Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spanking Purist

Erica of calls herself a "spanko purist'' on her Fetlife page. Says she is not into BDSM per se and doesn't have a submissive personality but loves spankings and posts pictures to prove it.

Anyway, I thought that would be an interesting topic. How many of you just like spankings and are not into BDSM and don't have a submissive personality. Or do most of you spankos at least feel submissive?

Hope you will share your feelings.

And Erica knows the films with spanking scenes as you can tell by checking out Ronnie's blog on



  1. hmm

    I'm NOT a spanko -- in fact, I just turned down an offer of non-sexual non bdsm spanking because my thought was...


    but every one's different


  2. I am a submissive spanko. But I'd take a spanking without submission or domination but I wouldn't be a submissive to someone who wouldn't spank me. A lot.

  3. I love spanking! and I am slave, what I do not like is a spanking as a punishment, a warm up to being of service....yes....


  4. I am definitely a submissive spanko...although I'm really a masochist at heart so it doesn't have to be in a D/s setting per se. But like Allison, I would never choose a Dom who wasn't into spanking. Nor would I just allow anyone to spank me.

  5. I love spanking, full stop:)

    Yes Erica's blog is great, one of the best.
    Thanks for mentioning me.


  6. I am definately into spanking, but feel a bit like a misfit right now. I don't know what you would call me... I like spanking for sexual and nonsexual reasons, I don't think that I am naturally submissive, but something about it is a turn on for me. I don't really have an answer for bdsm, we're still experimenting, but I'm pretty sure we will always be on the lighter side of things. Then again, you just never know.

  7. Spankings remind me of my mother coming after me with a "spatula"...

    Lordy .. I am so vanilla..

  8. I'm definitely submissive, and definitely a spanko. I remember when I first started exploring things that I would've denied any possibility of me being submissive, but the more I learned the more I realized I was.

    I think whether one considers oneself to be submissive or not, there is most definitely a certain amount of submission involved in putting yourself over somebody else's knee or otherwise submitting to a spanking. You are fully out of control whilst being spanked, I don't think there's any other way to look at it - unless you're telling the person where to spank, with what, how hard, and for how long - and I don't think there'd be much enjoyment for either party in that, but eh - what do I know. :)

  9. I'm submissive and like being spanked.
    I'm also a masochist. Since I've finally admitted that I don't want just anyone to spank me.
    I need that emotional connection for "it" to work.
    Thankfully I have that connection with Sir.
    As someone said... "these are the good old days.."

  10. I am not a masochist and am becoming more resistant to painful activities but I LOVE a good spanking. I would like to be able to demand it, place myself across a suitable man's knee and insist upon lots of carefully placed palm prints.

  11. i love being spanked. but i love being dominated and the bdsm porn videos turn me on. i like someone treating me like a slave but only if its someone who i know really loves me. kinda like what Nancy said. i want to be spanked when i dont do something right. he tells me to suck his dick and if he feels teeth or i do it wrong, i want to be spanked for it. but what ruined it for me was when a psychiatrist friggin told me if your parent abused you or spanked you and you were hit too much then you will bring that to the bedroom and thats why you like it. so now sometimes i think of that and think "god i must be really fucked up" but mostly i still like it and push that outta my mind.

  12. whaatamithinking

    not sure I agree with that psychiatrist. I wanted to be spanked from a very early age, can remember playing spanking games when I was five. But my parents were vehemently against corporal punishment and I can remember my father being hauled over the coals by my mother the only time he really threatened me with a spanking for my terrible behavior.

  13. I like the whole BDSM package, but I had to ease into it over time. For me it was about trusting the man I was/am with, and it all fits since it is the right match emotionally/sexually/physically...

  14. That's a really interesting topic. I have always liked to have my ass smacked and my hair pulled while I was having sex. It wasn't until a year or so ago I realized how being submissive makes me feel. To me there is nothing like my husband bending me over our bed giving me nice hard smacks to my ass while telling me what a dirty girl I am. Yum.

  15. Love being spanked. Would love to be tied up and spanked. Love being dominated. However, only in the sack. If you knew me or met me, you would be super shocked that I was into spanking and being submissive in bed. I have the least submissive personality of anyone I know. I am loud, brash, outspoken and have lots of male energy. I'm not afraid to say anything. I talk to everyone I meet and am not afraid of confrontations when someone crosses me. I'm all swagger out of the sack.

    But once I hit the bed, I'm on my back (or over his knee) and LOVING IT!!!! Maybe it's because of my outward personality, I love being submissive in the sack. And I love creating dominant men in my stories. Of course, my men are all Super Alpha because they have to out-alpha me. In my own mind, I am a conundrum. I cannot figure out why I like to be dominated and spanked when in real life, I'm so forward, strong and dominating.

  16. @Whatamithinking: That psychiatrist was full of shit. Realize that many psychiatrists are full of shit. I wasn't hit as a kid. Ever. And my spanking fantasies started when I was three. Childhood spanking and adult spankings have little to do with each other.