Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bonnets

I'm a bit late writing this, but I noticed there was only one woman wearing an Easter bonnet at church on Easter and not one woman wearing a corsage.

Kind of interesting how times change. I even googled Easter bonnets and Wikipedia said in a more casual society, Easter bonnets are harder to find.

So I'm curious on your thoughts. Does anybody out there miss wearing Easter bonnets or do you feel good riddance? And what about corsages? Are they only for weddings or do you miss them on Easter?

It was nice, though, to see women dress up on Easter because in this casual Florida society there aren't too many dress up occasions. And it's always nice to see women dressed to the nines. Or at least I think so.

Your thoughts?



  1. Although I love wearing hats and always had a new one for Easter as a child, I don't wear them often these days.
    I didn't see any at church on Sunday.
    I do wear them to summer weddings if they are outside and casual. Remember those great hats all the women wore in the movie "Four Weddings & A Funeral".. that sort of hat.

  2. I love any occasion to dress up, especially considering the fact that my job requires more casual attire.

    But, Easter Bonnets and corsages are things I don't miss. I have a TON of hair, and hats just tend to be more problematic than attractive.

  3. I don't think I'd look right in a hat these days but I loved getting a new one each year when I was a kid. Around here it's mostly the black churches where you see the women in full regalia, beautiful hats, gloves, dresses. I don't want to dress that way myself but I love to see it.


  4. There is a lady that sits in front of me that wears a hat EVERY Sunday. To be honest, I find it quite annoying. Ergo, I would never wear one (so as not to annoy anyone sitting behind me).

    But I do miss the corsages...

  5. I actually did think of the days when i would eagerly wait for Easter so i could wear that new Easter Bonnet as i was dressing for Church. However, the Kentucky Derby is coming up, and for that, the tradition of the hat, remains.

  6. Derby day, and hats aplenty in the bluegrass state! I saw a few in church. Didn't count but I think there were several mother/daughter hat ensembles.

  7. I hate hats on me FD. Probably because I had to wear one when I was little. Hats in the UK are more used for weddings.


  8. Playing 'dress up' for church always sounds funny. Kind of like watching The Kentucky Derby! People dressed up like the 18th & 19th century folks! Bonnets are definitely OUTDATED! Corsages are for weddings or proms.

  9. I think as a whole the US is much more casually dressed than they were in previous generations. I'm a bit old fashioned and would like an occasion to dress up every once and a while. An Easter bonney sounds fun!

    When I was a girl we wore corsages on Mother's Day in horor of your mother. Red if your mother was still alive, white if she had passed on. I had forgotten all about that sweet little memory. So thanks for posting this and reminding me.


  10. I've never even heard of Easter bonnets or Easter corsages... But I'm just a heathen. <3