Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Wet

Following is a link to a post on the blog by pouredoutlett.blogspot.com.

If you click it on, it is about how she tends to squirt, but recently had two of what she calls Niagara Falls orgasms because she got so wet.

She asks by asking if any or the readers can relate to that so I will ask the same question.

Your thoughts?



  1. Well, I would be the last person to put a "damper" on another persons fun, but I'm thinking that there just might be a medical issue that needs to be seen my her Gyn. As a mom with enough laundry to do, it would more a pain in my a$$ than a happy thought. Don't get me wrong... I love to cum as much as the next person... I just don't want to have to change my sheets before rolling over and sleeping after making love with my S.

    I'm probably being a poop stain... you know... stick in the mud! If that is the case, thank goodness for anonymity!LOL

  2. squirting is a physical reality - the liquid is actually clear, fragrant in a pleasant way and dries without staining. Its most definitely not a medical issue- just one of those female abilities that has been suppressed and ignored for a very long time. Many women equate the feeling that precedes it as "needing to pee"- and as a result, often suppress and deny it. I have been told there are many men that find it off-putting as well - often making the same mistake (thinking the woman is urinating). And yes, it DOES give a new meaning to 'wet spot' - but who cares?

  3. FD,

    Wellll, people that live in glass houses and all, lol! I could be the poster girl for that kind of an orgasm.


  4. The first time it happened to me I was in shock, until Master congratulated me....nice squirt! It doesn't always happen, I usually have to be in an aroused state for a time before I am allowed to cum for it to happen.

  5. I don't do it every time I have sex or masturbate, but it has been known to happen :)

  6. I'm not one of the men who is "put out" by it.
    I've had a couple girls squirt that I've been with and I find it to be rather hot.


  7. Has happened on occassion and wish it were more! Similar feeling as urinating but so much better once i realised i hadn't actualy peed in the bed.

  8. I am have never had this happen but welcome the idea that it might someday.

  9. My play partner loves to make his partners squirt. I had almost once that is til I got with him. I don't everytime but if it is his intent, He will surely get me to that point. He just loves it.

  10. The first time I saw it happen I was disgusted as yes the output was so vast it ruined the bed sheet.

    I have done it a few times with less output and it is a very interesting experience. I wouldn't want to do it every time but from time to time it adds oohs and ahhs to the process and is certainly a talking point.

  11. It doesn't happen often, but yes, I consider myself one of the lucky ones :-)

  12. Yes has happened to me twice, and only since my Love entered my life. It is an odd experience the first time. I guess I am lucky too.

  13. Mikki: Most of the women who enjoy it don't seem to think it is a medical issue.

    Selkie: So good to have you pop in so I know you are still reading. Hope you start blogging again some day. You are missed.

    Kitty: Must be nice to see you are the poster girl for that kind of orgasm.

    Abby: Let's hope he gets you in an aroused state for a time before you are allowed to cum so it will happen. Does he control your cums?

    Sky: Nice it has been known to happy.

    Southern Sir: Yes, I think it is hot, too.

    Sarah: Nice that is has happened on occasion.

    Cocktoy: Let's hope it happens for you eventually. And welcome to the lifestyle.

    Sensual freak:Nice that he loves it.

    Miss aj: Yes, a good talking point.

    baby girl and Mane Empress: Good to hear you are among the lucky ones and Mane, I hope you start blogging and sharing your experiences.