Friday, September 23, 2011

Ricky Spanking Lucy

I always like to come across new blogs by couples who are new to the spanking lifestyles and reading about their experiences.

Well, I just found out by Loving and it has a treat -- a picture of Ricky spanking Lucy. I don't remember this scene or seeing this picture.

I'm sure most of you have seen the reruns or if you old enough, saw them when they were first broadcast and they were a sensation in the early days of TV.

In real life, I doubt Lucy was too submissive. She was a very good business woman, especially in her day, and built a TV empire. She started the show to keep Ricky, a band leader with a wandering eye, at home instead of traveling on the road. She married Ricky in 1940 and they divorced in 1960.

An interesting sidelight is that most shows then were done live on the East Coast and shown in inferior kinescope on the West Coast. Lucy and Ricky offered to take a paycut to film the show rather than move to New York if they got the rights to the films. Which became worth millions because the show is still in syndication.

Anyway, here's a link to the picture. If any of you know the context to the scene, please share it with us.



  1. I think that was the time Ricky was bitching about spending and Lucy decided to cut corners by hand washing his suit. He also spanked her for pretending to return to her second childhood and once on stage for interfering with a show.

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  3. Sorry, can't type

    I remember the scene but I think it was the one where she was match making for an older women who lived in the building. A later scene she tells the woman or Ethel that she's changed her mind as she absentmindedly rubs her butt.

    As a child I could tell you each rerun where she gets spanked. Not sure I still can but I remember when she got too many toys for Little Ricky and when she was haming it up in the club behind his song. I used to live for these. Yep I'm a spanko from way back.


  4. I think that the Lucy on the show was more of a submissive kinda girl.. well at least *tried* to be .. or should I say Ricky was a dom. I think that they were very different in real life though. Glad to see you like my blog :)

  5. Mindset: I'm impressed you remember the scenes so well.

    PK: So even as a child, you knew you were a spanko. I was a teen before I knew.

    Signed Loving: Yes, I enjoyed reading your blog but couldn't find a comments section to tell you that. You are probably right they were different in real life. She played a ditzy character but was apparently a savvy business woman.


  6. This is a really cool blog! I love "Lucy" spanking photos. LOL. I just made a pun without intending too!