. i was blessed with an impressive ass, and small boobs. it's probably for the best. i like wearing mini skirts and i still wear low cut shirts. it just feels good. and i like looking at everyone's boobs, too. who doesn't, really?

    @thesubmissivebf - YES! same deal. i love the red lipstick and i know exactly what you're talking about. lol.

  15. I love cleavage and being able to see a woman's nipples through clothing. I think it's very erotic and sexy. Of course there are times when showing nipples/cleavage it inappropriate, say a child's birthday party. Can't have the girls on display all the damn time.