Friday, April 1, 2011


As the weather starts to warm up, women are starting to wear tops that show their nipples, which I must admit is a treat for me.

But I thought I'd ask the women who read here if they like to wear tops that show their nipples and if they like it when men check them out. Or if you don't like to show them and won't buy tops that do.

I hope you will share your thoughts.



  1. They are ever so delightful!!! :oD


  2. Hmm, I don't know why, but I have a really bad opinion of a woman if I see her in public w/o a bra. I guess some thin bras show them though, but even then, for some reason, it kinda annoys me. Silly huh? I've never intentionally showcased mine.

  3. I'm with LB -- tacky.

    which is not to say that the kids don't have a mind of their own and show through from time to time

    but I'm prepared with a bra powerful enough to subdue their nipply enthusiasm

    but no bra in public? Bad taste.

    slutty in private? -- yes
    slutty in public? -- rude


  4. Ditto - in public, they should be safely stowed away in a padded room.

  5. There's a time and a place for everything :)

  6. I don't show mine as much as possible!!!

    AKA Lil' H

  7. I disagree with the previous comments. I don't think that nipples poking though a shirt is any worse - and certainly no more "rude" - than displaying cleavage.

    My breasts are on the small side but I have long, prominent nipples. I wear what I need for support, which isn't much, and if the nipples show through, well, c'est la vie. I don't dress to display them, but on the other hand, I've never worn heavy duty chest armor or similar aids simply to "subdue" my nipples, and I'm not going to start now.

    As for not wearing a bra in public - most women can't pull it off, unfortunately, especially as they get older, so from the aesthetic point of view, I agree it's not a good idea. I don't, however, see anything that makes it in any worse taste than other ways women dress (or don't) to attract men's attention.

  8. I see nothing wrong in a women (that's younger women)having their nipples showing through clothes but not me, I don't feel comfortable.


  9. Erect nipples will show thru clothes. I don't know about anyone else but I cannot will mine to go down. They rise and fall on their own. It doesn't happen often but it can happen. Seeing them on others doesn't bother me much, kinda like seeing a guy in public with an inadvertant hard on, look away, it will pass.

  10. Taste is just that, subjective to each individual. The venue would also be an important deciding factor in what was appropriate.

    Personally, I wouldn't ever go without a bra in public. My breasts are too big, and at 50, they're just not that perky anymore. At 30, perhaps to a evening or weekend event, if what I was wearing was backless and really well constructed.
    The flash of a nipple through a silk shirt, under a suit jacket, is sexy, but hard to pull of without looking slutty. Slutty is better in private.
    Put me in the "it's tacky" group.

  11. LOL oh dear tough audience!
    yes and yes FD!

    Nipples show through a bra, they are just nipples..and if they bring pleasure when I am out and about then I am delighted. Don't you love the tease ladies?

    Judging by some of the comments above, it would seem I am a rude slutty distasteful slut *giggles*..hmmm and its taken me all my life to embrace her ;-) (who would have thought?).

  12. Ummm...considering my cup size is DDD, it's just not that practical. And probably even less alluring! But, the nipples do show through sometimes. And yes, I do like it when guys look. Although, that also depends on the guy.

  13. I smiled when I read your question.
    I'm getting ready to go out for coffee with Sir and although my nipples won't be seen by everyone at the coffee shop, He will see them.. my jacket will open at the right time.
    Oh I'll have a bra on but a lace one that covers but doesn't hide.
    In general I don't like to show myself to anyone at all. If others do .. that's fine.
    There are certainly worse things on view!

  14. i'm a hippie.

    and i have strong opinions about bra's. no one has yet tried to form a scientific study, but to me, the link between *quashing* our 'girls' with tight constrictions, and underwires et akin to the rise in breast cancer.

    the girls were made to move!

    do i wear a bra? sure, sometimes. but i try to go a few days 'free' if i've had a few days 'on'.

    and i have shown my nips through my shirt. not planned. but it happens.

    our bodies are beautiful works of art.

    including our nipples.

    (sounding so militant today!)

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  16. I have huge nipples and whether I am wearing a bra or not, hot or cold they are always on alert and ready. I can hide them through the winter with a scarf but when summer is here I am left with the only option of using tape to hold them back and that still does not fully work, so I am left with just letting them be, they already have a mind of their own as is ;p